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D&D Exhaust - Texas

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BWV1000, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone any experience with D&D?

    Their pipes look pretty reasonable, and reasonably priced - although I hate sending my money OS, $1300 for staintunes is looking a bit much at this stage.


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  2. theyre well known for being abnoxiously loud.
  3. yeah a mate from work has a carbon fibre D&D exhaust on his ZX9r, sounds pretty nice, a better note than the Yoshimura on my GSXR anyway
  4. Is it me or is their site really crappy? Where are the prices and how do you order?
  5. Megacycle might have something to suit, can't hurt to ask: www.megacycle.com.au

    Ken usually answers the phone, that's a good sign!
  6. D&D have an eBay store, good place to see prices..
  7. I have had a few d+d pipes. They are good, and so is their spares and repairs service
  8. They are highly spoken of on the American VFR web site.
  9. yeah, i'm considering them as an after-market pipe as i've pretty much had it with my hornet9's stock exhaust