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VIC Cyclists: ban on some Melbourne roads?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Well, after the way that Bicycle Network chose to attack the motorcycle filtering discussion, I won't have much sympathy for the inevitable outrage bus that will leave the garage first thing this morning after Robert Doyle's eminently sensible proposal!

    I particularly like the comparison to motorcycles not being allowed in bike lanes.....

    Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle proposes bike ban for cyclists on some ‘dangerous’ streets

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  2. Interesting that they interview Harry Barber and not Garry. Hopefully this turns their attention away from erronious attacks on MC filtering. Nice one Doyle.
  3. After the crap I read on the lane filtering forum on the VicRoads website from cyclists...excuse my Swahili, but....

    Fk em.
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  4. This proposal doesn't go far enough.

    Bicycles SHOULD be banned from using any roadway where there is a purpose built bike path in the same locale. Improve traffic flow and safety for all by removing these dangerous unnecessary hazards from the traffic mix.
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  5. God I think I love Melbourne just that little bit more now...ban bikes from any major road unless they ride in the breakdown lane...or better still ban them on all roads... :D
    Hyperventilating now, thinking about bikes on roads...esp McCarr's Creek road...grrrrrrrrr
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  6. Yep, I'm in favour, and I cycle to work often. But not if the adjacent path is shared. If they wanna ride like Cadel I don't want them hitting kids and grannies. There's a rule already requiring them to use dedicated bike lanes (onroad) if available, but it's not enforced.
    I'd also like to see single file ONLY (overtaking allowed), and RH hook turns ONLY for cyclists ( including myself).
    Meanwhile, Yarra council is in the process of spreading bicycle holding boxes across the ENTIRE road in front of traffic, as a so-called calming measure... deeply cynical IMO.
    As much as I agree about the twisties Oldmaid , I think I'd rather see the Qld solution (overtaking on solids) than bans and rules. Even for ferals.
    But sadly, I just think Robert Doyle has signed his own death warrant.
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  7. Nope, no bans. I'm for less regulation not more. Everyone can choose the level of risk they're prepared to accept.
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  8. It's interesting that they spoke to Harry Barber and not the current BVN CEO Craig Richards. I can imagine BVN's "whole of government engagement team" is making many calls right now.
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  9. This is hot air. I've almost never seen a cyclist on any of those streets unless they're on a super-fast-super-light machine going as fast as the cars anyway.
  10. What makes King st so dangerous for cyclists? Having a look at street view and my own peak hour experiences I would have thought sensible cycling was more than possible. Maybe that's the issue - with the down hill the "sensible" part goes out the window.

    The Flinders street ban would seriously burn since there's a thing called a train station that cyclists need to access.
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  11. Hahahaha, what a brilliant way to put it :ROFLMAO:
  12. ...and the outrage bus has hit full retard - calling for total ban on all motor vehicles.
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  13. I heard a sound bite from Chris Carpenter from BVN - he didn't sound like he was foaming at the mouth, so who made the OTT comment?
  14. Comments from callers to radio stations, and online at Fairfax,
    (I appreciate that these are not official representatives, just outliers - if not outright liars).
  15. That's unsurprising. Full retard is when Maggs or Codognotto open their mouths.
  16. The concerns that they have to access the train station or their place of work needs shooting down firmly with the response that everyone travelling in the city has the same need and get there (after their commute by bus, tram, train or car) by walking. They should try it, apparently it is good for them.

    Or ride a motorbike and park on the pavement :singing:
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  17. McCarrs is also my local road and you don't even think about going there before 10:00 on a weekend. I made the mistake of going around 7:30 one morning and it was a joke.
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  18. Even the usual suspects are online, especially the likes of 3LO/ABC Melbourne. Their FB page is a riot of indignation calling for cars to be banned, not bikes.

    I wonder how they think their latte and mung beans get delivered?
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  19. Enema?
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  20. As much as I am glad those bike pricks are getting some back for calling for bans on motorcycle filtering, I don't think banning bikes from any of those streets has any merit. I've ridden all those roads on a bike, and I fail to see the reality they are painting of them being any more dangerous than other roads. Kings street is certainly easier than Elizabeth street to claim your own space.