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Cycle World leaks 2011 ZX-10R - Claims 200hp

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. ah, just what the safety wowsers need, a 200bhp motorcycle
  2. Looking forward to it!!!!
  3. I've always wondered about the reliability of such engines that make almost 200hp per litre like the 2010 R6, S1000RR etc... Is there a trade off between longevity and performance or are they just engineering masterpieces?
  4. for once, a half decent kawasaki!

    these were always going to be a game changing bike.
  5. back in the 80s the turbo-charged F1 engines used to make 1,500 horsepower out of 1.5 litres; of course they only lasted three laps at that level :LOL:
  6. toadfish.... a 200hp r6!!!!!

    I like the dash on the new ninja
  7. I think he means when you convert the 600cc horsepower ratio to 1litre equivalent no?
  8. like he said. 200hp per litre.

    so in a 600, it would have 120hp to be 200hp per litre.

    ps. im really tired so this could be a math fail.
  9. Haven't been a big fan of Kawa's, but I will admit the 2011 ZX10R has my attention !
    I particularly enjoy reading stats such as 200hp, which is obviously directly aimed to compete with the S1000RR, methinks.
    I must say, I am a real fan of the dash also. It looks...very inviting. And lower seat height ? Here's a bike that will create serious headlines in the months ahead ;)
  10. is all the stuff they patented on this bike? was pretty wild stuff.
  11. I reckon they'll just make the current ZX-10 rev higher in order to get 200 hp out of it. That's how the S1000RR develops its power. So if you ride either bike predominantly in the lower half of the rev range, and rarely call upon all 200 horses, they'll last just fine.

    Nah, you're right. Kind of puts things into perspective, the new Ferrari 458 only delivers 125 hp per litre.
  12. Interesting, while I'd like one......2012 may be the one to have...might even have to say goodbye to my gumby..:-s

    kawasaki's model runs are 2 years. year #1 = new model, new features, yadda, yadda.....year #2 = refinement and fine tuning..

    2004/5- Raw power, little harsh in the handling..better in 05
    2006/7 - More power, softer suspension...some say too soft
    2008/9/10 - More power, suspension now almost sorted ...GFC causes a 3 year run.
    2011/12 - New model ..more better....new techno stuff...2012...refinements ????
  13. I think that this goes for a lot of bikes. Wait for the model after the major model release just to give them time to iron out any issues and get the tuning a little better.
  14. Yawn, more horsepower on a bike where you can't use what you have got already.

    I wish Kawasaki would build something interesting, they are so conservative with their bikes generally.
  15. Uhhh...speak for yourself.....](*,)
  16. Does this mean kawasaki has the biggest penis?
  17. It looks like they are compensating for something to me.
  18. I wouldnt criticise anyone for developing building or buying a bike like that but I cant see the point in that much power on a road bike. The 200hp acceleration probably will be past 100kmh in 1st gear.

    I would always happily trade some top end power for an engine that develops good power through the lower rev range.
  19. the '07 hits the rev limiter at $1.60 in first.....I can vouch for that ( tested on the track, god's honest...:angel::angel::angel: )

    keeping the front wheel on the ground in the first 3 gears is the hard part

    nothing exceeds like excess...