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Cyclist announces the 'SIDSY' defence

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/cycling-groups-push-for-a-better-biking-city-20120723-22iyw.html

  2. I've said this time and time again but if only motorcyclists and cyclist could get over their hangups towards each other and unite as a group we'd have have a much stronger voice in these matters. In reality there not that much difference between us.
  3. Good point, but BVN doesnt seem to think so.
  4. Quote' former professionel rider Monique Hanley was stunned when the driver claimed he had not seen her '

    she would be even more stunned if her bike was 250ks and had a fu##ing big head light on the front .
  5. I'm even more stunned by some of the stories a mate of mine tells me - when people can't see a bright red 8 tonne delivery truck, what hope do we have?
  6. In my view, the answer is; to know how to read and position yourself in traffic so that you're not where the hazard is going to be.
  7. This is what I do on my treadly. If I was to assume a motor vehicle was going to stop or give way to me just because I was there I would die on a weekly basis.

    I think some attention should go to car manufacturers and blind spots created by front pillars. My 2007 Camry is really bad, a car can be travelling behind the pillar as I am moving and I have no hope of seeing it unless I reposition myself in several movements to ensure there's nothing behind the pillar. It's nearly caught me out a few times and something I learned without cleaning anyone up fortunately.
  8. SIDSY...........why change SMIDSY?
  9. Because adding the gender specific term 'mate' is not PC :roll:. Mate.
  10. I reckon about 90% of motorcyclists and almost as many cyclists would agree with you, but their lobbyists seem to see greater benefits (probably for themselves) in division.

    But they are a divided lot too.
  11. Because they're ignorant?
  12. REG: Listen. The only people we hate more than the cagers are the ****ing Judean Biker's Front.

    P.F.J.: Yeah...

    JUDITH: Splitters.

    P.F.J.: Splitters...

    FRANCIS: And the Judean Popular Biker's Front.

    P.F.J.: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Splitters. Splitters...

    LORETTA: And the Biker's Front of Judea.

    P.F.J.: Yeah. Splitters. Splitters...

    REG: What?

    LORETTA: The Biker's Front of Judea. Splitters.

    REG: We're the Biker's Front of Judea!

    LORETTA: Oh. I thought we were the Biker Front.

    REG: Biker's Front! C-huh.

    FRANCIS: Whatever happened to the Popular Biker Front, Reg?

    REG: He's over there.
  13. Firstly, who are some of these people, and why are they being asked for their opinions? Barber is not may favourite individual but at least he has legitimately achieved his postion asa spokesperson. Dow not only represents the MBUG, he pretty much IS the MBUG. An Olympian? A Cycling Victoria (who?) board member who is an expert because she got injured?
    A traffic engineer with a hatred of cars :roll:
    and RACV, representing it's members. :roll: Again.

    This is an engineered piece of mock journalism, radical agitation dressed up as news. Not the viewpoint of the cycling community.
  14. "Scotty's Law". "Amy's Ride". We're too anonymous behind our helmets. ATGATT means you can pretend there's not a real person under all that clothing. Full leathers means there might not even be any blood visible when you hit a rider.

    SMIDSY needs a face.
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    Bags not.

  16. here a good one was driving the fire truck the other day you know big red truck with red and blue lights on i pulled out on to the highway from a side road and a car tryed to do a u turn in front of me of course i yell a few word out the window and the bloke reply with sorry i did not see you. it like what the f@uk how did you not see a 12 tonne truck with flashing red and blue lights
  17. Very good point.
    The hurdle to get over is that certain people in authority are hell bent on making sure that no driver ever gets the blame for harming a motorcyclist, and so far the media are going along with it.
  18. Did ya get an answer mate?

    How often does the SMIDSYTruck happen ratman?
  19. na he just drove off
    well i been driving and riding in fire trucks for about 2 years and i can think of about 4 or 5 time it happen to my truck so a far amount of times