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Cyclists being pedestrians, Part 3671

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by davesquirrel, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Riding up the Nepean yesterday, on that lovely coldest morning of the year, and i'm about to turn left onto Glenhuntly Road. Indicator is on, am slowish (estimate 40kmh) because the traffic is heavy.

    There's a cyclist on the footpath, doing his "i've got my feet stuck in my pedals" backwards and forwards thing they do while being impatient but looking like he's waiting to go across the Nepean, and just as I get to the intersection he pulls out across Glenhuntly (pedestrian crossing light is red) to join the traffic on St Kilda Road.

    Managed to back off the throttle enough, but 2km/h faster and I would have collected him (as it was I missed his rear wheel by millimetres, and he knew about it as he got a long blast on the horn), as there was no way in hell I was braking around the corner with a car up my arse, or straightening up and probably ending up embedded in a car waiting to turn right.

  2. Their a pain in the arse,they create dangerous situations and leave the problems for those around them to clean up,pack of wild dogs,piss off scumbags.
  3. Not another cyclist bashing thread... I am sick to death of having to defend one of my transport choices and will not start today.

    Let me just make the usual statement that within every group there are idiots and they make the well behaved majority have a bad name.
  4. For your own sanity, davesquirrel, just accept the reality that because cyclists are considered vulnerable, they will never be held to account. Let it go, and treat it as one of nature's challenges - unpredictable but manageable. You'll have a better life that way.
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  5. i just wish cyclists would stop riding two abrest around blind corners on roads populated by motorcyclists, e.g. old road.

    Sure they are legally permitted to ride like that, and ive got not issues with the lycra brigade enjoying the same roads that we enjoy, because mostly they are easy to pass in the same lane / on the diving line.

    But riding two abreast around blind corners that bikes take at full chat is just suicidal and retarded, its legal sure but dont these guys have any sense of self preservation.
  6. you realise that its illegal to take corners at 'flat chat'.
  7. you dont have to be breaking the speed limit to have issues when you come around a corner and find your path blocked by two cyclists. Not to mention i dont break the speed limit on old road because its red hot as ****. Im speaking more for the hero riders who like to push their own limits on public roads. something i dont necessarily agree with.

    But ff its a properly blind corner and you come around at any speed above 40kph, and they are just chilling in the middle of the road there isnt much you can do besides run wide onto the centre line / other side of the road because you probably wont be able to brake quick enough.
  8. Simple guidelines for staying happy on the roads.

    Pedestrians are squids without their cars.
    Cagers are retarded.
    Bicyclists wish they are us.
    Trucks squish everything.

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  9. I apologise for lighting the fuse. Was just having a vent about a near miss.

    No defending required. This guy was a tool and did nothing to help the plight of cyclists in general.

    See above. Hopefully the idiots will self-eradicate and the world will be a better place.
  10. Gosh, I wasn't expecting any level of maturity from netrider!

    Very good. This new arrangement pleases me greatly. It does upset me to see a group I belong to bashing another group I belong to.

    But anyway. Glad you didn't get cleaned up my friend.
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  11. good work on seeing it coming let alone stopping in time squirrels last thing you want to top off your morning.

    As you can see if you can read his post he never actually "bashed" cyclists he was simply venting his near miss in the appropriate place on the forum, so why even bother commenting or saying the same thing we all here all the time?
    I guess in every group there are idiots...
  12. Just one from what i can see.
  13. oh good here comes the troll brigade....lol
  14. Try reading the continuity of the thread before you sound the bells mate, taking a stand alone post out of context isn't helping the cause.
  15. oh I read the whole thread, even before i posted, and yes it did become a bit of a bash and i was going to mention it but he posted before bashing really happened
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  16. Thanks for clearing that up, now it makes even less sense.
  17. What can I say. I'm a prophet. It's not hard to pick a thread which will nose dive.
  18. You must get beat on quite a bit :D
  19. I must admit I saw the :cyclist: in the heading of this thread, and thought "here we go again" but I allowed myself the time to read the story. Im a more experianced cyclist than I am a motorcyclist so I see both sides of the equation, however......
    What he did was illegal, period, I work in the pushbike industry, its my sport, Ive raced every level so Ill get on my soap box because like anything the minority is making riding dangerous. Im currently working closey with road safety organisations to combat these behaviours, one of the issues is the HUGE number of cyclists on the road in comparison to 10 years ago. In days gone by, most cyclists out there knew exactly what they were doing, skills, attitudes and education was handed down from the older riders to the new. Unfortunatly cycling has become so much of a fashion statement in this era that major communication of these things has all but vanished. We are all trying really hard to curb this arrogant behaviour and its a slow process with cyclists who think they are invincible :sigh:, all I can suggest is if you see something dumb and they are wearing cycling club, bike shop or sponsor details(not like team kits ie cadel evans wannabes) grab the name, look them up and let the club, shop, buisness know. If they know they can address the individual or the entire group(if the individual cant be ID'd), not embarrass them(although with the stunts ive seen pulled while im on the moto, i just wanted to slap up the back of the head) they can target and educate these guys. Road safety is everyones responsibility, cyclists are not a protected species but are probably the most vulnerable, their behaviour should be accountable like any other road user. Sorry guys, I get a bit passionate about this, we lost another rider last week on beach rd, combination of error on both parts in a needless accident. Some cyclists have bad attitudes, at the end of the day, if they do something stupid that one error affects their life and the life of the people in motor vehicles involved, this attitude must change, and we are trying to combat it, its a slow process. Im sorry one rider reflects so badly on us, ESPECIALLY that area when we all know what we lost last friday.
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  20. I'm just wondering whether we should make it that cyclist need to get a license to ride in city/metro areas on the road. i am a cyclist in the CBD when i am not on the bike, and regardless of whether i am walking, riding bike or moto, A HUGE LOT of cyclists amaze me with their utter stupidity. They seem to think the road was made for them only and that the need to slow down for hazards only applies for cars and moto's. I think Clover F'kn Moore also has a lot to answer for by creating a culture of , 'dont worry, you are cushioned in your own little environment (bike lanes) and you dont need to be considerate of anybody else because you are an ECO WARRIOR, we salute you'....GET REAL, apart from ruining the city's traffic and traffic culture, you...no wait, THAT is ALL you have done; period.
    I am a cyclist also, so if you are and think i am just flaming cyclists, just think about how many times you have seen a cyclist do a stupid thing...nuff sed