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daily emergency efforts

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by sbb, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. hi all,

    just a query to confirm if i do in fact attract more than my fair share of idiot drivers.

    I commute on the bike from the inner west to north shore in sydney and everyday I have a minimum of 1 near miss that involves emergency efforts (pretty much have at least 1 wheel locked up at least once a day)

    I have managed to reduce the number slightly, by now using parra road instead of anzac bridge (where i had one knee destroying prang, didn't drop the bike though, hehe) which seems to be a motorbike death trap.

    Finally, just to add, I am definitely not a maniac rider, filter but never lane split, am a bit more careful than most with covering brakes, buffering watching cars etc (best mate died, another is full of metal and brother almost lost leg due to idiot car drivers). For a while after this constant battle tried being really passive but realised that was more dangerous. So just stick to the assertive level of riding.

    So is this the norm for anyone else?

    Think my record was 5 major brown pants moments on just on one trip home.

  2. I get situations every ride, yes, but rarely does my rear tyre need to lock up or get anything close to what you're describing, and I do an hour each way, every Mon-Fri - busy peak hour traffic.

    Sounds to me like you need to keep a little more distance and get on the horn / revs a little more. How aware are you of your surroundings? Do you ride with music? Do your thoughts get distracted onto work / home etc?
  3. It's you, most likely lane placement and situational awareness.
    Been riding 14 years and may have had 2 near misses in that time commuting in Melbourne's heaviest traffic, both times my inattentiveness despite it not actually being my fault.
  4. I rarely have any moments. Every now and then I come across an idiot doing something stupid, but I don't remember ever locking up the brakes and generally find things pretty cool.

    Part of it may be where I ride - I commute, but in suburbia rather than inner city.

    I have had one accident where a driver ran into the back of me stationary at the lights. His fault, but if my situational awareness was better I would have been in a position to have avoided the collision.

    If things are as bad as you suggest (at least one lock-up and near miss per day!) I would be either looking at improving your situational awareness significantly or catching the train ;)

  5. Eyes up, elbows down. Sounds like you aren't paying attention.
  6. hi,

    very aware, leave the 3 second gap (while i watch all the other bikes around me leave 0.5 sec)

    move about the lane appropriately.

    cover brakes any time i see a car in a side street.

    always move out of the blind spot of cars (where possible)

    also, on weekend rides where I am out and about with others i know who commute with rare near misses. They ride much more aggressively and leave little or no space anywhere . So it just doesn't make sense.

    Like i said, from experience and knowing first and second had what cars will do to people I tick all the careful, but assertive boxes.

    Is really bizarre!

    I do have to say that I have even had cars come at me yelling abuse and TRYING to hit hit me, after the initial moment where i have had to get out of a curly moment due to them not looking and me having to get out of the way lock brakes and blow horn. weird!
    (everyone I know has had this a few times as well, but not nearly as often as me)

    oh well, looks like i am a favoured target. At least I seem to have the skills to get away from the buggers ;-)

    sbb, whose work colleague, who rides as well, wants to follow me one day just to see all this take place
  7. trust me... i pay loads of attention!

    more than most others i know and ride with

  8. does raise one thing,

    the others i know who commute do have more sedate commuting routes.

    Would love to catch the train, but alas, would take me way too long thanks to the crappiness of public transport :)

    just to add ...

    last week .. in two days i had 2 cars come straight at me and they turned onto the wrong side of the friggen street ... coming STRAIGHT at me!

    doesn't leave much room and road craft sorta goes out the window with a car coming head on at you.

    also happened this week, but luckily had a car infront as a 'buffer'

    so this really is weird stuff!
  9. Honestly I doubt that is the case....but in any case you say you have 1 near miss and lock up the back wheel at least once a day at least 1 wheel locked up at least once a day.

    That sounds like a lot to me and makes me wonder are you pretty amped up when you are riding....I mean are you riding around thinking that everyone else is an idiot and reacting accordingly?

    Sounds like you might want to relax a bit and try to go with the flow rather than fighting it.

  10. how is one meant to react when cars come at you on your side of the street. twice in two days.

    another typcial example. turning left from a left lane, car in lane next to me doesnt see me and tries joining me in the left lane for the left turn.

    I give a short blip of the horn to let them know i am there, drift left to give myself room.

    They then went back into their own lane ..

    phew, no drama, all over .....


    car driver then cuts back at me squeezes me into gutter all while winding down the pasenger window and yelling abuse. cuts me right inot the gutter.

