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D Stump

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stumpitup, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Jack's back baby! <-- as said by 'Bender' the robot

  2. 635614671077083190-1875329131__1389025911.

  3. Hi Jax, how has life been treating you???
  4. welcome :]
  5. OMG PAUL! How u doing?
  6. Sorry I totally forgot how to do posts here. I'll ge
    Abuse of power? That's my pet peeve! You may recall the dr and NUM that bullied me with pain meds after amputation surgery...it took me 6 years, but today that dr isnt allow to treat a human (he's in research) and the nurse unit manager is teaching in Fiji. She originally ran off to Indonesia, but I wrote a letter to the hospital Admin in Indonesian that said " Dear ---, I draw your attention to HCCC complaint number 67488 (attached) etc'.
    Any person who abuses a position of power is low, and they deserve all they get.
  7. I'm still here, obviously, sold the Hornet a few year ago and bought a VFR 750 Honda. I'm still keeping well and looking forward to retiring next year. Would be great to catch up......
  8. ABSOLUTELY! I had a feeling you wouldn't still be on the Hornet by now. Congrats on the new bike!
  9. Heeeyyyyyy! Blast from the past!

    Welcome back.
  10. speaking of...
  11. Indeed!!!
  12. I remember that name from the dim dark past, welcome back!
  13. You again! Welcome back.
  14. Howdy & Welcome back to NR!
  15. SOunds like you've been here before, welcome back :)