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Cycle Ways For Push Bike Riders ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by orekin, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. City of Sydney Council is spending big bucks on cycle ways for push bike riders. I notice that Parramatta Council is planning to do the same.

    Once the cyclists get their cycle ways will they start obeying road rules ???

  2. Yes, most definitely.
  3. Oh absolutely guv!
  4. Ah excellent - more cycle lanes to split/filter through!! :LOL: :wink:
  5. Congratulations!! You get the "Sweeping Generalisation Comment of the Week Award"

    Well done. :grin:
  6. Not in the Victorian experience. But it doesn't have much impact on us, only cagers.

    Don't you have many cycle lanes up there yet?
  7. Once motorcycle riders get their footpath parking will they start obeying the rules?

    Oh hang on, we're not all the same are we! :roll:
  8. If you rode in the Sydney CBD you'd know that while it's a sweeping generalisation, it's completely accurate.
  9. I commute Parramatta --> CBD daily and amusingly, I don't think I've _ever_ seen a pushbike rider not run a red when there was no traffic coming through the intersection.
  10. Me either - until today. Guy came up next to me and waited for the green. I couldn't believe it ... there's one out there! Then he went to cut under me at the next corner ...
  11. Yeh i will have to agree, It is almost comical on the bus in the mornings watching them after they get over the bridge.

    This is happening right outside my work on york st, had my fingers crossed that it might be more bike parking (there is stil hope. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!).

    Oh and i will give $50* to whoever can tell me what the feck that horrible smell is outside the QVB, it's like off soy sauce and foot odour combined.

    *monopoly money
  12. Before I moved to Sydney I lived in a country town and I would never have felt any ill will to push bike riders. However Sydney has changed my views.

    I ride 60 K's a day, return trip from Parramatta to Sydney CBD, and whilst it is indeed a sweeping generalisation, it is completely true.

    In 3 years I have NEVER seen a push bike rider stop for a red light !!!

    And I shudder when I see a single push bike rider in a bus lane, slowing down 50 people on their way to work.

    As for the push bike couriers in the CBD. Crickey, these guys are feral. My boss got knocked over by one of them on a pathway.

    I would like to get to know some push bike riders though. The ones at my work may not be representative of the whole. I had a brief conversation with one fellow who was about to ride home in rain, at night. I said be careful, he said he'd already been hit by cars 3 times. :roll:

    And yes, I do do bend the rules myself at times, but it is minor and does not hold a candle to push bike riders. What's more, I'm responsible for any risks I take. I have a number plate and I get fined for my indiscretions. The number of times I've heard about push bike riders causing accidents then fleeing the scene.

    I would like to see a licencing system for push bike riders similar to what we go through. Make them lose points off their licence for any indescretions.
  13. its the smell of little puppies getting chopped up ready for the lunch time rush, mmmmmmmm beef and blackbean
  14. no they wont, i dont now, and more bike paths wont make me...
  15. On the roads I behave the same way regardless of my mode of transport. That means when I'm on my bicycle I obey all the road rules and stop at red lights, etc. and I try as much as possible not to impede the progress of faster vehicles.

    If it was necessary to ignore the rules to get out of a life threatening situation, then I would do it.

    Think about it this way, a lot of the people doing stupid things on bicycles would probably behave similarly behind the wheel of a car - just consider yourself fortunate they are on a bicycle and aren't in a position to do you more damage.

    As a cyclist, the red light runners shit me no end.
  16. Probably not

    At least this makes a change from "hoon" motorcyclists...:LOL:

    Suburban cyclists 'racing without road rules'
    Paul Bibby
    January 16, 2009
    CYCLISTS riding in packs can take on the characteristics of a "race without the officials", according to a study that observed a group hogging lanes, riding side-by-side and ignoring red lights.

    The Accident Research Centre at Monash University examined police video footage of a group of cyclists from 2005 and saw behaviour one might expect from riders in the Tour de France.

    The study, Cyclist Bunch Riding: A Review of the Literature, found the cyclists breached the three cycling road rules investigated in the research.

    "The cyclists were riding more than two abreast for the entire footage, almost the whole ride the cyclists were in more than one lane, and almost half of the red lights faced were ridden through," the study says.

    more here...
  17. That is to close to the truth.

    When i used to cycle i was on the 'extreme good' side of the cyclists behaviour scale. Followed every road rule. I wouldn't ride on the roads in peak hour - i'd ride slowly on the footpath until i reached a cycle lane. How you WANT a cyclist to behave is how i behaved. The irony is i was faster doing that vs cyclists on the rd and i never pissed off any drivers :)

    Cyclsts don't realise they are at the bottom of the food chain. They can't expect to ride at 30km/h at 8am on a major arterial rd, holding up kms of traffic and not expect to be abused or knocked off.

    There is another thread on here which discussed cyclists where myself and a few others gave insight into how things are in the cycling world. Most club riders think they are king sh1t and it shows in their behaviour on the roads. I've bucked heads with a few.
  18. +1!

    There's push bike riders and then there's push bike riders:

    1. couriers ALWAYS run red lights
    2. the general public "I'll get a pushie and ride to work to get fit" types on their hybrids or old shitters out of the garage, nearly always run red lights
    3. triathletes on their aerobars "can't stop for the red light, I'll lose time and affect my av speed" on a training ride
    4. lycra clad (semi professional and professional) REAL riders generally (95%) obey the lights ... the one's that don't get YELLED AT!
    5 "The Hell Ride" (LARGE pack of lycra riders here in Vic) for years as a rule USED to go through lights, until the Cops recently stepped in, are much better now :roll:

    ... and I'm sure I've left out a "type" of pushie rider :-k

    So, before anyone else tars us all with the same brush, there's push bike riders and then there's push bike riders
  19. Having returned to occasional cycle commuting myself, I can testify that inner city cycling is a brutal business and it seems to me that some pedallers respond to this with a general 'up yours' attitude.

    Roads around my area are now given over to (I would estimate) around 25% - 30% dedicated cycle-only lanes. Almost every back street and arterial has them now. This certainly contributes to less space for motorised transport but to be fair it also means that powered vehicles are not sitting behind a cycle doing 20 in a 60 zone.

    The two main areas of conflict around here appear to be red light running, and undercutting at intersections.

    The answer to the problem is very simple: until now the police have declined to enforce compliance amongst cyclists. Change that and most of the conflict will disappear IMHO. Cyclists shouldn't need to pay rego, but some kind of identification would be a good idea.
  20. I've always been curious as to why they don't have to pay rego. Where does the money for all these cycling lanes come from for example?