    WTF? all from a simple blow for horn for protection from us both.

    this is typical of my experiences. I deal with regular issues of not being seen (ie car drivers not looking) with typical calm reaction. Then seems for some reason that leads to agro to the car driver.

    Also had a car pull out at last minute from the left once. I blew horn and got out of way. Then at next lights his passenger was yelling and taking my licence plate and threatening that he was going to get my details and shoot me???

    fully aware that cars aint gunna look and accept that is a part of life. but seems when they do end up seeing me then they just want to have a go. am i managing to bruise the wrong egos with a simple toot of a horn :)

    sbb, who had jaywalkers step out in front of me last second this morning (i was last in a line of cars that they all were happy to wait for, but not the bike, hehe), blew horn for safety so what happened .. one guy yelled, 'get F$%ked' at me .. last time i bother helping be safe around a pedestrian ;-)
    (similar to the teenager on a pushy riding down the wrong side of the street that swerved at me last minute to show off at his friends.i tried swerving away but my leg clipped his. I stopped in my driveway around the corner, only to have him arrive in my face wanting me to take my helmet off so he could spit in my face cuz apparently I kicked him)

    weird, weird stuff.
  11. as these are daily soo many stories to tell :)

    but one great one was a car came from behind past me , in a one lane road (sort of a tunnelly bit of the western distributor .. with me in the centre of the road.. while the driver was holding their mobile to their left ear with their right hand. they then proceeded to cut across another two lanes of traffic

    had to bail rather quickly on that one :) (have had about 3 other lane sharing effots by crazy cars in that tunnel previously so stick to the middle but that obviously doesnt help)

    bit like the woman on the bridge .... driving seemed to get in the way of her doing her make-up .. sudden lane change into me, again leaving me to find a metre or so gap to escape to .. then she proceeded to try and hit as many cars as possible across the bridge. maybe she was in some guiness book of records attempt :) .. so a lot of most of my close calls are not bike specific, just seem to have lots of them

    so is true nutters and atrocious drivers that i seem to find myself near :)

    the usual no-looking car, well they are easy to deal with using all the appropriate techniques and those dont even register as issues for me :)

    sbb, nutter attractor and tooooo many stories :)

    ps: not bike related but maybe answering my own original question ... once as a passenger in a car i had the driver of a random car on the waringah fwy next to us point a pistol at my head :) .. see, nutters ;-)
  12. sounds like you're not riding agressively enough. i've gotta be pretty agressive in the commutes otherwise i get walked all over (codewords for almost killed).

    agressive, yet calm. i need to keep a level head, know what people are going to do before they do it and always keep a safe distance, out of blind spots etc

  13. you don't happen to look like this guy do you??

  14. shite... can someone resize the pic?

    edit: i did it. :)
  15. no :) ,

    but from peoples comments i think I will stick with the assertive but careful riding and deal with the nutters .. maybe i am getting them all out of the way in one go and at some stage my commuting will become a breeze


  16. What do you ride sbb?
  17. drz sm
  18. Couple of questions: Do you have an L or P plate?
    Do you watch your speedo regularly?
    Where abouts in Sydney do you commute (eg Southwest, Inner west, North shore etc)?
  19. A few more questions:
    Do you ride with music in ears?
    Do you have a GPS unit on bike?
    Do you think about anything other than riding and traffic whilst on the bike?
  20. Couple of questions: Do you have an L or P plate?

    nope ... have had full licence for a couple of years but ridden dirt bikes for years so had the riding bit all under control from the start (was funny during the L and P courses). Also spent years (and about to again to get away from motorbike dangers now that knee works again) commuting to the city by pushbike

    Do you watch your speedo regularly?

    go off engine noise and just check speedo just enough .. want to keep eyes up more than down. Also being tall, have to tilt whole head to see speedo so lose to much time looking ahead.

    Where abouts in Sydney do you commute (eg Southwest, Inner west, North shore etc)?

    Inner west to north shore.

    Do you ride with music in ears?

    No, I did for a while and didn't notice too much distraction, but have ditched it as there was a couple of moments of distraction, which i figure are a couple too many.

    Do you have a GPS unit on bike?

    Nope, steer clear of distractions .. also when in a car I never even use handfree phone as i reckon to distracting :)

    Do you think about anything other than riding and traffic whilst on the bike?

    Rarely, very rarely :)