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Dad is back on 2 wheels! (kinda long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Back in the day, when he was a pot smoking hippie in the 70's, my dad rode his 1969 Triumph Bonneville EVERYWHERE. He sold it when he moved from NZ to Aus, but immediately got a new bike once he got here.

    Not long after, while riding to work at Torrens Island in torrential rain, he came off. Really badly. ended up in hospital with a few broken bones & a cracked head, and is not permenantly deaf in one ear. He gave up bike riding after that.

    THen one day he bought me a peewee 50. and got himself a honda 250 trail bike. and he taught me how to ride a bike at age 12. we had a ball. soon I outgrew the 50, and he got me a Honda XR75, and the 50 was given to my little brother. Dad sold the 250 and got a yamaha 400 road trail. my bro outgrew the 50 and dad got him a yamaha yz80.

    Then the fateful day came when dad decided he wanted to start go-kart racing, and to raise the money he sold all the bikes in the house. I was peeved, but dad bought me a guitar amp & all was fogiven.

    Time passes, and my BF gets his bike licence. Dad takes the Cb1300 for a spin - loves it. I get my bike licence..Dad starts to say things like "I'm not looking, but if I was to get a bike again I'd get a Kawasaki. I love the green". SO I start sending him trading post ads. he calls me up & says "cut it out, I'm not looking. your mother would kill me".

    THen my little brother gets a 50cc scooter. Dad starts to do burnouts & wheelies on it. last weekend one of dad's old mates rocks up with a Honda CBR900 and dad takes it for a spin and loves it.

    Tuesday, he rings me up to tell me about a bike he' s going to look at - a Kawasaki ZXR750. Wednesday he rings me to tell me how awesome it is, a 1994 model that's been dropped at slow speed & therefore has cracked fairing but is mechanically fine. Thursday he calls me to tell me how much repairs would be. Thursday night he rings to say he's picking it up today after talking the dude down in price.

    So after about 12 years of not really riding, dad has a new (2nd hand) bike. He told my mum last night, she was a bit angry (she thinks all bikes are death traps) but is dealing with it. Going for a ride with the old man on Sunday - can't wait!!!!

  2. That's a lovely story... Go give him a big hug for me.

  3. great stuff. Give him a zillion hugs from all of us at netrider (and all motrobike riders) :)
  4. Good story. But now it's your turn to teach HIM how to ride safe - 'cause those (us?) old-timers never knew how to in the first place!
  5. Well done edgelett in your not so sneaky way of keeping dad interested in bikes;-)i am so pleased for him and You ,Ya see i was riding 23 years ago and had my daughter and let my learners lapse so now 23 years later i have gone back and passed my L's June 2005 and bought myself a bike then 30/12/2005 i passed my full licence and am looking for a Honda Shadow style of bike (cruiser) i dont like boob rest suiside bikes ) to buy either 32nd hand or new later this year when my restrictions are off ;) and i am so proud to finally be riding with my Big Brother ;-) where are you going for a ride with dad on sunday ? it does not say where you live in your ID:
  6. Hehe,
    Nice story. Show him how its done ;)
  7. AGH!! just fixed that.

    we live in Hope Valley in Adelaide, so we'll probably go for a ride up to Lyndoch, nice long curvy turns instead of tight twisties.

    That is more for my benefit than his!!
  8. Nice work there....and good on the old fart to have another go :grin: :grin:
  9. When's he going to join Netrider??
  10. So you are saying that people with years and years of experience still prefer Kawasaki...

    I like your old man... send him in our direction... www.ksrc-au.com
  11. Can you get him to hassle my old man? He's had a CB750 sitting in the shed for years and he continually says "I'll have to get it back on the road one of these days.." :roll:

    I'm half tempted to just replace the rear shocks on it myself (that's all that it needs) and rock up with his helmet.. :wink:
  12. That's an awesome story.. Hope you have a great time together.
  13. I know how your Ol man feels......I'm lucky enough to get out riding with my son, and yup is good...........
  14. egglet ,
    unlike loz i am not kinky so how about a snuggle you then you can pass it on to you dad :LOL: :LOL: