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Dadicated Motorbike/Scooter lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. For awhile now ive been watching clips of a guy in Taiwan called Mordeth13
    for anyone who wants to check it out his live video is http://livevideo.com/mordeth13 Hes rides around talking about his life and bikes, he goes to the race track and rides very fast on the streets of Taiwan, (click on view all and go through his early ones first, some are weird but a lot are good, a lot of them i watch just for the scenery, its a nice looking country when hes in the hills)

    Now the reason for this post is because every time i watch him i think what a great idea they have.

    Dedicated scooter lanes (mainly to keep them away from faster moving traffic) And they also have motorbike spots at the lights so bikes can stop out in front of the cars to get away faster.

    Mainly i'm suprised such a backwards country has road rules that HELP motorbikes and scooters (mainly because the huge amount of them im sure)

    I wish we had motorbike lanes here like bike lanes, even if they were reduced speed.
    There are a few weird laws there though, but seems like the police don't really give a shit, I'm sure they are quite happy getting paid to do nothing rather then use their time fining people. Watch to see what i mean.
    Ohh also where he lives all the police bike rego's start with FAG . lol
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  3. hehe, DADicated lanes.

    Yeah i saw the same type of lanes whilst on holiday in Kuala Lumpur. I think they are a fantastic idea. However over there they are a must, i swear the bikes outnumber the cars 3 to 1, and on the little bikes/scooters they ride, in a car it would be like being attacked by a swarm of bees as they all filter past to the front.

    Another cool idea they have are countdown timers at some intersections so you know how long you have before the lights change.
  4. Do you have to be a Dad, to use a dadicated lane, or must I have my old man with me?
  5. :grin: :grin:
    Yea - "Dadicated lanes" - thats the way forward for sure!!! :p
  6. I can't think of a better way to raise the birth rate.
  7. Only thing that is backwards is your ideology.
  8. mate thats pushing it. TW is far more technologically advanced in comparison to Australia mate
  9. i was thinking about this this morning on the way to work, sitting in the carpark of cars on the highway wacthing all the bikes split up the middle of the lanes, and thinking "how hard would it have been to add an extra metre to the width of this road, in the interest of bikes.
  10. Keep dreaming!!
    Where would our considerate government raise more ridiculous revenue??

    Cam :roll:
  11. the reason they have dedicated scooter/bike lanes is because 70% of people drive/ride scooters/bikes in thailand.

    I dont think we should have scooter/bike only lanes in Australia. no where near enough riders..
  12. To be fair, we kind-of, sort-of already have motorcycle/scooter lanes. T2 & T3 lanes, bus lanes...
  13. Be careful what you wish for - the next step after a dedicated lane is to restrict bikes and scooters to that lane.

    The real answer, IMHO, is for powered two wheelers to get legal access to existing bicycle lanes and advance stop lines, even with some restrictions (like speed).
  14. Would be nice to be able to use bike lanes at no more than 20kmh
  15. Why not? We have dedicated bike lanes for cyclists.... In comparison to cars they are a very minor group just like motorcyclists.
  16. Well if petrol keeps rising like it is, more and more people will be looking to motorbikes as a means of reducing fuel costs and dedicated lanes may need to become a reality at some stage in the future... but not yet
  17. from Prof Marcus Wigan's paper - Powered Two Wheelers in Victoria:

    One of the interviews for this project raised the case of a strip, about 1m wide left as a result of realignments and remarking of lanes on the Monash Freeway that would appear to be ideal for safe motorcycle use.

    A couple of years back we followed this up and attempted - with letters of support from some councils, including the City of Casey - to have this dedicated as a motorcyle lane. We got nowhere - except to have it specifically designated an emergency lane. (It turns out that if it's not signed as an emergency lane on the right hand side of the freeway it may be legal to use it, and they couldn't have that could they).

    There's a bit of a culture change happening with authorities at present and the issue of road space is now seriously back on the agenda and it's an area where we might make some headway. To get dedicated lanes we'd need to probably triple the number of bikes on the road (at least) but Bus Lanes, Advanced Stop Lines and other road space issues are not being dismissed out of hand when we raise them.
  18. they are not lanes. they are 50cm wide.

    we can already use bus lanes, transit lanes.

    motorcycle only lanes would be a big inconvenience to cars. We already get through the traffic so quick. most of the time these 'motorbike lanes' will seem empty as we fly through.

    yes it would be nice, but just not reality - it will never happen.
  19. Transit lanes yes - dedicated bus lanes - marked bus only lanes - no.

    Since cyclists can normally use bus only lanes then there's no rationale for motorcycles not to be able to use them - same with some dedicated tram lanes (Royal Parade for instance) that could be used for motorcycles; although there are obvious issues around some tram lines being used . This has already come up in conversation with various roads people and hasn't yet been dismissed out of hand.

    Certainly I'm pushing for the leftmost lane on the Eastern Freeway (Currently Bus, Taxi and HL/A) to be made available for motorcycle use as well. That may be a possibility.

    Bear in mind that these lower speed limited lanes are generally only useful when traffic is congested and aren't compulsory.
  20. Fair enough...

    But if 50cm of bike lane for cyclists isn't an inconvenience to motorists what’s another 50cm for a motorbike..

    We only get through traffic quicker if we are constantly changing lanes and riding quick or we filter. The first way of getting through traffic quick can be viewed as dangerous, while filtering is not technically legal in Aus (argue till your black and blue but cops can still get you for doing it).

    I'm still driving (caging) to and from work and when going down the M5 i see plenty of bikes using the service lane (illegally) and they aren’t inconveniencing me or anyone else in any way, what’s that harm in legalising its use as a motorcycle lane?