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Cyclist deliberately side swiped - serious injury

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. I take my hat off to this cyclist. If his story happened to me, I'd be tapping my Mafia / Muso / motorbike networks for bodies to seek and destroy the mofo car driver that just deliberately side swiped me.

    The events happened last week.

    This driver is out there somewhere and is in need of a serious beating - let's hope their attitude doesn't extend to PTW's. What a f'cking coward.

  2. What kind of sick freak asshole would deliberately do that to a person???

    The person that did it should experience the level of pain the rider went through x 10 for being a coward.
  3. I've had drivers try and hit me while splitting, but succesfully dodged them unlike this poor bugger. I had some deadshit actually try and run me off a bridge in his peice of sh!t XB Falcon. There really are some pyschos out there.
  4. My dad (on his pushie) had someone pull up alongside him (on the right), indicate left, and then turned straight into him.

    Pretty amazing how stupid some drivers can be.
  5. Most inspiring thing about it, though, is that guy's attitude (the rider): look at all the positives he brings out at the end. Yeah, it should never have happened, but why focus our attention on the fVckwit when there's a saint among us? ;)
  6. :applause: You are the voice of reason Bravus :)

    Ohhh Zen moment....

    The rider does have a wonderful attitude and a deep appreciation for those around him. Hope he wins Powerball now lol
  7. There's stupid and there is homicidal.
    The people who did that to the cyclist fit into the latter.
  8. number plates?
  9. And they wonder why we point shotguns at them... sheesh...
  10. That guy has a great attitude, I hope he recovers well.
  11. I have a couple of mates who drive B-doubles.

    There's always a bigger fish.
  12. Where does it say it was a deliberate act of agression toward a cyclist?
    It seems like more of a case of careless driving, failing to render assistance and leaving the scene of an accident to me.
    The driver should be charged with these offences.
    This vigilante talk does nothing for society.
  13. I'll leave it to smee for a response to that....

    {wanders away muttering :roll:}
  14. Some days you're the wind screen, some days you're the moth :wink:
    Hope the bloke recovers well, better man than I with the attitude ( I personaly would be hunting the bugger down, wheel chair be damned)
    May karma come on woody wings to the car driver.
  15. Oh for fcuks sake!

    You ride on the road and you run the risk of copping this shit!

    You ride on the footpath and you run the risk of fcukwits turning into you as you cross between streets!

    They should make fcuking kevlar lined lycra with slide points and a big fcuking spike out the knuckle of the glove to punch the **** in the face as you go flying through the idiots windshield.

    I love riding my pushie but ffs some people proper need a boot to the head!

    Apologies for the vigilante rant... some things just get up my goat... I wouldn't actually incite violence unless someone attempted an act of aggression first.
  16. I'm sure your goat has mixed feelings about the entire situation. :p

    And Vigilante talk does wonders to calm people down. That is, providing that it remains as talk and is said with a slant of humour.
  17. Three and a half empty lanes to his right and the driver chooses to squeeze past in the same lane? Why?

    If not deliberate, it displays an impressive level of incompetence and stupidity.
  18. Attempted murder.
  19. [quote="atropos"
    Three and a half empty lanes to his right and the driver chooses to squeeze past in the same lane? Why?

    Where did this three and a half lanes come from ??
    Beach Rd. has only two lanes inbound and two lanes outbound.
    TBH this letter sounds a bit fishy to me, Sounds like cyclist propganda.
  20. maybe - but it makes me feel tougher. I saw "punisher: warzone" on the weekend and am still all vigilanteed..

    but seriously, I hope they got the plates and reported it to the cops - people cant just recklessle go about smashing peoples hips and get away with it. Just because the guy is on a bike does not make it any less of a hit and run.

    Oh and I secretly hope that when number plates are released, some punisher wannabe gets involved.