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d.y.i. oggy knobs ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dje, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone made their own oggy knobs?
    I mean, they're just skate board wheels really. For the cheaper oggy's that dont have the absorb bar that runs from one side (of the bike) to the other, and that just basically attach to the frame... wouldn't it be a f..k load cheaper to just buy skateboard wheels, drill a hole in em and get the right size bolt to attach it to the frame or wherever it can go...?

  2. let me know how that goes for you... you can try martin place of a weekend where all the kids skate
  3. I did it (or had a mate do it actually). If you know someone with a lathe, you can buy the delrin material reasonably cheap and turn your own to whatever size & shape you want pretty easy.
  4. skateboard wheels are polyurethane, oggies are made from delrin and the support brackets are made from bisalloy. while there is no substitute for the engineered oggies, price may be a factor for you. i'm all for diy as long as you know what you're doing. delrin stock is pretty cheap to buy and drill. if you are getting an extended bolt, make sure you get good quality ones. from experience, honda engine bolts are usually M10x1.25 (aka 10mm metric fine automotive).
  5. I bought some ebay oggy knob types and they shattereed on impact - cost me a fair bit of damage to the bike that wouldnt have happened with real oggy knobs.

    Take the cheap option on a faired up bike it will cost you in the end.

    Luckily I was always going an S2R fairing anyway :D
  6. I've got Delrin axle sliders which cop a load of abuse, and will last 50 crashes each by the current wear levels. The skate board wheels wear away faster, but for most sport bike applications how many times are you gonna crash it? (don't answer that NAM ;) ). I'll bet you need to throw your bike away before you need to replace the skate board wheels.

    I use 10mm threaded rod through the axles, hasn't snapped on me yet. For frame sliders I have no idea.
  7. Has any one got dimensions - to suit VTR250? OD, length, etc? Thanks
  8. Has any one got dimensions - to suit VTR250? OD, length, etc? Thanks