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Dad tips off the cops. Good cops though.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jimmyz, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. So, another - 'cops aren't that bad' thread.

    After a 11 hour shift at work, and spending the whole day prior trying to fix a spark plug (had to go shopping for the tools to do it) I really had to take the bike down the road, despite not actually having my license yet (yes idiot, but I really wanted to ride the bike so badly - I've been waiting for a LONG time). I wait til 1am so there are NO cars on the road.

    Now I told mum and dad before I left and where I was going... went up my street to the park about 400m or so away, wearing my helmet and my jacket. I was playing around in the car park for 5 minutes when I see car's lights... and sure enough its a cop car, four cops inside, windows down... I almost fall off the bike, and the heart rate goes crazy... its one of those 'oh you got me' moments.

    I decide I'll go home now so I begin to ride home when I think... c'mon they aren't dumb... I'm OBVIOUSLY a total noob, so I pull over, waiting for the cop car to come round towards me again, just straight up told him... "yeah I'm the one, I don't have my license", he asks me why I was riding it then, so I told him I just fixed it up and really wanted to see if it worked, and what it rode like.

    He got a bit pissed off and told me to walk the bike home (1 street away).

    So I did.

    Dad has spoken about telling the police if I ride my bike, I thought he was bluffing... I'll check his dialed numbers just to make sure, but I'm 99% sure, because I know his dad did the exact same to him and to his brothers.

    I must say now that I actually wasn't fined or didn't have the bike taken away from me I feel kind of guilty that I had to distract 4 officers from addressing more serious problems. Forcing myself to wait now, I guess that is my penance :? . He could have so easily just fined me.

    Thanks Mr. Officer, lesson learned. Dunno how to react to dad calling them though :?:

  2. You've lived a remarkably sheltered life haven't you. :shock:

    If my dad had done that i'd have been all like "Gosh, golly, damn and double damn" and then gone to my room refusing to appologise for such language for several minutes. :evil: ...., It's a low act so fcuk him. [-(
  3. I dunno, I respect the guy, he has seen mates die on motorcycles, a few mates, but I know he regards me as reckless and I know he'd do EXACTLY what I did himself given the chance.

    Haha, sheltered... ever had dutch parenting? :p
  4. quid quo pro, or whatever it is said, i think it's time for a call to a anonymous drug line telling them that your dads a dealer, a visit from the police for him, 1 all and game on i say
  5. Ouch - that hurts. At least it's good to see the cops used their heads and just sent you home.
    (for the record I'd never advise taking any advice from waedwe seriously :p )
  6. I agree with waedwe. Thats a low low act if it is in fact, fact. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water.

    Dutch, thats amsterdam right? Tell them he has been growing and selling pot! lmao
  7. When I was growing up (yeah, all THAT time ago) it was a common father/son threat; "You do that, son, and I'll call the Police on you". Of course, that was in the day when kids feared the Police, not called them pigs and swore at them and had Magistrates let them off.....

    Sounds like it got your heart rate up a bit, anyway.

    You might end up doing this to YOUR son.........
  8. I reckon you did the wrong thing and got off pretty lightly.

    (insert lecture about personal responsibility here)

    maybe one day when your a parent you will understand.

    In the mean time, Im tipping that you wont call his bluff again. :LOL:

  9. my thoughts are the police gave you a good chance, but you had placed your dad in the position, its not about he 'called the police', before that happended you told him what you were going to do and he had to decide if he would support an act he had already spoken of not supporting..

    On the up side, you have two parents, and you can talk to them about the bike, huge steps compared to many.. is the bike workin ok now?
  10. WHOOAAAAAAHHHH here people who are saying to ring the drug line and "get Dad back for what he did!"

    His Dad said he would do it, and the young fella disregarded what he had been told and took the bike out anyway. So why does Jimmy have the right to revenge? He was told the consequence and the consequence happened! He only has himself to blame.

    As a father of a teenager who has a learners and a car, I have told him the same thing! I found out long ago that he was sneakin' out at night when we were sleeping to have a drive. So I have told him I'll ring the police. And I will too! It's to teach him consequence.
    (My ol' man woulda done the same thing as well....)

    Anyways Jimmy, you were in luck that they let you off..... perhaps next time you need to "see-if-it-works", try asking your old man to ride it (I assume he rides after reading your post) to the car park 5 mins away so you can then jump on and do a lap or two. If my kid asked me that, I would do it for him.


    Brian (who, after re-reading what he has typed, apologizes for sounding like a boring old fart, but stands by every word) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I imagine your parents are shitting themselves. By your own admission, they think you are reckless, you are 19 and you are about to be released onto the road on a motorbike. I reckon they think they have a real problem about to happen so are probably racking their brains trying to work out how to get you to take it easy on the bike, especially initially until your skill set and road sense develops. If you are already blowing the law off then I reckon that would be worrying them immensely as the natural extension of a mindset like that is that speed limits don't matter.

