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Dad gets his L's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Yesterday & today my dad was at ridersafe doing the compulsory 2 day's training before his prac test to get his L's.

    while he considered the entire excercise 'a waste of my bloody time, i've been riding longer than you've been alive, they should just give me my bloody licence', he agreed to go since mum said if he doesn't pass she will tie dad to a chair in the backyard while she pours petrol over his bike and sets it on fire.

    Day one was rather boring for him, as the yamaha scorpio he was riding was 'a useless heap of shit with no grunt' and he 'couldn't pop a wheelie' on it.
    he said there were a couple of people who looked to be really struggling, cause they'd never even driven a manual car before & they kept stalling.
    Dad only put his foot down once, cause the front wheel slipped out in the rain, but 'no-one saw me so it doesn't matter he he he'

    Day 2 was another rained out experience, I think dad was hoping it would be called off due to rain but instead he got rather soaked. he got to learn exciting things like how to use indicators, and at the end of a long day he passed his exam. he did however lose 8 points of the 11 allowed - apparently the instructor did nto feel dad was looking 'through' the corner enough, and dad's argument of 'i don't need to look through bloody the corner, i know where the end of the corner is, it's the bloody other side of this traffic cone. are you expecting a truck to rock up out of the blue or something?' didn't pursuade them that he didn't deserve to lose points, in fact they changed their mind & said 'well you did it twice - that's 8 points'.

    sometimes no matter how much you say'just do exactly what they tell you and don't argue', stubborn old men don't listen lol.

    The most amusing part was the conversation he had with the instructor after he was issued his learner's permit:

    he said to the instructor 'so when can I book in for my next test?
    instructor said 'we recommend you ride for 6 months before booking in'
    dad says 'i'm not buying a 250 for 6 months I want to book in now'
    instructor says 'welll what are you riding now?'
    dad says 'kawasaki zx-9r'
    instructor says 'you shouldn't be riding a bike like that without experience'
    dad says 'i've got plenty of experience, i've been riding a bike like this for 40 years i just never had a licence'
    instructor says '....................'
    then says 'ok well book in whenever you want then. and stop telling me stuff.'

    But, he passed & now has a learners permit. he'll be booking in for his R-date next week, now I just need to round up a small bike for him to practice u-turns on...

  2. :rofl: that is fantastic.

    Great to hear things are going well for your Dad edgelett
  3. great news tash but couldn't you of just had an re-assessment done.....instructors can also do that without having to resit the whole l and p course :)
  4. not if you've never had a licence :p
  5. awesome read. there is simlar storey told at the st ives HART centre of a bloke up here who had ridden forever and then decided to come clean. rode there and told em his case. based on honesty was told if he could get through the riding test (held a car licence) then a licence would be his. passed.. CB900 i hear.
    this could all be crap but its a nice one.
    give your dad a beer from me :wink:
  6. true, and especially not in South Australia - there is no way for a person with experience to get a licence without going through the whole thing from start to finish again.

    he did what you suggested stewy to get his drivers licence back last year.
  7. funny enough, dad actually always though he had a bike licence.
    it wasn't till his car licence was taken off him when he was in hospital that everyone (including him) found out he never had one!
  8. Thats bloody funny.
  9. Ahaha, your dads F*#kin funny..
    Admits he has been breaking the law :LOL: But what can they do, nothing.. At least he was honest.lol

    Good Post, one of my favourite.
  10. Glad he did allright.

    My course was done with some old timers who although had good bike control and had allegedly been riding 30 something years, had absolutely no idea about situational awareness or hazard identification. One of them failed for that reason.

    Scary thought eh.
  11. how old is he?
  12. Well dun !!!
    Better late then never I say :wink:
  13. he;s 57
  14. Hahaha hysterical :LOL:
  15. lol nice one tash
  16. LOL, I love it.
  17. hehehehe. You're old man's got spunk!
  18. When I went to do my P's test one of the people taking the test with me rocked up on a $30,000 harley. It was around 1200cc or more. When the testing officer pulled him aside to tell him he shouldn't have ridden his harley to the test (and worse still, park it right next to the testing range), the ownder of the bike told him "I'll ride whatever I Fkcn well want thank you".

    He ended up taking the test on a CB250 and passed with flying colours. He may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was a brilliant rider and much better than anyone else being tested.
  19. So do you Rob. In excess quantities. And yet you won't let a needy friend borrow a bit. :grin:
  20. rob, sounds like loz wants to give one to your friend

    or does he just want some of yours to himself?