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Daily riders: How long does a pair of gloves last you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. I find myself replacing gloves about once a year, they wear little holes in the fingers, on the ends and on the side of one finger even. WTF?

    Alpinestars in each case so far… might consider switching brands.

  2. I am a glove whore - I buy a new pair whenever I can...
    I currently wear Dririders, A* SP8's or A* "Adventure" mesh jobbies as appropriate, but the only pair I've ever ruined were cheap-arse RJAYS that the palm wore through in about 6 months last summer.
    The DriRiders are fucking hopeless when it comes to rain, but they're rather warm so I persist with them - they're almost 3 years old now and smell like arse...
  3. Usually 3 monthly I replace them, as by then they are sticky icky from sweat and dirty hands in them. Have a few pairs for different conditions though, so that 3 months may be spread out longer then a simple 3 month block.
  4. i'm happy to get around 6 months out of pair of gloves.
    and i tend to buy decent enough gloves.
    could say about the same time frames for foot peg rubber and shifter boots and handgrips and tyres
    all are items that are subject to wear and tear. constantly need replacing
  5. Sweat kills them, so having the right gloves for the right temperature is what.will save them. I have 5 sets.
  6. just wore through the end of the index finger on a set of astars :( otherwise the gloves are still in great nic, i think it might be wearing on the clutch. not happy cause theyre super comfy- but most things like runners, jocks, and socks are at their best just before the break.
  7. I've got 6 months so far out of a set of winter Dainese gloves. I've worn a hole in inner lining of one of the fingers on the left hand.
  8. Anything from 6 months to 15 years.
  9. Depends on how feisty the gerbils are that I have stowed in them.
  10. I've got some short A* ones that have been through nearly three years of daily commuting, that are still fine. Rain, sweaty Brisbane summers, whatever. They look used, of course (like, used), but the leather and stitching are still completely intact.

    Picked up a pair of M2R "Strike" things last weekend anyway, as I wanted more wrist/forearm protection.
  11. I got around 8 years out of a pair of jeans once!
  12. My shift gloves are 3 years and going strong.

    Mind you one of those years was one of non-use...

    But even then, 2 years and quite literally non wear beyond some smudging of the shift logo on the palm!

    At the height of my pushbike riding i was going through a pair of gloves once every 3 months, literally tearing them to shreds (and they were good ones at $90 a pop!)
  13. hmm bought a pair of aldi's for first gloves still got them but now using the recent aldi versions, also got summer alpine and a winter set, ride every day and all gloves are still intact. Had a spill last november and was wearing the alipnes and only grazed
  14. Jolly good for you Brmmm
  15. I bought a pair of Waldon Miller winter gloves in 1986. They got replaced 2 years ago. Best $100 bucks I've ever spent.
  16. I was doing more damage to the handgrip than the glove. Throttle grip had nearly worn through at the extreme edge.
  17. Waldon Miller - now you're talking! His shit saved my right arm once...
  18. I got a pair of "bleeps" that have lasted 4yrs, they are cruiser style short gloves and bloody comfortable.. I can't wear those knuckle dusters they sell now, they are just way too bloody ugly.
  19. Well maybe you missed the point. Too subtle I guess.

    I'll give you a clue - they weren't necessarily the best pair of jeans.

    Some folks also know the length of a piece of string - I have no idea.:D
  20. I've got a pair of Shift Volt gloves that are about 10 months old that I wear every day, rain, hail or shine; winter and summer, and so far they are still in great condition. No stitching coming out, no holes or otherwise. Great pair of gloves. Bloody freezing during winter though. Riding to work every day in negative degree temperatures with these gloves I wouldn't recommend. :D