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VIC Cyclists injured by opening doors

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Here's one where the cyclists have a lot of clout (after a lot being clouted).


    Pity that the comments attached to this article are closed. Otherwise we could write in about how cops can do illegal U turns, kill motorcyclists and get off with a $500 fine.

    Or the large numbers of SMIDSYs that happen with nary a slap on the wrist for putting some poor prick in hospital for months, maybe years...

    There should not be a specific "open door in path of cyclist" reg. The charge should be that of negligent behavior, if it isn't already that. And should apply to ANY behavior that causes serious injury, loss of income and so on to ANY road user.
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  2. How many more nails need to be driven through the coffin of hi vis before people work out that nothing works if you don't actually f*cking look?

    If you don't look & you kill or or seriously injure someone, you are negligent.

    Pretty simple.
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  3. Heres one, a rider (cyclist) was killed last year by a "dooring" yet no charges were laid..

    Police bosses fail on dooring death

    10 November 2011. A driver responsible for the 'dooring' death of a bike rider was not charged by police after senior officers blocked any prosecution.

    The unexplained decision was revealed at the inquest into the March 2010 death of James Cross, 22, of Hawthorn, who was 'doored' and propelled under the wheels of a five tonne trailer being pulled by a dump truck.

    Cross, a Monash University student, died at the scene of chest and pelvic injuries.

    The inquest was told that police were not able obtain a statement from the driver, Mrs Ellen Richards, 60, until some three months after the crash. The statement had already been vetted by Mrs Richards' solicitor.

    Mrs Richard's told the inquest that although she looked in the mirror of her black BMW, she failed to see Mr Cross. She maintained that she only opened her door 12 centimetres although witness reported the door being opened sufficiently wide for a driver to alight from the vehicle.

    The Coroner, Heather Spooner, found that Cross was riding appropriately in a shared bike and parking lane with bike markings.

    Under questioning at the inquest Senior Constable Linda Kane, who prepared the Coronial Brief, acknowledged that the potential police charge of opening a vehicle door to the danger of another was not pursued.

    She said she has spoken to her 'bosses' at Boroondara Station who informed her that a charge against Mrs Richards would not be authorised.

    Coroner Spooner said that with cyclist numbers growing across the state, ensuring their safety was of paramount importance if cycling is to be promoted as a legitimate form of transport.

    "Cyclist have a right to ride in safety and not be fearful of being hit by a car door", she said.

    "Motorists need to be more aware of their responsibility to thoroughly check for cyclists before opening a car door."

    She recommended that VicRoads work closely with local government to promote the reconfiguration of bicycle and parking lanes to place the bike lanes adjacent to the curb, Copenhagen-style.

    She also recommended that VicRoads implement a communication campaign to educate motorists of the need to thoroughly check before opening their car door, and to increase awareness among cyclists of the need to remain vigilant when riding past car doors.

  4. Bullseye. While BV will probably seek to have the offense limited to incidents involving bicycles, I'll be waiting to hear the justification for not extending it to other road users.
  5. Having had a local SUVs try to door me right outside my house a few times now (school zone), the distinction about who they might smack sure feels moot. :<
  6. From what I understand, police officer Peta Carbonneau killed motorcyclist Luke Wilson, was acquitted of one charge and all other charges were dropped. No conviction, no penalty, no fine.
  7. Doesn't the TAC cover that?
  8. I was car doored at about 10kmh, luckily I was braking to stop so it didnt even hurt or damage my mountain bike.

    The car driver yelled at me for bending their door. I just laughed at them.
  9. cupcake did'nt get a 500 dollar fine, allthough even that would have been better than nothing
  10. So have the mra or riders bodies etc sent cupcakes with a card to the police station where the alleged bike killer works and to the police minister ? It should be a monthly thing.
  11. Last i heard she no longer works in the farce anymore. She may have become a pastry Chef (no relation)
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  12. Hopefully she was asked to leave. Still reckon the police minister should be reminded of it constantly as should her colleagues and the solicitor who represented her.
  13. they will cover a portion of your wage....And any medical expenses after the first $600 UNLESS you were admitted to hospital over night then they cover all medical.
  14. you will have to sue the driver for the other portion of your wages.
    and if you don't get a lawyer stat, the TAC will do their utmost to screw you.
    the first thing the driver will do is get legal advice and you will have no further contact with them.
    do the same.
    and get the police report asap
    and get onto witnesses if any.
    never ride without a cam. best piece of atgatt money can buy.
  15. How many times have you been driving the cage when some idiot has opened a door on you? Its happened to me a few times now. I cant wait for the day when one of those said idiots opens the door and my 4x4 takes it clean off. Some people just dont look at all, even for their own safety.

    Fortunately, its never happened to me on a bike other than some idiot trying to prove a point when I was filtering once.
  16. McKillop street in geelong had a history of 2 or 3 door's a week. Usually out the front of a mates workplace. Most of the time in front of a truck. If the idiots dont see a truck what hope does anyone else have..
  17. I was talking about penalties for committing the offence which results in injury, loss of income, property, etc.