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Dad'n'Daves coupladaysaway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nobby, May 11, 2006.

  1. Dacs and I just got back from our annual Dad'n'Dave coupladays away trip, this year it was to Bright. We had trouble getting his R1 to come out of the garage, but after connecting a couple of electrodes to its battery nipples we convinced the bastard to start. Overcast but dry all the way, Pakenham to Cockatoo, Woori Yallock to Healesville, the Spur, Mansfield to Whitfield, the roads just kept getting better. Only messy part of the trip was being stuck behind a "B"Double cattle truck for the last few km on the Spur, my visor was covered in crap.. cowcrap!

    Arrived in Bright around 3pm, checked into the caravan park and then it was straight to town for a meal, we can thoroughly recommend the steaks at the Alpine Hotel, after a hot meal and a few cold beers it was a brisk walk back to the cabin.

    It rained all Monday night, and on Tuesday morning we couldn't see the hills, so it was back to the pub for a big breakfast and a study of the maps. The lady at the Tourist Info told us that Mt's Buffalo and Hotham were both "chains only" so we decided to do Bright to Tawonga, (thanks Kraven, great bit of road)and then Falls Creek, 15km from the top of Falls Creek we were turned back by icy roads. Back to Mt Beauty for a hot chocky and another map session. The rain finally stopped and Bears Motorcycling Atlas showed Redbank Rd as being interesting, so we decided to take a run at that at, it had stopped raining by now and Redbank Road was dry, this is a good road, long sweepers with plenty of vision ahead, really letting you open it up in some of the corners, only thing to watch out for is that most of the farms have to move their cattle across the road to be milked, so the time of day to run this road would be a definate factor.

    From Redbank Rd, it was back down the Kiewa H'way to Happy Valley Rd, this is another nice road with a few nice left/rights and sweepers, brings you back into Ovens and then it's a pretty tame run down the Alpine Rd back to Bright, the days run, around 220km, on mostly dry roads, what a blast....

    We had planned to come home Wednesday morning, and typically we woke to glorious sunshine, we loaded the bikes and decided we couldn't go until we got to the top of Mt Buffalo, fantastic run up the mountain, last 5km was a little slow due to wet roads and storm litter, there was still clumps of ice in the grass beside the road, but the view made it all worth while, back down the hill, a quick stop at Brown Brothers and home to Melbourne, no rain until we were halfway down the Spur.... ah home.. tired.. clean the bike tomorrow.. have a whisky.. zonked out.

    Hope I haven't bored you, but trips like this remind me why I ride.

    pic 1. the view from Tawonga Gap

    pic 2. Falls Creek thataway

    pic 3. defeated 15km from Falls Creek




    more pics at http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c119/nobbynutts/ if ya wanna look.
  2. Thanks Nobby, that was a good read . Sounds like a great trip . Good photos as well . Definetly worth going to the top. The 600 is looking good , but wow you travel light :p

    Very impressed with cleaning your bike before anything :shock:
    I must admit I headed straight for the shower after tarra valley and still haven't got to cleaning him. I feel suitably shamed .
  3. Looks like you had a great time :)

    I really want to head up there on the bike in the summer and just spend all day everyday on the bike.
  4. brrrrrrrr-acing ride, guys!!!!! :LOL:
  5. It looks great, i would love to do that some day.
    All i need now is $10,000!!!!!