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DAFT PUNK - who's with me?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. yes?

  2. no?

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  3. I'd hock my last shread of dignity conetto style to go!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Ok people its concert time and I'm calling all up for it Netriders who dance or feel up to hitting this dance event to log in. PM and get a group together as i know 1 person in brisvegas or melb around the time of the concert... er me.

    I've been watching the hype and bs flowing back and forth over the last few months and its confirmed their landing here in Australia. I missed them last time and I wont miss them this time. D-Day for tickets is the 13th. and I am looking to watch here in Brisvegas on the 20th. Alternatively if I can be persuaded I may fly in 11th hour guardian angle for the Melbourne opening night ... come hell or high water i will be there next to the pyramid.


    yep the ride to tas after this will be magic...

  2. where's the maybe option? :p

    before you go shooting me down for not knowing much of them, set me up with some songs to download. listening to "human after all", its pretty sweet :grin:

    im a fan of technologic too, ive know that for ages, but other than that, i dont think ive heard much of em :?
  3. hmmm bugger it, anyone DJing out of a pyramid must clearly be awesome :LOL:

    how much are tix, im tempted but only for melb, no flying to bris for me lol
  4. i specifically timed my last trip back to the uk to coincide with there NEC show in birmingham.

    Daft Punk FTW

    my fave is the discovery album (prolly cause of Interstellar 5555) love that anime
  5. err.... i deserve a smack but i bittorrened 5555 and watched it last night... damn good... an hour long film clip! how can you go wrong.
  6. hell yes !

    I'm at Ice Cube tonight at the Forum - will wee how much the tix are for Daft Punk when they come out.
  7. :grin: blackmage avatar.... nice choice dogo...

    Have fun at ice cube the tix for Brisbane go on pre-sale tomorrow and the main sale on ticket master is friday... damn time to organize credit cards to pay.
  8. glad you liked it, its a rare one and not many peeps know about it, but i do try to spread the word

    better if he was casting Hadoken though :LOL:
  9. well presales start today at 12... i need to get a credit card organized by 11am...
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  12. I am really keen but I am poor at the moment. And the Sydney show is on my birthday!
  13. come on penny scratch those $ they only come out here once every 4 or so years... :roll:
  14. So who is going to the Sydney show???
    I need to talk to my friend to see is she will go with me!
  15. out on a limb here but I am sure a chickibabe like you will have no problems getting someone to go with.... dont worry....

    be worried if you 26 with red hair abeard and know 0 people going here in brisbane :eek:hno: :eek:hno:

    anyhow after the concert aka the next day i have to ride to sydney!!!! then to melb and onto the boat to tasmania! :tantrum: :tantrum: :woot: :woot:

    christmas in tasmania... what a shame!
  16. So, do you think they'll actually come to Australia, or just do what they did in Europe (send a tape and two guys to wear the costumes)?
  17. if they do i will personally steal both helmets and ride to hobart wearing one of them.,....
  18. +1 (maybe) for Sydney show...

    looking for tixs (and $ 2 pay for tixs :p)
    i'm gonna keep an eye on this thread 2 c who else is goin 2 Sidenee show...
  19. dear god i just realised how far awya this damn show is.... :mad: Are there any Brisbane clubbers here?