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Déjà vu

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fatman, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Corner of Banyette st and Bong Bong st Bowral, there is a roundabout. I don't know what it is, but I have so many near misses there that till now avoid it before I ;-
    ,A. get in a punch-up and go to jail or
    B. get run down and end up in hospital

    It is a hard place to pull up a 300+ kg cruiser when the pegs are dragging on the ground going around a tight roundabout.

    Yesterday I am turning right and this goose in a doof doof ute pulls up,( i am wary cos of the amount of times idiots have pulled out in front of me) he is stopped, no worries I proceed ...............as I am right in front of him he takes off through the roundabout and just clips my rear wheel!! (if i was an inch further forward he would have missed). I caught it without it hitting the deck and stopped in the middle of the road. I got off the bike and this retard comes walking over mouthing off at me. I said stuff all and threw a right that connected flush on the jaw and down he went. His biatch was going mental by now so checked my bike (luckily no damage). Some bloke comes over and says he saw the whole thing, gives me his card and says he'll back me if the police are involved.
    Did I go too far ???????

    Anyway, I am staying away from the roundabout of death for now, travellers beware.

  2. too far, he'd be well within his rights to go you for assault(IIRC).
  3. He almost got cleaned up then the driver came at the op who felt threatened so took defensive action, that's how I understood it.
    Not assault since the threatening nature towards the op warranted action.
  4. When i moved down the highlands from sydney i noticed there is a terrible standard of driving down here on modern inventions such as roundabouts and other things amongst locals. i avoid the main street of bowral at all cost unless i have to go get something. Glad you kept it upright, would have entertained the people on the pubs verandah, you should have waited for a sunnier day and a bigger crowd :LOL:
  5. Sounds like a good shot to me.
  6. +1

    Fair bump, play on.
  7. He threw the first punch, with his cage. Game on.
  8. talk about Déjà vu.
    many years ago I had the cops turn up inquiring into a car accident at a roundabout. it went car stop, car hit, car moved then stopped, car hit. cars pulled over and drivers got out. driver 1 then hit driver 2 and drove off. cops knocked on my door as the car was in my name. fortunately I didn't fit the description of the driver that threw the punch, and as I'd sold the car a few weeks earlier I had no idea who the driver was.

    expect the cops to come a calling, unless of course you look like a big tough biker that he won't want to mess with.