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VIC Cycling gets another $1.78M... motorcycling gets???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. http://www.bv.com.au/general/change-the-world/93018/

    Bicycle Network Victoria tells me that the Vic Government are happily spending $$ on cycling.

  2. Those green lanes are slippery as hell especially in the wet.
  3. That's true, I wonder if they've figured out a way to make green less slippery than white.
  4. The green lane on Wellington Rd doesn't seem to be slippery at all.

    That's a fair lobbying effort getting $14.5M of infrastructure coughed. Studies do show that getting fit on a bicycle has a big saving impact on health costs... but motorcycles have a more beneficial impact on congestion and are a more practical alternative than cycling... we'll keep making the case.
  5. Maybe it'd be worth pointing out that most of the improvements that motorcyclists are asking for won't cost the government much at all?
    Simply change a few policies...
    (Keep it simple - Mulder isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.)

    Even as a cyclist I hate those green lanes - slippery as hell when a bit worn and wet.
  6. Not my most politic effort, but as a paid up BV member I have a right to give them buckets or bouquets. I'll be interested to see what response I get from BV.

    Edit: Posted in the wrong but still related thread! D'oh.
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  7. Hopefully they'll pump some of it into the Federation Trail, due to be finished "early 2011" ](*,)

    On a brighter note, The Punt, (the bike & passenger ferry across the Yarra) has received funding to run at peak times during the week =D>

  8. Can anybody point to any evidence that motorcycles pose any real threat to cyclists. I can't remember hearing of a single case of a cyclist being hit by a motorcycle.

    Apart from me torpedoeing one when filtering traffic many years ago (and in another country), of course :oops:.
  9. Thanks Rob, for doing what I am too impolite to do, although I can't help but think your post would fit better in this thread...
  10. I have almost collected to cyclists who veered infront of me, which raises again the question, did they not see me because they were looking for cars?

    I can understand where cyclists are coming from, they are one of the most unprotected of road susers and they no doubt see motorcyclists as just another threat. However I think there is a factor that changes the equation. Unlike other motor vehicles, if we hit a cyclist, we stand a good risk of being hurt too. Consequently motorcyclists have an incentive too watch out for cyclists and do everything in our power to avoid collission with them. I suspect this means cyclists are probably safer mixing with motorcycles rather than cars. Doubt if you could prove this though.
  11. It clearly because cyclists are just better people, like vegans and born-agains. Ask them, they will tell you.
  12. And I use it weekly it's fantastic
  13. Really? I guess I wouldn't know if I saw you!
  14. The punt deserves the funding. I used to use it often when i was a keener recreational / training cyclist.

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