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Dad's New (to us) 85' GPZ 900 R

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Rohizle, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Some of you may know but ive been on the lookout for one of these for my father, as he sold his last bike, a 1970 something 1,000CC Kawasaki cafe racer quite a few years back. He's had many bikes in his years and it was the only one that didnt get written off, but it needed a bit of work & life got in the way so he sold it to a mate of his. A few months later it was restored and brought back to show dad. He was really happy, but i noticed a side of disappointment as he is a mechanic and he could have easily fixed it all himself, but never got that urge or prompt to do so.

    So the years passed by, he would look at the occasional Harley or old Kawasaki and tell me of how great they were, but he never committed to buying one. This is fairly typical of my father and I don’t think he would have actually ever found a bike he was happy purchasing. I recently sacked up and got a bike after years of wanting to do it, but never following through. This re-lit his spark for bikes, and he kept saying he was going to get another bike, and always looking them up, but never taking it too far.

    So, around 4 months ago, dad started telling me about the GPZ 900's, an iconic bike and great from a collector’s point of view as they are becoming rare these days. If you know your history, these are a pretty revolutionary motorbike and the predecessor to most current sports bikes, also appearing in Top Gun.

    From that point we have been on the lookout for fairly stock lowish kilometres models, and we have enquired on quite a few, but the price would be wrong, or it would be a good one that’s restored poorly, or could only be used for parts. I was staying out of it and letting him sort it, but I got the incling that he was never going to find a good enough one he was happy with, and we got close a couple times, but he would never commit to buying it. It was at this point I made an executive decision, if he hasn’t found one within a month or so, im going to buy him one. I told a few friends and family, but he had no idea of the plan.

    Anyway, a month later dad was the same old story, so I made a trip out Bendigo way and bought him a bike recently, best of all he had no idea this was going to happen & gave him a pretty big surprise when it turned up in the backyard and I told him it was his.

    There is a 2 page list of things to sort, including paint (lol), but Dad is happy and it is pretty inexpensive to do especially with his experience. It's pretty much exactly what he wanted, a stock version with a solid low K engine, that he can tinker with and restore himself as well as teach me a few things while im off the road. Have hit up eBay and a few other sites sourcing parts so far, hopefully can have some updated info and pics in the next few months.

    Here are some pics, Cheers.



  2. Nice one! You can be my wingman anytime ;)
  3. Im looking for a nightrod, i can be your daddy for a day :D

    good on ya bloke, would of been a wonderful surprise
  4. what a cool story! :D
    and nice looking bike too hehe
  5. I so used to drool over these .. kwakamagic
  6. Great story and cool thing to do for your dad!

    Looking forward to hearing the progress on the restoration :)
  7. That's awesome Roh ..
    This is Bruce's '89 model , which he also restored ( heaps of extra stuff accumulated too !! )
    Awesome piece of machinery .. we took her out through the hills yesterday .. fun fun fun !!!

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  8. What a great thing to do for your dad.
    If I ever won the lottery I'd by a ducati for a mate and some kind of road legal traily for my housemate.
    She's a beaut, what an excellent basis for restoration!
  9. my dad has a few kawka's
    couple of z900's (the real first super sport bike)
    and one of every gpz including the rare as rocking horse shyte gpz 750 turbo
  10. Good stuff. I know a few people who would trade their left nut (maybe even throw in the right) for one of those, the jacket and a pair of aviators!

    You Sir almost win son of the year for surprising your old man with that. You have my vote anyway.

    I'd do something similar for my old man, but the radial engines he wants are $100k+ (not sure exact price) for the reconditioning, plus the superchargers, so I have no hope.

    Good work mate!
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    HOLY snapping dogpoo!

    I was talking for his Warbird not a bike!

    That bike is definitely a very cool use of an old radial!
  13. It's not an old radial. It's an upscaled version of a model aeroplane engine, which is available to general aviation. The real issue with that bike (and the copies which he'll build you for about $80kUS) is the primary drive and transmission. It's built to dawdle around on and impress the crowd, so a two speed that'd break if you gave it full throttle is good enough. In other words, it's basically a showbike, that can be ridden.

    That clip was taken at the dragstrip at Sturgis, and he did in fact do a couple of runs. I think it did a 14 and a 13, but he said later it was at about 1/3 throttle and he was covering the clutch the whole way in fear of it snapping another gearbox.
  14. Bullshit, you can be mine...

    Sheesh, whats with you lot, that quote should have been thrown around ages ago in this thread...
  15. I feel the need - the need fer speed.

    Ok - next movie.
  16. =D>

    I know, bunch of plebs, wouldn't know a good movie quote if it... Oh haiiii everybody!


    You know, the bird?
  17. Best. Son. Ever.
  18. Awesome work buddy. So I'll see your Dad on Tuesday nights then? :p
  19. Really nice bikes, listed as a 10.5?sec 1/4mile in 1984. I rode mine hard for 40'000k and had No trouble with it, including a season of drag racing and a run from Darwin to Melb at lock up speeds.

    Looks like 17" front wheel? I was never really happy with the 16" on them.
  20. Yeh, talked to bruce a couple times about his, tis great, and i picked up a couple pics of his from a kawasaki site i think, to compare with others i researched and will help restore our's to its original condition.

    Possibly, needs a bit of work before he'll be riding it around, ill prob be on the back tho. 8-[

    So far have picked up a new workshop manual, and located a few part suppliers. Basically have 2 parts list's, one for mostly consumable parts which will be new & body work and other bits second-hand from overseas wreckers. Fun, Fun, Fun, hopefully after next weekend she will be able to get re-registered.