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Cyclone Larry

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Pink Angel, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I have been following the devastation that has hit the far north area today. :cry:
    I am sure I have seen members on this site from Innisfail.
    Hoping that they are safe and well.

  2. I hope the cassawarys are OK too.
  3. yes is a very sad sight..
    hopefully no one is hurt
    and was thinking of getting a house up there not that long ago
  4. Hi All,

    What a Cyclone! I'm here in Cairns which is about an hour away from where the cyclone hit and we copped a hell of alot of weather too. Winds here were around 200km. The clean up is happening now. Trees are down everywhere and roofs were peeled off. Nothing really considering what has happened in Innisfail. I took some pics yesterday and hope to get them up when I have power back on at home. I haven't spoken to Danish since the cyclone and I know another netrider is up here too but don't know him (I think it was sean305 ?). Flooding is not too bad from what I can tell. I haven't ventured out too much. Too many wankers out there trying to eyeball everything and getting in the way of emergency services. I think you guys have seen more footage than we have up here!
    Theres another cyclone out heading our way, Cyclone Wattie, still a fair way out but if it hits they think it will around Thursday.

    As far as we have heard no one has been hurt. No one stuck in their houses which is a good thing.
    I pass on my best wishes to any Netriders in Innisfail (although I highly doubt they have power at the moment). PM me if you need a bed when the roads are open.

  5. I'm from the atherton tablelands (at uni in brissy now though) and we are missing a corner of our house and our huge concrete block shed is completely destroyed. Must have been some storm! Most of the damage is from big gum trees falling on the house/shed ect.

    I can't believe no one was killed, best news I had heard all day.
  6. Its amazing with the trees. The ones you could have sworn were going to come down stayed up and the big buggers came down instead!!
  7. Hey YammyChick, what's hapening up there now. Was there much flooding after the storm moved inland? I haven't heard a thing. Holidays are non-newspaper days for me. :grin:

    And here I was thinking Breezebane would be the windiest town in Qld. :LOL:
    :roll: Yes horrible joke. I'm aware of that. I think I might have caught whatever Hornet's got. :shock: :LOL:
  8. been sorta watching it on TV and its really bad
    i heard that bananas and other fuits were going to go up in price due all the cyclone
  9. From what I have seen of the news reports, the banana and sugar industries that supply 90% of our products have been absolutely devastated. It is really a sad state of affairs for some farmers. :cry:
  10. Things have settled down here now. Up my side of town didn't get too much damage, further south tho was pretty bad.
    There's a contant sound of chainsaws in the air and huge piles of foliage in the front of everyones houses. (My turn to build my pile tomorrow) :grin:
    Finally most of Cairns now has power back now. Telephones are back (kind of - some still have intermitten faults)Its the little things like electricity that we take for granted. I was doing the happy happy joy joy dance after 2 days without electricity! :LOL: :LOL:
    There's a huge relief effort running here to sending anything that can help the families there who have lost everything.
    I was chatting to a girl here at work who's parents are in Innisfail and they say they lost their chook pen, with the chooks still in it!! :LOL:
    I haven't had a chance to go down and have a look yet and probably won't for a while. Too many sticky beaks as it is. i'll just grab the photo's of the people I know that go down there.

    Anyway, heres a couple of pics I took from work, and home, pretty minor in comparison. I'll post more when I get them.

    http://photobucket.com/albums/c125/YammyChick/Cyclone Larry/

    I hope it works :)
  11. Looks like you've got enough materials to build a decent foliage pile. Is there a neighbourhood prize for the biggest and most creative? :grin:

    Lots of water in that river. Very cool waterfall shots. Still, I can't help but think they should fill a few million tankers and send some down to Vic. We're nearly out of the stuff (and I still remember complaining about having to swim across the yard and fetch the canooes from the tree tops).

    Good luck withthe clean up. :)