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Dad's first crash

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wojzilla, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. So I convinced my old boy to get a license and gave him my old bike, a Kwaka GPX250. finally caught up with him to go for a ride, all was going well few wobbly bits but nothing to be concerned about.

    Came to a give way, on a slight incline, stopped, checked traffic and he gave it a bit of go. Now the 250 has no power what so ever, he's a big bloke (100kg?) anyway turning right the front slipped out from under him and down he went.

    He's ok, the bike has a broken RHS footpeg bracket but for the life of us we're not sure what happened. There was a tiny bit of oil near where he started turning but i doubt it's that. He thinks he gave it a bit to much go and lost traction on the front wheel. The 250 has bugger all power, i'm a bit skeptical but keen to understand what happened.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hard to say, touched the front brakes while applying power in the turn perhaps? I take it the incline was down hill not up hill?
  3. Front slipped on turning from a standing start?? And he gave it a go, which means the rear is well loaded by weight transfer... so it's got me stuffed. Without a clear oil patch, I'm voting with CJ. Panic brake.

    Don't underestimate the GPX250.

    I taught a gf to ride on my GPX. She was talking all Northern Suburbs tough about how a 250 was weak and she'd be all over it... well... she gave it a fist full, dropped the clutch and lost control... and had a fall. LOL. The powah of all of the dissed cc's caught her by surprise.

    She ended up buying the bike a few months later, scratches and all... wonder how she's doing... the bike that is.
  4. it was an uphill start, small drizzle of oil but I don't think he touched it...

    Hmmm... im thiniking weight transfer to the back front lost grip, he claims he didnt touch the front brakes either. It has me totally stumped, he's ok with it but wants to learn what happened... i do too
  5. leaned to sharp and wasnt going quick enough perhaps?
  6. yeah that's what im thinking now as well, coupled with the turning right maybe he just rolled off the throttle mid turn.

    Bike is fixed, he's keen to go again. All's well that ends well... I just think I'll give him 5 seconds lead before i follow next time :)
  7. Big bloke, little bike, inexperience and an uphill corner from stand-still. Wouldn't be hard to lighten the front end in those circumstances (I've done it: big bloke was replaced by a little bloke and a little pillion, and stand-still was replaced by dust. Fortunately the front regained traction).