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D%@kh%&d Bike riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Too many times have i come to this site and seen topics and discussion regarding bad driving skills by as some put it "cage" drivers.

    Too many times do i go out (as someone new to riding) on my bike and all the "cage" drivers are super curteous and give me extremely generous amounts of room.

    And for the point of this topic! Too many times do i go out in my car and have both idiot bike riders doin stupid things on the road and riders with zero amount of skill putting both themselves and other motorists in danger just by being there.

    Firstly ill start off with the incident that sparked by eventual realease of this emotion.


    Got up this mornin with an hour to spare before the third day of the test started so decided id drive up the street to get some supplies with such a big weekend of sport upon me. After pulling out of my street i end up behind an L plater (on an aprillia rs250 mind you) so having just started riding myself i make sure i give him plenty of room. Every time he slows down for the lights he nearly falls off the thing and once they go green he nearly falls off everytime as well.After witnessing this i decide to switch to the left lane to get right out of the way.Again there is a red light and this leaves me right next to him. Once we get going again he is appraoched with a right hand corner and luckily after already seeing his riding skills on display i slow down to stay behind him and surprise surprise he runs the corner so wide he ends up half in my lane before standing it up and getting back into the right. At the next set of lights i pull up next to him and politely say that it might be a good idea if he gets a little more practice off the road for his own sake and get to know the bike a little better. In reply to that i get a muffled what the F would you know through the helmet before he takes off with the light still red and nearly getting cleaned up on the way through. Thankfully for myself i resisted the urge to chase after him and beat the living piss out of him... Despite the circumstances that wouldnt have really proved a whole lot.

    This concludes my first point. Why the hell is it so easy to get your L's on a bike as soon as you turn 18 and ride around on your own? To drive a car you have to spend much more time on the road under instruction from parents or the like to begin learning both the road rules and how to drive the car itself before going out on your own.

    Point 2

    And then there is the people that do know how to ride their machines but choose to come flying past you at twice the speed limit on the inside or do wheelies past you on the highway. And what bothers me most is when a bikes splits between two cars at crazy speeds on the highway. These sorts of things seem to happen way to often considering the small amount of bikes on the road compared to cars.

    And what makes me most angry about this is although they are going twice the limit and passing you on the wrong side they have the nerve to give me the finger if i dont see them. For fcuks sake what can you do in that situation????


    Im not saying that cars are always in the right(very far from it) because everyone makes mistakes, its part of being human. What does bother me though is that when there is 1000 cars to every bike on the road( i have no idea of the actual statistics) theres a bloody good chance that if someone does wrong by you they are gonna be in a car simple as that.

    I also realise that that the end result when someone in a car makes a mistake and hits a rider is alot worse. To me though thats the choice i make when i ride, i know what can happen to me and therefore acknowledge the risk.

    I now reach my main point. Even after just saying that cars massively outnumber bikes on the road i in all honestly i see more dangerous situations occur where a bike is at fault, have more bikes cut me off than cars and have more bike s sit right up my ass regardless of the current road speed( even on the highway).

    The question i ask is what does this say for the skill level of australias riders?

    And maybe instead of everyone complaining about these incidents(myself included) we should spend more time honing our own skills and doing rider/driver safety skills courses and the like and just worry about preventing these situations through our own skill.

    Thanks everyone for listening i really needed to get that out. I look forward to reading the opinions of others even though i know most will disagree with mine. But thats beside the point, was better to say this now than be screaming it at the next person that proves me right whilst bludgeoning them with the closest blunt object. :shock: :D
  2. Nah I don't disagree with you... traffic isn't the place to be displaying bike trick skills or hooning... no matter what ones skill level.

    There are plenty of almost empty country roads and the race tracks where one can have a bit of fun without running the risk of wiping anyone except ones self.
  3. I think you need to have a beer, put a wet hand towel on your forehead, and lie back on the couch for some further reflective thought.
  4. Lol, thankfully i had a slab in the fridge and gilly and katich put on such a good show with the bat today to get us back into the cricket. And im so excited about the green v beyer fight thats just over 14 hours away now nothing can get me in a bad mood now!
  5. Nah I don't disagree either...the guy on the Aprillia is obviously a d*ck - but by the sounds of will be dead in a year anyway....So we won't have to worry...

    Lanesplitting at speed...don't do it...I do in stationary traffic...but at speed is rediculous as anyone (the rider or a driver) makes a mistake it all goes bad....

  6. Yea agreed, he deserves a light shove with the left foot so his bike falls over on top of him... nah kidding.

    I think most learners who 'just' come on the roads are most at risk of being in an accident. I remember I had a few shocker near misses due to poor control. That's why its so important to build a support network of more experienced riders so you can pick up what's the right and wrong things to do.

    Unfortunately, most new riders either don't know where to find support, or don't want it.

    That guy on the Aprila, I would have said to come here to netriders and join a ride. Saying they need more experience off the road doesn't come quite well to someone who has alot of pride and arrogance. But sometimes people are able to learn and put that aside.

