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Cyclist killed on sydnety M4 yesterday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Cyclist killed on sydney M4 yesterday

    my sincere condolences to the families of the riders injured and to the family of the cyclist who had his life taken.

    my post is not a blame on them or the driver but i feel that riding, even on the shoulder of the motorway, where drivers attain 100km/h is not safe at the best of times.

    I am sure we have some cyclists here on this board. would you or any family do the same?
    ( pls note the trucking company involved in this had another fatal crash 2 weeks ago )
  2. Yes condolences. A terrible accident.

    Are cyclists allowed on MotorMways in Sydney?
  3. yes, strangely enough
  4. They are allowed on highways right across the country.

    So you're suggesting they should only be allowed to ride on roads with less than 100kph speed limit? No more laps of Aus by bike - that'll go down well!
  5. iirc its only when signposted that bicycles are not allowed to travel on certain roads.
  6. Push bikes aren't allowed on the motorways in the UK. Seems like common sense really...
  7. They were alledgedly riding in the breakdown lane, so if that's the case, they should be charged with an offence, like anyone else would be.
    Cyclists expect that they should be able to ride on the roads, like other road users, so therefore if they want to ride the M4, in an area thet is 110km/h, then they should honestly think again....
  8. Condolences to the people involved for their loss.

    Yes I am a cyclist, and IMO you would have to be completely and utterly insane to ride on a motorway like that.

    I read a cycling forum every so often for some information, and the attitude those guys have in general have is really worrying, all this talk of "owning the road" and reporting every second person they think might be speeding or a bit close to them to the police...
  9. The shoulder is where the RTA say to ride...
  10. Regardless of the legalities, I can't see how anyone in their right mind would ride a pushbike right next door to cars and trucks that are doing 110km/h; it's just asking for trouble. Anyone who has broken down beside a freeway and stood at the edge of the road and seen just HOW FAST 100km/h is when you're standing still will be able to tell you that mixing an underpowered, inherently unstable vehicle with that speed differential is just a recipe for disaster.

    Condolences, certainly, but feel sorry for the guy who hit them too, he'll have it on his consceince and his mind for the rest of his life.
  11. In Victoria there are signs on certain freeways where they allow cyclists like the Geelong and Calder freeways and they must stay in the breakdown lanes so it's not illegal for cyclist to ride in them.
  12. As opposed to riding on a country road with a 110kmh limit, no hard shoulder and oncoming traffic that makes traffic that are caught behind them have to wait go past.

    Geez, some people are never happy. If they ride on the roads you complain. If they ride on a freeway, with an ample emergency lane, traffic all going in the same direction and with no hindrance to following traffic you complain.

    There is NO excuse, EVER, for any driver or rider to collide with a vehicle in the emergency lane.
  13. on the F6 heading towards the gong the breakdown lane doubles as the bike lane and is signed as such
  14. Correct, but then the section that goes through Wollongong all the way to Yallah is signposted as not for cycles, even though it has the same speed limit and a breakdown lane.
  15. meh, they can ride 5 islands and shellharbour road instead.
  16. Not suggesting anything of the sort. It is just the freeway I use the most in Melbourne, the Monash used to have signs saying it is not allowed, though looking at street view I can't see any sign of them. Perhaps they have lifted the ban. I will keep an eye out for any of them an may try to get a pic.
  17. morbo, please actually read the first and third posts by me. so as you would have gathered by now, i did not say they shouldn't ride there. it's legal.

    that doesn't make it safe though. does it?
  18. Read it correctly - you said it was strange that they are allowed on motorways (3rd post) and suggested that riding next to that road was unsafe (1st post).

    Dunno where I got the idea that you feel cyclists shouldn't ride there (for whatever reason - safety or legal reasons) :LOL:

    Obviously I've misinterpreted your posts somehow, apologies.

  19. So a bit like netrider then? :p
  20. i just cant believe its the same company that killed that couple on the M7 2 weeks ago exactly the same way, fair dinkum