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Cyclist - I don't get it (Edited and removed plural)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by generalyuehfei, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Left home this morning and it was somewhat cold. Still in my suburb(50km/h) literally 500m from my house I was sitting behind two cars - not in a hurry - engine still warming up - on a straight stretch of suburbia road lined with trees and started to zig zag the bike to warm up the tyres before hitting the morning traffic...

    I have some cyclist travelling on the OTHER side of the road close to the footpath going in the opposite direction making a hand gesture of w@nking. Now surely he was not doing the business on his bike in a public area (and no this is not a call for your own weird traits in this respect). No, he was doing that to me.

    I really had to find out where he learnt his sign language from so I hooked it around the median strip to have a friendly chat. Geez it was funny, all the excuses in the world how 'you guys' have run him off the road blah blah blah :LOL: ..... I think he failed to realise in this instance I was on the other side of the road travelling in opposite direction with a full median strip between us - is he that paranoid :?:

    Just don't get it

    Regards, Nick
  2. I always grin when I see a motorcyclist when I am out riding my pushbike. Just because I know how much fun they are having.
    I think that guy was just a bit of a tosser really and showed it by his hand action.:):)
  3. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    Perhaps the cyclists sign language was meant to indicate that he thought motorcyclists who weave from side to side to "warm up their tyres" are really just kidding themselves, and pretending to be boy racers.

    Because there appears to be no foundation whatever to the idea that weaving from side to side does anything beneficial with respect to tyre temperature.

    It just adds a tiny bit more danger and advertises to the world that you think you're a hot shot.

    see http://venus.13x.com/roadracingworld/issues/feb00/weave.htm
  4. It's pretty rich being called a tosser by a bloke in lycra.
  5. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    That makes me laugh... good work :LOL:
    He would have had absolutely nothing after you explained to him what you were doing... :LOL:
  6. Doesn't warm up tyres, but it's the quickest way to work out if there is something wrong with the bike.

    Plus it makes you look nuts to the car behind you. I've now found it's the best way to shake off tailgaters when you don't have a left lane to move into.
  7. I do it most mornings coming down my street. I live up a quiet street which is fairly long and the only access point to it off the hwy with no other cross streets (e.g. no-one just taking a short-cut), so there is very little traffic. I do it purely for the point Kaer advertised. It allows me to be sure that nothing 'feels' outta place with the bike. I also speed up alittle and test the brakes aswell by braking relatively hard, and also tapping them on and off a few times.

    Really i'm just making sure all is well with the bike before i get out into the hussle and bussle of the traffic, where finding out something is wrong, could have dire consequences.
  8. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    I didn't really say much at all as the less I spoke the more excuses he came up with. I was grinning inside myself as I had my straight mean don't f$ with me face on - it is the very scary one. But very funny

    I failed to mention I was bored behind the cars also.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Might see him tomorrow then around the same time and talk to him about his lycra that might be stretched from his crotch over his head.
  9. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    On the drive down to PI last year i saw quite a few motorcyclist start swerving on a straight road for this reason only i reckon. It also get your body moving alittle bit more. Heaps stop arms and legs etc getting sore and stiff on those long, straight hauls.
  10. I sometimes weave when bored.

    it's fun!
  11. Isn't it :grin: ......when i get bored on a boring, long stretch of road i'll play the weave games. I weave in and out, around and through all the little black crack patch-up strips, small potholes, rough patches....hell it's basically any patch of road that stands out or looks different to the normal road surface and gives me an "obstacle" to weave around.

    I'll stay in my lane ofcourse while doing it and if there are any cars around it is usually pretty obvisous to them what you are doing.
  12. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    Maybe he was just f%^&ed in the head as a lot of these blokes seem to be. Given the way cyclists ride around inner Sydney, they have no right to have a go at anyone else as far as I'm concerned. I really love emergency braking for these idiots when they split in front of you in slow traffic and run out of room.

    They claim equal rights to use the road but don't accept the responsibility to equally adhere to the road rules.
  13. I'm with Moike on this one :shock:

    It does nothing to warm up the tyres and it's also illegal.
  14. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    You're going to have to do better than that if you're going to try your hand at pretending to be a moronic troll.

    That sounds the sort of rant you hear from 4WD drivers overdosing on testosterone.

    So... These cyclists you like to 'emergency brake' behind when they lane split in front of you and run out of room... If a cyclist has run out of room lane splitting, where did you think you were going to be riding?
    and.. <choke> "equally adhere to the road rules" <chortle> I would have thought that when they are lane splitting in front of you, they are "equally adhereing to the road rules"... except that they are allowed to do it and you're not. <snigger>

    try again next year.
  15. works well to move the G string to a comfy spot though! As for the other road usres I say live & let live! Blow them a kiss & blow their minds!
  16. Re: Cyclists - I don't get it

    What I'm talking about is when I'm riding along not splitting because there isn't enough room(Sydney remember) and the traffic is moving and these guys overtake you on the left, weave in front to try to get better angle on the miniscule gap between the car in front and the obstacle on the left and cock it up. Within the space of 2 seconds, they have placed themselves right in front of me and have come to a stop because they can't get through. It is even worse in the car.

    If you split in front of moving cars do you pull in front them so close that they have to emergency brake? If you do, you are an idiot and are asking to get collected.

    By the way, I'm not trolling. These blokes are a menace.
  17. No one's ever been done for weaving within their own lane, at the speed limit in Sydney (That I've ever heard about.)
    In fact I've seen plenty of bike cops weave around in their lane to avoid imperfections in the road surface.
    Everything seems to be illegal or frowned upon or disliked in Melbourne doesn't it?
  18. Actually, It happened in Sydney a few years ago.
  19. Aren't they self centering? Forgive me, I've never worn one nor know if the centre is the most comfortable spot.
  20. Most of the time before I head out riding I do a lap of my suburb of just weaving. It's helped me find out if something doesn't feel right about the bike so I can go back home and investigate.