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Cyclist getting what he deserves!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. I've linked as well as I can here
    Go to http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8485137/
    and it's the third photo in their image set.

    I wish I'd thought of doing that when I had my K series... :LOL: :LOL:

  2. bah, its a pedestrian! only 2 points for that one :LOL:
  3. It's a competitor and having been abused by idiot cyclists in the CBD when they run red lights & do dumb things, I'm not overly sympathetic! :p
  4. Actually you're right it's a fan. (Probably worse - they have no excuse...)
  5. That poor camera bloke on the back is set for a nasty tumble...
  6. They often ride sidesaddle so he may be able to get off easily. There's also a modification I've seen on a couple of camera bikes where there's a foot rail running right around the back of the bike so they can move around.

    They like the older K100s for camera platforms as they are very stable and don't vibrate much at the speeds they are doing. (It's a different matter at about 120). When they start to go like that though, 300 kilos is pretty hard to hold. (DAMHIK :oops: ) The other bike that they use a lot is the K75 because of the smoothness. It's a contender for the least vibrating bike ever built. Images in the mirrors are clear all the way to over 160. Because it's lighter with a slightly smaller wheelbase it's not quite as stable at really low speeds.

    There's also a few ST Hondas coming into use as well but they get even hotter than the K at sustained low speeds.
  7. i was stupid enough to be up watching it while flicking stations and saw it happen
    it is a spectator and he was running along side the rider (bike) and the motorcyclist got close to him to move him out and the knuckle stopped running and the motorcyclist ran him over.

    the crowds on the tour -de -wank are idiots , they block in the road and the rides are riding blind , you could set up a barricade and they would see it till they hit it .
    they need to move the crowd off the road or lose the race .

    why would you want to be dumb enough to cycle those roads when you can scratch the pegs up there :LOL:
  8. There's been a lot of deliberate crowd interference over the years as well. If a rider they don't like is doing well they've been known to deliberately block the road & interfere (they are French after all :? )
  9. That's timing...
    I wouldn't think anyone deserves to have a motorbike fall on top of them, regardless of who they are <-- that's taste.
  10. I was watching it to Sunday night and was amazed at the speeds they got up to . Here i'm saying to wear leathers so you dont lose any skin if you come off but whats the difference coming of a pushbike at 80 kays to coming off a motorbike at the same speed .
  11. You'd be surprised how much pain the steriods wash off... :LOL:

    Seriously though, those guys get serious road rash when they come off - but you'd rather stay cool and risk it it seems.
  12. Falling off the pushbike will hurt lots more!!! :wink:
  13. My Dad was an amatuer/semi pro cyclist in his day (won a few, got in the papers of the day, yay Dad!) and I can still remember some of the accidents he had after he finished competing but kept riding. Really serious loss of skin, some of them. Also, he still has a small scar running from his nose up his forehead to his hairline as a reminder of getting cleaned up by a car on a training ride, almost finished him off. Those blokes and blokettes have some seriously large clangers to ride that hard with the equivalent of tissue paper protecting them. I'll stick with my leathers I think!
  14. i'm sure they'd love to wear leathers and be all protected, but having had a stuff around on my pushy in full gear, i can safely say that we wont be seeing that anytime soon :LOL: i'd say to them it'd be about the equivelent of our GP racers wearing full steel jousting suits :shock:

    but yeah, takes some serious bollocks to get out there at 60-80 with the awesome protection of LYCRA :LOL: i feel vunerable enuff wearing jeans and a tshirt at 30-40 on the MTB.....
  15. Novel crash protector
  16. At least cyclists don't have to worry so much about getting caught underneath their bikes.
  17. ...and shock, horror....piles of Suzie V-Stroms and it's re-badged sister Kawa KLV.
    The bus has arrived !! :LOL: :LOL: