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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by BrooklynCrook, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. What the Eff is wrong with cyclists?
    Is it just Canberra?
    Are we doomed to forever suffer the idiocy of the lycra clad buffoon's riding two and three abreast through blind corners?!
    Usually it's the cotter loop which I know really well, so I can handle the idiots, but I was out in Nass Valley and coming up to a blind corner on a road I am travelling for the first time, there's two of these frickin turkey's riding side by side, taking up the ENTIRE lane (no sh!t) and talking to one another?!


    Do they want to DIE? Do they not realise that their lycra panties aren't going to save them when a 200kg bike going at 140kmh collides with them? What if I was a few minutes later and they were jsut through the corner, and I was coming around it?

    I feel like I handled it well - I waited 'til I got up behind them, smashed the horn, got next to them, flung up the two finger forks and blasted my way outta there.... okay, slightly tacky and I know it doesn't do much for our reputation, but my blood was BOILING. I contemplated pulling up in front of them, getting off and asking them what the hell they thought they were doing - and I am a pretty calm person normally.

    Bike riders (bicycles) are the absolute bane of my existance.

    is it just me? Is it just Canberra? I am SO sick of these donkeys in lycra acting like idiots on our roads.

    And yes, it's not 'all bike cyclists' - it's just ninety nine point nine nine percent of them.
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  2. I really don't care as long as they stay in their lanes and don't do something really stupid.

    I look at them as our smaller brothers on two wheels :)
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  3. If you're taking your bike at 140 around blind corners I would be more worried about your balls of steel dragging along the road creating sparks causing a bush fire.
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  4. I live in the cyclist capital of the world. You develop a state of zen about them eventually. They have the right to use the road, as frustrating as it is sometimes. The only ones that truly piss me off are the morons that don't check their blind spots before they overtake other cyclists or cross the road. Almost every day I nearly collect a cyclist who thinks he's sailing and needs to change tack in front of me.

    The reality is though, that cyclists get treated like shit, and like motorcyclists, have developed an attitude because of it. They're arrogant because they need to be. I used to cycle from Newtown to St Leonards every day. It's a long ride and you need to own your space, because believe me, drivers and riders don't want you to have any.

    Either way, travelling 140 kph around a blind corner? That's all the info this thread needs, really. Learn to ride more intelligently on PUBLIC ROADS before you criticise other road users. Not sure about Canberra roads, but in NSW they're allowed to travel in pairs.
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  5. :rolleyes:

    I wasn't doing 140kmh through the corner (nor did I claim I was), I'm not that keen to die and I am admittedly slightly worked up and passionately typing away here; the comment is meant in general.

    They are exposing themselves to risks occuring at these speeds (and more, on more powerful bikes) and yet seem to have no regard for their own safety.

    I just can't fathom it.
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  6. I had a similar situation yesterday in the car on the O'Connell Road near Bathurst. On a stretch of road that is marked as 100kph, just over the crest of a hill on a bend, two cyclists are peddling along side by side. We come around the corner, over the hill a bit under the speed limit, only to be met by these guys. Can't overtake them because we can't see around the corner and it's double white lines anyway and we're well behaved (mostly...). But we had to anchor the brakes really quickly and then they continued for the next half a km riding side by side with us on their tail, doing about 40 in a 100 zone. Anyone who came around that corner behind us would have gone straight up the back. I understand that they have a right to use the road, but did they have to continue side by side? Peddling along and having a nice little chat? Doing 40 in a 100 zone? THAT bit made me mad because it put all of us in danger - bikes and car.

    I'd like to see a whole separate lane for bikes, like they do in Europe. Pushbikes are incredibly vulnerable on the roads and I always feel very nervous when I get anywhere near them, either on my motorbike or in the car.
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  7. its not just Canberra, i find cyclists are very reckless, and if i had a dollar for everyone that i saw ride through a red light, and ride 2 abreast like they own the road well i would have 10 bikes! more frustrating when they have dedicated bike paths built for them and still use narrow roads to ride on. I had one ride straight across the front of me recently as i was taking off and if i didnt have the peripheral vision i do and stopped abruptly they would have got blood on my bike.
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  8. You need to settle down a little. At the end of the day you nearly caused the crash. They have every right to be there within the law. If you had taken them out a court would find you at fault. If you had killed one of them you would probably be looking at gaol time for dangerous driving occasioning death.

    It could be cyclists, a fallen tree, a broken down car or a dead kangaroo, but if you are taking blind corners at speeds where you can't avoid something hidden you are not going to last long.

    They should have been the ones abusing you.
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  9. I'm not interested in getting caught up in semantics; the thread is posted in 'your near misses - a place to vent, not 'a place to vent - so we can then tell you to calm down and that you're in the wrong'.

    I never once said we nearly had a crash, either; you seem to have misconstrued quite a bit of information.