    As much as it is the cops job to enforce the law, this seems a little more like a parenting issue to me. You didn't abide by your parents direction so they asked the cops to enforce the punishment. I would have thought the better option would have been to apply some other form of punishment at home. You do live under their roof right? If you got caught by the cops in the meantime them so be it.

    By the way, as you probably now realise, getting around a carpark at 1am is extremely suspicious and will attract the attention of ANY cop who happens to be passing. It may even attract the attention of a local resident who will then call them. I had this happen when I was practicing for my P's test. I was in a supermarket carpark at about 11am practicing weaving, tight turning and emergency stops. Cop came along with lights and sirens asking what the hell I was doing. He was fine once I told him.
  12. Four cops?!! You must be hard core dude! lol

    Count yourself lucky. :)
  13. I'm with Seany. If my old man did that I would pay out on him. If my kids are in that situation, I will just keep the key to the bike, or disable it until he has a licence, not call the f#cking cops!
    How would he feel if the bike was inpounded and you locked up. Or if you didn't act all nice and did a runner and killed yourself.
    Your old man is just as guilty as you of not considering the outcome of his actions.
  14. geeze his dad didnt do anything wrong, he warned him of the consequences! i cant believe some of the responses to this thread. fcuk authority blah blah blah?? wtf!
    rules are there for a reason - if my kids were involved in something wrong its my job as a parent to teach them right from wrong!

    if they were involved in anything from human trafficking to stealing the neighbours roses id tell them it was wrong, what the consequences are if they got caught, i dont agree with what they are doing, & if they continue to do it ill dob them in.
    are you guys suggesting they should just turn a blind eye when a kid does something wrong? you guys are fcuking crazy.

    to the OP - good to hear u learn your lesson. obviously its a very effective parenting style. my parents probably wouldnt have warned me, at your age you should know right from wrong already.
  15. His parents care about him - lucky for him, there are a lot that wouldn't do anything and just let it happen. Plus he got told upfront that this would be the consequence. Kudos to both the parents AND the coppers who, I reckon, did the right thing too. OP has added respect for their community policing effort.

    I know about the temptation to ride a bike you're not legal to ride yet (had to sit out nearly 4 weeks when the upgrade arrived and the 250 was gone) - hang in there - that real first ride will be all the sweeter for it.
  16. His father did nothing wrong and the people saying that he did need to find a clue.

    As for the one suggesting making up false accusations... can't you tell the difference between the 'true' accusation of the father and the 'false' one you are suggesting or is that too complicated for you :evil:
  17. 4 police officers had their time occupied by a matter that didn't result in a fine for someone who really wasn't doing anything particularly dangerous or wrong?

  18. Voyager, TOTALLY agree with you! Being a parent myself, the primary instinct we have as parents for our kids is their safety and well being....not to be a party pooper! Some parents don't give a damn unfortunately.

    Getting revenge may seem like the obvious thing to do for a young hot blooded person, but try and view the situation from the other person's point of view....we all like to see the world through our own eyes, and not through other people's.

    At the same time, the dad could have been a bit more understanding and seen the situation from the other side and tried to help, and not create a rebellion situation.

    All about seeking first to understand, before being understood!

    Lesson learnt I think, but lucky for all.

  19. im surprised u didnt do a runner on the bike.
  20. My dad threatened to call the cops when I used to ride my 50cc chopper and 200cc Quad around my neighborhood, we didn't see much cops around then and my dad said if I kept riding he would call the cops, he grew up around bikes as most dads did, and his best mate was killed on a road registered dirtbike so he was concerned for my safety, and you can still crash and die on a 50cc copper and 200cc quad. The idea was that if i was caught on either bike i would have to sell them to pay the fine, so dad liked that idea, but he never actually called them, someone else did though.

    I started to notice a cop car nearly every day go up my street at the exact time I would jump on the chopper and head out to meet my mate who had the same chopper as me. Me and my friend on our choppers were a regular sight nearly every day in Bayswater North.

    Suddenly Bayswater North had cops roaming around after school and on weekends, believe it or not there was even regularly an unmarked police car, and it pissed me off so much, also pissed me off that someone living in my street called the cops. Well anyway with the cops basically living in my street, and they knew where I live, they were just waiting to catch me, i stopped riding and that was that.

    I loved riding around on the chopper but i loved the chopper so much i didn't want to risk losing it to pay a fine.

    If and When I have kids, I am going to tell them that I will call the cops if they do anything like this, for their own safety. Better to pay a fine than to pay hospital bills.............or funeral costs.