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VIC D.k.codognotto Is Not A Criminal

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Wolve, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Oh Dear, it would appear that the leader of the IRG has taken offence at something I wrote, on the interweb. The offending post was this one on page 25 of this netrider thread. Oh the shame, I'm such a bully.

    Reading it again, I'm still scratching my head on how I've intimated that Mr. Codognotto is a criminal but oh well, I guess if one is looking to be offended then anything said can be taken any way you feel. Dale Maggs obviously believes anyone that says anything bad about the expelled MRAV member, serial blogger leader of the posse of half wit facebook friends called the IRG MUST be defaming them. ROLL OUT THE LAWSUITS, everyone duck for cover! Mr. Codognotto is on the defamation war path, again. Someone disagrees with them!

    Ok - hands up anyone who thought I was calling him a crook? I certainly admit to calling him a liar, but that's because I can demonstrate why, but "criminal" - well, I'll leave that to Mr. Codognotto to cast dispersions, in his own words.

    If anyone has mistaken my attempt at humour using a photo of Mr.Codognotto he published in 1983 out of context (hello Nick D Arcy!) in any way or manner that intimated that he has criminal convictions then I unreservedly apologise and withdraw any such comment as I do not know, suspect, intimate or otherwise the status, nature or kind of any criminal undertakings or convictions of Mr. Codognotto.

    Of course I must have been planning this all along, a simple check on when the picture was posted shows that this was in Febuary this year. Yes indeed, planning it along I tells ya. Especially since it went along with the "Deciding Factor" Newsletter the photo was published on the front page of. Note it was uploaded at the same time. Read up on page three where Tony Scicluna (the then President) describes the reasoning behind the photo. MRA Victoria fighting with MRA's all around the country.

    I have but one question for the leader of the IRG, why was it that in 1994 when asked to fill in an official document, in this case a USA VISA application, you ticked the box that you had a criminal conviction? If you did not, or that it was of such a minor matter that it had no bearing then why would any sane person tick that box? The letters and excuses you made at the time make for interesting reading. All a big conspirocy against you. In your own words "I was arrested for school boy pranks in the 60's". "Besides, I've had a US VISA before". So did you tick that box on the first visa for the same reason? Your stories just keep changing with the telling.

    So Mr. Codognotto has written to me proclaiming this to be a smear campaign. He attached his Police Certificate. "No disclosable court outcomes" - what exactly does this mean in context of that clearance being for aged care purposes? I don't know, you the reader may decide.

    As per the IRG methodology, anything sent in an email is public domain, therefore let us have this discussion in public shall we?

    Message from Mr. Dale Maggs on Sunday 4th November at 2:52pm.

    I'm forwarding this because I'm sick of the lies. It is typical of smear campaigns throughout the ages. Forget the truth. Throw enough mud and some of it may stick.

    Grant should have got his facts right before publishing.

    Printing slander like this does not do any publisher's credibility any good and is likely to get them sued.

    Damien Codognotto OAM
    Independent Riders' Group

    Grant on Netrider is doing a job persuading people that IRG people are criminals & have lied & misrepresented the facts to motorcyclist at the Protest & in the Age story


    Dear Dale - what have I lied about, specifically? What factual statement that I have written is in fact not a fact?

    Message from Mr. D. Codognotto on Sunday 4th November at 2:14pm.

    Hello Dale.

    Smear campaigns are not new, as you know. In my opinion they are the best efforts of nasty ineffective people.

    The "Motorcycle Mafia" photo, which I'm told, appeared on the Motorcycle Riders' Association website and/or Netrider, was taken in the Society Restaurant, Melbourne in the early 1980s. It was a publicity shot and a send up of the famous "Spaghetti Mafia" shot from The Herald. The Spaghetti Mafia got a lot of positive publicity.

    The Motorcycle Mafia shot was used tongue-in-cheek in our newsletter.
    It was topical at the time. The pistols are replicas legally bought from a hobby shop. To try to make something sinister of this picture is indeed ineffective.

