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D2Moto - Dodgy parts

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by gsxrjames, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. So... I recently replaced my rear brake leaver (which bent after an off) with a foldable alloy one from D2moto.com. The price was right; it fitted perfectly and looked to be decent quality. Whilst preparing for a nice Sunday ride yesterday I was testing the brake light sensor, putting pressure on the leaver and ‘snap!’ WFT!!!:censored: Brand new leaver just snaps like plastic.

    Plus, I used green loctite to hold the pivot bolt and there is no chance I’ll be able to get it off. So now I need to get it done at a shop who’ll charge me a kazillion dollars for labour and an oem part.

    This is mainly just a vent for me but also, be wary of cheap parts from these online stores. They may look good and fit well but apparently snap under light pressure.
    I’m just glad it wasn’t the front leaver, and I wasn’t moving.
  2. did you talk to the store about what happened ?
  3. Not yet. Netrider was my first port of call. I'm sure they'll give me a refund but thats not the point. No business should be selling flimsy parts, especially brake components.
  4. True James I agree but even Toyota is known to have quality control mishaps

    as for the loctite - any type od solvent you can use to make the removal easier for yourself rather than use a workshop ?
  5. a good quality long length ring spanner/hex key, and a nice fitting pipe extension. It's not selley's liquid nails.
  6. I know this type of thing happens but it’s not a complicated circuit board, no vacuums or hydraulics, essentially it’s just a metal rod with a few holes in it. How do you get that wrong? Surely they’d do some stress testing? It would have been no more than 5kgs of pressure; I was standing behind the bike and pressing down with one foot. Very frustrating.
    As for the loctite I’m not sure. I think you need a torque ratchet or heat gun to get it off. When I removed the old one it had a lower grade of loctite and I lost 2kgs trying to get it off. Ended up heating it with a blow heater for several hours to crack the stuff.

    Green Loctite
  7. James - green loctite is removed by heat ?

    if so - use a soldering iron to heat up the brake lever where the loctite is

    that way heat is directly applied and does not go to other surrounding parts as such it will heat up quicker and hotter
  8. The bolt might be a bit hard to reach but I'll give it a try
  9. Chinese yum cha metals ??? ......a melting pot full of any crap they can find.
  10. looks that way...and there I was thinking an american business would be more trust worthy than the hong kong ebayers. ](*,)
  11. Might be an american co, but I'll bet most of their bling is sourced out of china.
  12. i gotta ask, why use green loctite on anything other than trucks or earthmoving equipment? red is beyond sufficient
  13. I’m actually ‘ghost rider.’ Anything less than green would burn up from the scorching heat of tortured souls...:demon:

    That, or they were out of red. I figured that once it was on I didn’t want it to come off or need to take it off. I would have been right if it didn’t snap...
    I got a reply today requesting I send pics before they send a refund. So overall I’ve got no beef with D2moto’s service, just their “high quality 6061 Billet Aluminium” products.
  14. haha the ghostrider call would have been a tad more believable if you were at least on the right kinda bike...
    even then i still woulda called bullshit :rofl:

    obviously not 6061, you should have stripped the splines before you snapped it
    good luck with the runaround