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D675 or 07 600rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RVF_ED, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Was dead keen to pick up a D675 but all the reviews/2 mates ended up with 07 fireblades for practical reasons. They didn't ride the triumph however..

    Any1 here ridden both??
    What are they like to plodding around traffic?

    Pity the daytona just looks so damn good....

    Arrr...little help....

  2. The Daytona will cost you in parts and servicing.

    It's also, by all accounts a shitload better.

    Me, I'd go for... Something secondhand, so my opinion ain't shit.
  3. Practical reasons? Like what?

    The daytona has WAAAAY more style than the honda. Its prob a little slower top end, but thats it. Was voted best sport bike of 06, it looks awesome, sounds like nothing else and well.....its a triumph. Go the daytona, the 675 powerplant is unbreakable.
  4. Is that a fact Loz, or just your opinion.

    Daytona = 10,000kms service intervals, which cost around exactly the same each service as the Honda
    Honda = 6,000kms service intervals

    Gee, wonder which will cost more?
  5. Some people are obsessed about reliability, so they go honda. But its not like the triumph is going to break down after 5000k's. Go Daytona.
  6. Triumph does not have the best track record. It seems if you get one thats ok your cool. However, score a bad one and they are complete lemons.

    From what I have been told, about 20% of them have issues.

    Even saw a test video of a bunch of 600's. The triumph was always breaking down.

    Other than that issue (that seems to hit there cars as well!) they are great machines.
  7. Yes, there was an issue with the fuel pump relay that affected a fair number of the older 675's. This issue has been corrected on all bikes shipped out of the UK since around June this year, and for all older bikes that are out there, there is an active recall for a free 2hr service part-replacement fix, that addresses the issue.

    On my 675 that I purchased 4 weeks ago, there are not, nor have there ever, been any active recalls.

    This is not to say that all Japanese bikes have a perfect record. There have been a number of fueling issues on recent Japanese litre bikes as well.

    The 675 has been around for close to 2 years now, and so many of the first year model run issues have been sorted. As they say, be very wary of buying the first run of any model of anything. There's always niggles and things that occur.

    I'm not going to stand up and say that any bike maker is perfect, but I would hate to think that someone is lead to believe that any one manufacturer is perfect, while another is flawed.
  8. 16,000klms on my 675 and it hasn,t missed a beat :grin:
  9. 4500kms on my 675 and not 1 issue :D

    i have ridden the 07cbr 600 coz from when i was hunting around a few months ago for my new bike and yeah, i loved the 675 a hell of alot more than the cbr :)
  10. D675 or cbr rr

    Not to mention the fact that if you buy the Honda you will be joining the minnions,

    where as the Daytonas are a little more discerning.

    they are both fantastic bikes, but in and around town and for quick blast about your fav twisties you cant beat that triple grunt..

    Off the lights there is not allot around that will keep up with a daytona. The engine is perfect for urban riding.

    I have had my Daytona for a month now, just got through my break in period. This bike is a weapon, and killer looks.

    Go Triumph!!
  11. Stew, I used to take bikes down to Charlie at Turn One, who's got the inner city contract for factory servicing on Triumphs. He used to walk me around the shop pointing at all the different Trumpies going "one thousand, sixteen hundred, three thousand, eight hundred."

    Some were repairs involving pricey parts, others were servicing with issues etc. Either way, he told me they were great bikes to ride but expensive to own, and he's seen a few.
  12. I'm guessing that since this thread is about the Daytona 675, that these were all Triumph Daytona 675's, correct? I mean, you wouldn't be throwing around generalisations about 675's based upon the servicing costs of some rare Triumph bikes, would you?

    Loz, do you actually own a 675, and have you actually paid to have it serviced? I guess you must, since you're disagreeing with actual 675 owners who are saying that the service costs are NOT higher.
  13. And 07 not too long ago just edging out the new CBR600 which by all accounts is a much better bike than the last model as well. Tough call... interested to see the views though because its the exact same comparison i've been thinking about, just haven't acted on yet.
  14. Why would you (most people) buy a bike on what magazines say? Unless you can actually ride the tits off the cc size you are getting, the comparisons in power and stuff mean squat in reality for the typical rider. Go for the bike that appeals to YOU, not someone else. Unless of course you like riding in straight lines only of course, then go for the bike that bike mags crown as the (power) king!

    The big difference in bikes [for the typical rider once again] is the way they feel (and look) A bike might feel crap for someone but feel awesome for another person because they might be a few inches in height or inside leg or whatever other measurement that makes the comfort. So, if you like a bikes look, test ride it and if it feels good FOR YOU, possibly buy it ;)

    Well those are my thoughts. I ordered my 675 5 months before I could even sit on one but I was told I could take the deposit back any time I liked if I didn't want it. I test rode one and it blew me away.. I LOVED it, so I was happy I had made the right choice in a bike "from the look" and it also felt damn comfortable for me :)
  15. Don't know how you got me wanting one just because the magazine said so out of that? Sure its great if bike X is faster than bike Y but i'm quite aware that its a position that i'll likely never be in to exploit the bike to its full potential. I was more impressed with their comments about ease of handling, stability, great braking etc than outright power. I'm not looking ot be the next Stoner, just something that i love and will keep me happy and look after me. Not interested in a skittish road version of a race bike.
  16. When did Triumph last make a car???
  17. Apparently 1984...
  18. That was my point. I had one of those as a my first company cars... Mean buggers
  19. Only thing I didn't like about the 675 is that fact you can't see the dials.. Maybe a double bubble screen would fix this, so just a minor gripe. Because of the torque from the triple, it also doesn't feel as fast as the newer 600's which have very peaky rush of power.

    Just my thoughts, but excellent bike all the same :cool:
  20. Eh? I'm 6', and I have no troubles seeing the dials at all with the stock screen.

    Another complaint I read about the 675, that I seriously cannot understand, is that the speed display is "small and within the tacho, when it should be off to the other side". I don't understand how anyone would find the speedo display small, and not qualify to be legally blind. The digits are as large as they are on any sports bike I've ever seen. I reckon the real advantage to having the speed display within the tacho is that it's all there in one spot, and with one glance you can see both the tacho and the speed in one shot.