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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by n1ck, Aug 6, 2005.

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  2. I think there was a review of one in a mag...

    I think it was Australian Motorcycle News
  3. Did a quick google on it and couldnt find anything.


    There was a guy who had to use one of those during our P's test, Im pretty sure its a single cyclinder.

    The guy riding it wasnt to pleased with it, but then again he was only using it because he couldn't do the test on his RGV.

    Just take a look at it at this atkins place. If you've got your L's i don't see why they wouldn't let you take it for a quick spin

    Edit: Sorry, did manage to find some stuff, im at work so extremely bored...

    This is the link to what i think the bike actually is...

    And this is the link to the VR125...
    http://www.motorbikes.be/en/Daelim/2002/VR 125/

    So it looks as though that bike is actually a "Roadwin" with some aftermarket body work.

    Anyway, all the specs are there for you :D
  4. Yeah i rode one for 2 days while doing my L's course. and they are GUTLESS!! Seriously the pickup is pretty bad on them. ummm They have a plastic fuel tank(the actual tank is under the seat). The switches are cheap and feel alittle flimsy. The brakes work well though. Easily do an endo. They handle alright. but are SLOW. They'll do 90km/h if you push them but don't expect any more out of them.

    Basically you are getting what you pay for. Just remember that for $4500 you could buy yourself a 2002-2004 NSR150SP which is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better bike. It is also alot quicker (will do about 190km/h).
  5. I rode a Daelim cruiser somewhere in Vietnam and thought it was good fun.

    Wouldn't pay that money for it in a million years though. You can get a shit load of bike for $4500.
  6. i rode a daekim cruiser on my Ls test in NSW and was a really good bike to ride, it was the 1st bike i had ever rode in my life and i passed the test