    I put a motion to have MRA officials do a voluntary police check about
    8 or 10 years ago. Many organisations require these checks. I put my certificate in as a sign of good faith. The latest one is attached.
    Many MRA members did not want our good works tarnished or
    sensationalised in the media because someone discovered an unsavoury record on one of the organisers, say a conviction for sex with a minor by a TOY RUN official. The motion failed. I think this is one of the reasons for the anti Damien propaganda.

    The people are trying to put a negative slant on this bit of ancient history were not there. They have apparently ratted through old albums and taken the motorcycle mafia shot completely out of context. This
    act implies they are desperate to hurt but don't have, or care
    about, the facts.

    I have tried to put the record straight in these forums in the past but have been censored so I ignored most of it, and will do again. I
    think most people see through these people. The misuse of this 32
    year-old photo just got up my nose.

    The Spaghetti Mafia was a lunch club formed by the best Italian restaurateurs and chefs in this part of Australia. My father, Rino Codognotto OAM, was a member of the Spaghetti Mafia. He was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his work in the hospitality industry. He and Mum hosted early MRA meetings at The Society and supported our work for charities and road safety. That's why he and Mum were awarded honourary life memberships by the MRA membership. Dad died in 2010. He and Mum were deeply hurt by the anti Damien smear campaign which is part of the reason I'm responding to what is apparently another round of same.

    Attached is a photo of the 1980 TOY RUN meeting at The Society. The motorcycle mafia shot was taken some months later in the same room, the same spot, as the TOY RUN shot. Some well known faces in that shot including Maurie Quincey. I'll forward the two "mafia" shots in a seperate email.

    I do not consider any of this to be confidential. Please use any or all of it as you see fit.

    Damien Codognotto OAM
    Independent Riders' Group

    Mr.Codognotto is particularly concerned about his own reputation, but of course his smearing and total lack of evidence in accusing another MRAA board member of being a pedophile is the reason he brought the MRAA into disrepute and because he would not withdraw the accusation nor apologise his membership was cancelled in 2006. After months of continued disharmony and failed agreements a special general meeting saw members uphold the expulsion.

    His claims of ineffectual, apathetic and non-existant advoacy to drive riders to join his faction are outright lies. Ware thee well fellows, beware the lessons of history.
  2. Can you fcuking victorians sort your dam shit out and stop your bickering its extremely embarrssing.


    - Motorcyclists everywhere.
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  3. The bloke sounds pretty desperate.
    Desperados are dangerous.
  4. Thanks Grant.
  5. Sure - you get him to shut up and go away then! He can try to bury history with his half truths and lies but this will not go away until he does.
  6. Victoria has no Vegas.
  7. At the end of the day why do you and a significant number of others give so much of a dam about this guy. He is totally within his rights to form an organization of riders and protest about whatever they like.

    Do you not believe we should have this right?

    dont support his protest? dont go.

    But keep your personal issues with him off netrider, nobody besides you, dougz, jdkarm, robsalv and the other keyboard warriors from the south seem to care or even know what the fcuk you are all on about. At the end of the day remember, dont feed the trolls. Stop giving this guy attention and he will probably shut the fcuk up.

    Get on your fcuking bike and go for a ride, if your so worried about the government taking away your freedom to ride, get out there and fcuking ride while you still can.
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  8. ^i think the problem is that the guy would do more harm by being in any way involved with motorcycling than if he just stayed away - at least that's what I've gleaned from various posts from people who have been rather vocal and achievd good things for motorcycling in VIC
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  9. Seriously? That's what you take away from all this?

    And keyboard warriors? Mate, take a look at how you post before you fling shit around.

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  10. We're all key board warriors.
    Knowing our place in the club is the hard bit.
  11. Looks ok from down here.
  12. The rank and file are always happy.
    Its all they know.
  13. Hahaha, true, so what's the view like from your lofty position Blab?
  14. Victoria is a basket case.
    Name me ONE reason a REAL motorcyclist would live there ?
  15. Reefton Spur?
  16. At the speed limit ?
    Admit it--your fcuked on all levels
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  17. Phillip Island Trackdays.
  18. And piss ups at Imicks---hahaha,thats not one its two.
    But seriously--you're fcuked.
  19. yeah, ok. ya got me there