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Dads back on the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adge82, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. And a new one at that.

    It seems his little off on the way to PI for the superbikes has resulted in some sort of infection that ultimately leads to buying a new bike.

    How great is that?
    Dad - "My old bikes just not as safe as i thought"
    Me - "You should get a new one"
    Dad - "Nah, id never ride it... waste of money and time"

    Two weeks later i get a call to go test ride a triumph with him.
    Two days later i get a text message "Farkit, ive bought a brand new one.. Pick it up tomorrow"

    So im heading to Shepp tomorrow to check out the old mans new bike (and hopefully have a bit of a ride).

    He ended up getting the 06 Triumph Sprint ST in blue, looks fantastic.
  2. give the old fella a thumbs up from me! :LOL:
    Nice bike choice!

    My old man used to have a Triumph Tiger, but Mum I think had a hand in him getting rid of it :LOL:
  3. That is soooo cool. sweet ride too. You may have to ride it back for him. Bugga :)
  4. Good on him. :grin:

    I think your dad, would be a good influence on my dad.
    My dad doesn't buy himself a new bike. He just crashes my bike instead. :mad: He's in Benalla, so maybe your dad could ride over and tell my dad to buy his own new bike. :grin:
  5. i like that excuse for getting a new bike *adds to list*
  6. then he could hook up with me to teach me some finer points of riding