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Daily barney: Top 50 cornering bikes of all time

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Here's something to blue about: The top 50 cornering bikes of all time. From BIKE magazine, September 2005.


    I think it's a great article, and although I've never ridden the winning bike, I did ride its baby brother and I have no doubt that senior is an animal.

  2. well THAT's quite interesting!
    thanks for that Loz.
  3. The scoring system involves a metric for the bike to exceed the rider's subjective expectations. The Buell's, as a result of being remotely decent but with a H-D motor, would get about a bazillion bonus points on that metric alone even if they cornered only half-decent.

    Oh, and the blue table to the right on "Page 61" has incorrect maths for the Buell.

    Heck, the table even lists the Triumph Rocket III as one of the best cornering bikes of all time. WTF??!
  4. The problem I see is that, well, who amongst us is qualified by experience to judge? Who has ridden enough models to actually give a meaningful comparative analysis?

    Oh... that'd be you then, Loz :p
    Tell us what YOU think!
  5. I reckon there's nothing I've ridden that can touch #20 for pure cornering bliss - although I'm happy to concede that #2 is probably even better. Never managed to cadge a ride on one yet though.
  6. v.interesting thanks for the read ^_^
  7. an interesting article ... thx !
  8. Well, it exceeds expectations! Apparantly they handle quite well, for their bulk.
  9. Given what they are, Triumph sure have a knack for making bikes handle, no objections there.

    It's just that when you conjure up in your mind a list of the top cornering bikes of all time, you don't see Rocket III lapping up a storm around the local race-track. Mind you, I have seen a Rocket III get around Phillip Island at a half-decent pace given what it is. You may have also seen that video of that guy at Deals Gap in the USA on a Goldwing handing out red faces to sports bike riders. It's the rider that makes the difference there though, and when you cast your mind to what would be the most desirable bikes for carving up a set of twistes, a Rocket III and a Goldwing don't exactly top the list.
  10. I spoke to a harly bloke and he reakoned the buell is a corner monster as well.I thought he was full of shit at the time, maybe he was right after all. :eek:
  11. Not to mention the long ago Pilion in a Million competition run by Motorcycle News in the UK. First prize was a lap if the IoM sitting behind Mike Hailwood on....wait for it....an XS1100 :shock: . Allegedly the lap time would have won a TT earlier in the week :shock: :shock: .

    Just hope some fresh underpants and a bottle of powerful sedatives were part of the package :LOL: .
  12. It's the short wheelbase... You feel like you're sitting on the front wheel with your hands grabbing either side of the axle.

    The XB9 I rode ate corners so damn quickly it almost took the fun out of it. Of course, that kind of thing makes you want to start pushing - and from the looks of that final photo the 12 is well up for massive lean angles. I never really pushed it, it wouldn't have been polite.
  13. I can understand the RS125 being in 2nd position... but I can't understand the RS250 not being *anywhere* on the list...

    maybe they didn't get them over there?
  14. The Daytona 650 is high on the upgrade want list for me, good to see how well it goes round the bends.
  15. They mention it in the text on #2 - weird yeah I thought it WAS the 250 on the list.
  16. Glad to see a few older classics made the list - they deserved to :)
  17. very interesting
    i was leaning towards the xb12 as my second bike, but had so much fun at Wisemans last weekend on the RS125 i was going to start looking into the new 132kg KTM RC4. guess Buell weren't bullshitting when they say on the xb12 website that it handles like a 250 GP

    guess i still have a hard choice ahead of me
  18. the buell is a weapon.
    deserves to be number one. surpasses all others on that list my miiiles, anyone who states otherwise hasnt ridden one!
    i should know, after offloading one not that long ago ;)
  19. The list was constructed in 2005.

    The Daytona 675 was released in 2006. :wink:
  20. My test list is fairly short, and only consists of those bikes I have considered buying plus a few owned by friends.
    Of these... two bikes really stood out for me - KTM 990 Superduke, and Honda CBR600RR. The Daytona 675 could have joined these, but the ride I got didn't give me an opportunity to push it so I can't say for sure how good it was in comparison.

    The Superduke snuck in by a whisker from another naked, the '07 Tuono (which nevertheless may have been a superior package). These two were a step ahead of the Speed3, largely due to OEM tyres, and daylight to the rest. Of course there are some I haven't tried.

    Never took any of them up to stupid speeds though, so maybe it doesn't mean much. And haven't ridden a litre sportsbike in years.