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Dads new bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Johnrhys, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. My father just traded in his XV1900 Yamaha (bad knees got stiff had cramps) for this Honda Fury 1300 (road it no cramps or anything)

    i LOVE the look of them personally :)

  2. Interesting looks - the front don't match the back, if you ask me...
    And the angle between the cylinders is too low by about half.
    I like the tank and the rake.
  3. hows the fuel range on that? tank looks great but im guessing its not very far with a 1300cc? engine.
  4. not far bout 250kms :)
  5. And that would be enough on that thing.
  6. yep furthest he said hes going to go is less then 500kms a trip
  7. I've always had a major problem with this thing with its massive air space between the front cylinder and the triples.
  8. Der-its a chopper.
  9. Looks good,and will go hard,good luck to him.
  10. I'm a Honda fan, a cruiser man,
    And no disrespect to your old man,
    But mass produced badly designed choppers should remain solely in the US of A with Orange County Choppers and the Tuetels clan.

    but at the end of the day at least it's a bike and he's a rider.
    happy trails.
  11. From a design perspective it looks great, from a practical viewpoint seat is well and truly close enough to the ground for me (vertically challenged), but I would need a booster seat to reach the handlebars!!
  12. I looked at these, had a great riding position, but just didnt do it for me..
    Havent seen that colour before, normally blue or black...
  13. yeah my dads 6foot2 so its easy for him

    and iunno i prefer more sports type of bikes nakeds and super sports :)
  14. Not my cuppa tea - but that doesn't matter in the slightest.

    Congrats to your Dad for getting what he wants..........if it makes him smile, it's done its' job.

  15. ah 250 clicks is more then decent, i was thinking it would be something sub 150. My bike only has about a 200 click range before it needs reserve most of the time, and i did fine going to brissy on it, it does mean you end up smoking a lot of cigarettes when you get fuel though.
  16. A 300 kg , 1300 bike with a 13 litre fuel tank gets a 250 km range :-s

    WoW my 179 kg , RSV4 with a 17 litre tank is lucky to get 220 km's

    B's VMAX , 1700 @ 320 kg's with a 15 litre tank pushes to get a 180 km range

    Great fuel economy that Honda has !!!
  17. I've been Nod generous today so I can't Nod ](*,)

    Someone please Nod this :D ^above^

    Ahhhhhhhhh - gotta love the Ape's (y)
  18. Well thats what the mechanic said
  19. I don't mind that model Honda, some of the detail features aren't quite as neat as they could have been but it's still a reasonable styling attempt IMO.

    As for the earlier comment about choppers belonging in the U.S near Orange County I have to disagree, even Harley are going back to chopper style bike and away from big fat wheel styling to some degree.

    The Sportster 72 (which is also a good styling job) is another example of a recent 'chopper' styled bike, we may be seeing a 2nd wave of choppers coming :)

    FWIW I'd happily have a 72 in my garage sitting next to a Glide but I can only afford one HD so it needs to do touring and cruising hence the FLD.
  20. Awesome ride ive been looking at those for awile wasnt happy with the raked out forks for the CX (fury) thats when i discovered the CS (sabre) see pic less rake same awesome. 1312cc liguid cooled awesomeness. This i would buy and is on my short list when i get off my restrictions very nice bikes (y)