    I don't care who is wrong, who is right - it p!ssed me off and as the proud owner of a keyboard I am exercising my right to an opinion.

    I've said all I want to on the matter, I feel better for it, have yourself a fabulous weekend Smilee :-*
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  10. great another Jerry Springer thread :rofl:
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  11. Well if you didn't nearly crash what's the problem. You're just getting angry because you got slowed down a little by people also enjoying the road. Hardly worth chucking a tantrum over.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. slightly off topic.... but I had Bicycle Rage aimed at me when I was in the car!...

    There was a whole load of bikes wobbeling along behind the leader on a major road in Concord on a Saturday morning. I was driving behind them, they were 3 and 4 abreast and going as slow as!....

    I "politely" beeped them, to let them know I was there and hoping they would minimise their use of the entire one lane. No luck, in fact, at the behest of their leader, they all slowed right down. I was slower than walking pace now and I could not overtake due to ongoing oncoming traffic.

    I made the mistake of beeping again, more than once...which made the leader of the pack ride in front of me... slower and slower, until I had to stop (or runover the biatch!)... she then slammed her bike into the front of my car and came around to my driver side window and smashed on it... as she shouted obsenities and jumped about.

    fcuk!.... If I had the guts, I wouldda just driven over her fricking bike!.... I had my 2 dogs in the car, which started to bark and jump at the windows when they heard the comotion.... this seemed to startle the biatch... and she withdraw!....

    It was a nasty encounter......
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  14. It annoys me around here when they use the narrow road in an 80 zone while there is a cycleway (not a Bike Lane) that runs parallel to it. Annoys me more when driving than riding to the extent that I contacted Council. I must have got onto a Lycra dude because he was all for them.
    They have, however, actually excludes bicycles from some areas up further.
    Around here it isn't as if anyone much uses the cycleway / shared route and it's pretty and if you head up further you even get beach views and much more to perve at than a car exhaust. Its just makes sense to use it on a bicycle.
    We try to teach kids to use the cycleway and yet have examples that oppose it.
    Tolerance and common sense works both ways regardless of "rights".
  15. source: http://www.ntc.gov.au/filemedia/Reports/ARRFeb12.pdf

    PAGE 136 &137

    151 Riding a motor bike or bicycle alongside more
    than 1 other rider

    (1) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle must not ride on a road
    that is not a multi-lane road alongside more than 1 other
    rider, unless subrule (3) applies to the rider.

    (2) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle must not ride in a
    marked lane alongside more than 1 other rider in the marked
    lane, unless subrule (3) applies to the rider.
    Offence provision.
    Note Marked lane is defined in the dictionary.

    (3) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle may ride alongside
    more than 1 other rider if the rider is:
    (a) overtaking the other riders; or
    (b) permitted to do so under another law of this
    Note Overtake is defined in the dictionary.

    (4) If the rider of a motor bike or bicycle is riding on a road that
    is not a multi-lane road alongside another rider, or in a
    marked lane alongside another rider in the marked lane, the
    rider must ride not over 1.5 metres from the other rider.
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  16. In this situation if they moved over, gave you a smile and a wave and you said thank you wouldn't the roads and everyone be so much happier. It's an ego thing for some of them.
    I moved out of the way when walking for 2 cops on bikes on the cycleway here the other day where it narrowed for a light pole and got a thank you and a big smile from the female cop. They weren't that scary and yes she was hot.
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  17. no offence to any cyclists :)

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  18. Some lycra people are mean to pedestrians on shared bike/footpaths too, it seems like a hierarchy thing going on, 4WD, little cars, motorbikes, bicycles, then pedestrians... There are going to be dickheads in every category but I try not to assume the worst. Don't let them get you too angry and unsettled enough to make a mistake. Hope you feel better after the vent, I know I do!

    I think if you are gonna use the road then obey the rules like everyone else. Running red lights just because you are on a pushbike is asking for trouble.

  19. That's just not good enough.

    I don't even know what to say to that? Other than I am not suprised!
  20. I ride often and I know exactly the arrogant attitudes some cyclist have not just to the motorcycling world but also vehicles. Often I ride around Olympic Park where the roads have plenty of shoulder or have 2 lanes however there was one time another riders in a bunch would not move over to the shoulder on a 1 lane stretch despite me shouting out 3 times that there were cars behind (a bunch riding etiqutte). 5 cars and 1 motorcyclist held up because these knuckleheads didn't have the courtesy to move off to the shoulder.

    For that very reason, I have a small rear view mirror on my road bicycle for that simple fact that even on my 40kmh lap around Homebush Bay at best, I can't match a car who obviously can do much more and it should be me who should look out and avoid the danger coming from behind.

    But sure they held the cars up for <45 seconds but the cars behind may be the lunatic type that won't stop and rear end them at speed. Like motorcyclist, we come off 2nd best vs a car and motorcyclist for that matter.