    But trust me that both riders and drivers have alot of trouble admitting to their own faults. Sometimes they'll admit it, but only to themselves. And to me, that's a good thing, because they know themselves what's wrong, and hopefully they'll do something about it. On the other hand, sometimes they don't admit it even to themselves, and that just puts themselves and others in danger.
  7. Yep also agree with ya there Mik
    And I must confess in the past I have been guilty of your 2rd point :oops:

    However today I wittnessed a new act of stupidity that left me totally shocked
    A bloke riding a trail bike thru the main street of Bairnsdale texting on his mobile phone as he weaved his way thru traffic :shock:

    Kinda makes lane splitting at speed and wheelies look kinda tame :!:
  8. OMFG yes folks we have a winner :shock:
  9. Well he was from Bairnsdale after all :p:p:p:p

    You neglected to mention that he wore ugg boots :)
  10. I think it takes about 5 years to weed out the dickheads [those that display questionable riding behaviour] that first throw a leg over a bike. Even the ones who can confidently do stand-up monos within 10mteres of a green light in Chapel st on a Saturday night.
    Skill is worthless if you spend more time waiting on backordered parts & healing skin grafts than riding.
    You can't look forward to being an old geezer with heaps of miles under his arse & grease under his fingernails if you don't ride within your own abilities.

    I've seen quite a few riders pushing their luck more than their ability.

  11. personly, I call that talent :LOL:

    (joking folks......joking)
  12. No he was'nt wearing ugg boots, so maybe he was not a local, and he did'nt have mockies either so that would rule out Moe!
    But all joking aside, he was only wearing a t-shirt, shorts and runners!
    Obviously no gloves cause it makes it kinda hard to text with them on.

    Also I have a theory on Hooning, its a bit like masturbation; everyone does it from time to time!
    But no one likes to caught doing it!
  13. A bloke at work made the comment that when someone overtakes him at what seems twice the speed limit it is more often than not a bike.

    I was going to retort with all the usual tintop antics, but the fact that he's a good bloke, and not often given to negative comments about others made me stop and think.
    Apart from taxi drivers and the arrogant 4 wheel BMW steerers, the only drivers I have trouble with are tailgaters, lane swappers, your basic general hoon.

    Then I thought about the bike riders I see, mostly OK, rarely arrogant, but a fair few hoons lane splitting at speed, lane swapping without head checks or indicators and way too close to other traffic (regardless of the number of wheels)
    The sad point about his comment is that he doesn't remember any of the "better" riders (the majority IMHO). A good rider doesn't get remembered, only the mug lair.

    So the majority of drivers see us as those few knobs portray us. It's the same with us, good drivers are forgotten too easily, the knobs we remember are the hoons.

    I might try and spot the good riders from now on, might make me feel better :)

    so endeth the psycho-analysis :roll:

  14. :p :D :LOL: :p :D :LOL: :p

    Love it!
  15. *claps* bravo :)
  16. on country roads I overtake at usually 50kmh above the speed limit and sometimes on double white lines because the acceleration, the dynamics braking and size of my bike allows it and those 4 factors are 2 or 3 times better than my car

    alot of the people I ride with do it too, in safety

    so I'll sat his comment is quite on the ball

    wait untill you get a big bore big and you will see what i mean


  17. Iaiaiain will not be happy
  18. I should have added that this bloke is a city guy, rarely drives outside 30k's of the city centre and then only once a year on holidays.

    So he's talking "built up areas"... 100+ in a 60 zone is just being a wanker

    I agree that a lot of tintops don't realise a decent sports/tourer bike can go from 110 to 150 in a very short time, get past the car, and if desired, cruise back down to 110 to continue. Not unsafe at all (unless you stay @ 150, IMO), in fact I'd argue the shorter time you spend on the right hand side of the road the better.

    But to the tintop, thats just showing off!!!! My point was the perception the average driver has is probably very similar to the average riders perception of them, not complimentary because both tend to ignore/forget the "non events"

    I think I'll get a "big bore bike" later, give the "big bore big" a miss (wotever that is :p )

  19. comming from a country where the only way to get anywhere is by filtering through traffic i see no problem in it, and as for doing it without headchecks and indicators, the people doing this wont be alive for long so no need to worry about it.

    as to those who complain about going 5kmh over the limit, it isnt speeding that kills, it is inapropriate speed that kills, sometimes 200 on a nice clear freeway / highway is safe and sometimes 25 in a 50 zone is too fast, it is all to do with situation.

    and as to motorcyclist who complain about others filtering - go and sell your bike and get your self a nice safe comfy falcodore cause what the hell are you on a bike for,

    we give up a lot of comfort, convinience and safety to get to places quicker and enjoying the journey more than any car ever will.

    i lane split all the time, why? because i can and i enjoy it, i have plenty of experiance at it in places with 10-15 times the traffic of melbourne, also the only accident including another vehicle i have had in 17 years of riding on the roads was not lane splitting and being rear ended by an idiot in a car not paying attention to the traffic in front, so i will not stop now
  20. I lane split on the highway. only i'm running late though so it's ok.

    I think if I come across someone like the author of this post, I will surely slow down. The last thing I'd want to do is get a mean post on an internet forum about me.
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