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Dad's new Triumph!! (with more pics!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. For the last month, I've been consipiring with my dad in the purchase of his new (2nd hand) bike - a 1997 Triumph Speed Triple. My mum has been totally against it, so we've been working in secret.

    However today it arrived (transported from WA to SA) and 1) she didn't kill him and 2) she even sat on it!

    Here's a pic:


    Hopefully I'll get up there in the next few days & take some more.
  2. That's a wild-looking device, Tash. Now all you need to do next year is pass on the 250 to your mum and everyone will be on wheels :grin:
  3. Re: Dad's new Triumph!!

    AAAHHHH look @ your mum there. One certainly doesnt get the impression she been totaly against this. Have a look @ her. She just ooozzzzzing 'I gotta get me one of these'
  4. thats a very nice looking bike..
    i like all the shiny silver stuff :grin:
  5. The speed triple is a sex machine. I always wanted a yellow one .......
    Anyyyway enough dreaming, hope you and your dad have a blast with the new bike.
  6. Re: Dad's new Triumph!!

    trust me - she REALLY HATES BIKES!! The smile is for the camera.
    After dad bought his last bike, a kwaka zxr750, mum went on a holiday to greece to visit family. she said to him "if that thing isn't sold by the time of my return flight i'm not coming back!"

    Dad said "I'm going to miss you" :rofl:
  7. Re: Dad's new Triumph!!

    ROFL loving the statement at the end, that is something you would read in a joke book or something... What guys have the nerve to say that to an angry missus, I wouldn't smack in the head would come my way. :mad:
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, lovely. Have to admit tho, your mum does look at home on that bike. I'd like to add one of those bikes to my garage to begin a Triumph (and lots of other dream makes) collection. mmmmmmmmmmm
  9. Love the triple Edglet , and loved flipping through your album. the transformation of that Hornet... Wow . Really really nice . Thanks for showing those :) . It was great to see it changing from the first to last . Inspirational .
    Love your hornet.
  10. dad's pretty stoked with the bike, unfortunately he has to take it to transport SA to get registered as it currently has an out of date interstate registration. He knows it will pass, just the inconvenience of going somewhere that is only open weekdays when he works full time...

    meanwhile I bought him a Triumph bike cover for his birthday!
  11. nice choice... i wish many happy MILES on your dad and his trumpy!
  12. Hey, that's a lot like mine! (at least before I started playing with it...)
    He'll have lots o' fun with it. I notice it's got the later model flyscreen, and the carbon hi-rise can. Did he get the original can with it? (can be useful, as the carbon is not strictly legal).
    Tip: make sure the rubber seal on the oil filler cap is in perfect condition - otherwise water can get in (pain in the arse). And if it ever overheats, it'll be a stone or something jammed in the fan blade (pick it out, then replace the burnt out fuse under the seat :wink: )
  13. hey Titus, yeah he's stoked about it. he's raised the handlebars slightly to make it more comfortable for him.

    No he didn't get the original can with it, & he's a tad worried it will be too loud for transport sa....he said if it is he'll do the old "stuff it" trick.

    thanks for the tip, I'll let him know!
  14. Mmmm...Speed Triple. They're wheelie, wheelie good
  15. Uh-oh.

  16. Nice bike!

    I say that sort of stuff all the time. She knows she's not going anywhere and so do I :grin:
  17. Sunday after the pink ribbon ride, I popped in to visit the folks & see the new trumpy up close.

    And it looks awesome. Dad's already started polishing the bits that had gone dull from sitting around, and after looking at it for a while he told mum that we had to quickly go for a blat so he could check that his helmet cam was working.

    so off we headed to the hills near my parents, and yes we only took a quick trip. Dad filmed with his camera, and sat behind me, so the footage is of me & tony riding...until dad decided to overtake me & fang it the rest of the way! lol.. Tony decided to keep up but my little two fiddy couldn't accelerate fast enough so I was alone for a while.

    the trumpy is LOUD AS too - it's wicked!

    anyway here are a few more pics.


  18. Man that is one nice looking Bike.

    Looks like another biker that should join us on wednesday's tash, we need a triple at coffee night :)
  19. Droool.....Love those triples!
  20. My dad came so close to buying a brand new speed triple a black one to but ended up getting a Ducti st2 instead but he,s 69 so the duc was prob
    a better choice but dam i wish he got the triple! Thats a nice looking bike.