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Cyclists alternative to loud pipes save lives?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Al_Cam, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Walking through Fitzroy Gardens near Albert St this morning & heard Europe’s “The final Countdown” blaring loudly, Thought: "that’s not doof-doof music" and observed Lycra Lizard with a large radio or something similar shoved down the rear pocket of his Jersey blaring out that 80s travesty at an antisocial level. Or maybe he doesn't like ear buds.

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  2. What a lovely expression! :)
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  3. You misspelled "awesomeness". :headphone:
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  4. Hmm O.K. I'll admit that was a little harsh. Perhaps that should be reserved for the likes of Flock of Seagull's "I ran".
  5. I call them MAMILs, Middle Aged Men In Lycra.
  6. BITE YOUR TONGUE or we'll threadban you

  7. !!! O.K. give me a moment....

    Therth howwth thaht Sthir smeesmee?

    Thould I geth onnn thhhr Mornin trrain too?

    (my first ever selfie:sorry:)
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