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Cycle study confirms what we've always known - insulated drivers see less, plan less.

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by robsalvv, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. In the report below, you could almost replace any connotation of cycling with connotations of motorcycle riding and the report pretty much confirms stuff we've always known. One of the key findings is that drivers with their restricted frame of reference, often look upon motorcycle manoeuvres as dangerous. Drivers are most negative when a bike appears unexpected... it's no different for cyclists.

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    Riders alert; drivers alarmed

    24 March 2011. Bike riders are more alert and aware of road space and the traffic environment than are drivers, a new research project has found.

    Riders, with their high position and 180 degrees unimpeded vision, not only see a wider perspective, but also observed further ahead in a line of traffic. Most cyclists used this perspective to plan for their next moves in the traffic, but it also serves to alert them to likely road situations within the next few minutes.

    However from the drivers' perspective, this increased awareness could be seen as risky riding because the driver, with a poorer view, had comparatively less understanding of the road ahead.

    The findings come from a study which used cameras on helmets and inside cars to record journeys in Melbourne. Participants were also asked to comment on tape about what they were observing on the road. These perspective were then elaborated in a series of focus groups involving drivers and riders.

    The study—Understanding Relationship between Drivers and Cyclists—was undertaken for the Victorian Department of Transport by consulting firm SKM. It was commissioned as a preliminary examination of whether there is increasing tension between drivers and cyclists that may lead to unsafe behaviour on the roads and, potentially, reducing the rate of growth in cycling.

    Although not a comprehensive study, the project none-the-less unveiled some fascinating insights into road ser behaviour, and points the way to further avenues for research into the rider-driver tension.

    It found that while there was tension on the roads, the causes were complex and reflected tensions which existed on society as a whole. A number of factors were identified to trigger tense and negative interaction between drivers and bike riders.

    Surprising and unexpected encounters with riders frightened drivers, who were afraid of causing injury. An emotional reaction and negative tension resulted. It was clear from the focus group discussions that drivers felt lower tensions where they were expecting to meet cyclists than in situations where cyclists were very infrequently encountered.

    The level of expectation can also relate to infrastructure and cyclists in particular reported surprise/fright/fear when, for example, a bike lane suddenly ceased.

  2. With fuel expected to hit and remain around $1.80, there will be a dramatic increase in bicycles/scooters/motorcycles on the roads.
    So I expect there will more more studies made to find out what cyclists and motorcyclists already can tell all these so called experts, many who only drive cages...

    The only thing that will improve motorists awareness is a dramatic increase in two wheeled vehicles. If we're everywhere, then they're forced to take extra care.
    I believe this because of the many cycling events (Around The Bay, Etc) I've taken part in.
    The sheer cyclists numbers changed how motorists were driving around us although may of them were pissed off about...
    The fact that there were pissed off, is an idication of the selfish attitude your typical Aussie motorists, many who always complain about, cyclists, scooters, motorcycles, taxis, trucks, etc...
    Regardless of anyones individual opinions, all vehicles belong on the road...

    It will take generational time to change attitudes starting with a total revamp on how people are educated on the roads starting in High Schools.
    Creating new road rules and silly advertising campagnes alone won't change much out there.
  3. Agreed on the education, and "Bike Awareness Week" shouldn't just be that; it should be all the bloody time! In addition, because of the inherit manoeuvrability bikes, there's greater opportunity to appear unexpectedly.
  4. In my opinion a motorcyclysts vision is far more impeded than cagers, sportsbike riders cant exactly turn their head around past their shoulders with full gear, helmet on, tiny mirrors, and in a crouched position. MC riders are forced to plan their moves, look ahead and assess potential hazards far more than cagers, who are more likely too busy fiddling with their mobiles, stereos or fixing their hair.

    Boo hoo cagers gets scared when a MC rider appears unexpectedly. How about the MC rider who gets seriously injured or killed after said driver merges without signalling or looking at his blind spots (or even looking).
  5. If that's truly your view, hand back your rider licence. If you can't see that riders have an almost unobstructed 180 degree forward view simply by turning their head a little bit either way, get off the bike and stop posting up nonsense.

    Forced?? Really, you think it's forced? Forced??? You mean, just maintaining a proactive look forward and a mental map of whats going on around you is "forced" as opposed to rider skill...??! Get into your beige 1998 camry and stay there.

  6. Glad they did the test, since, yes, it DOES add credence to what us bikers already know.
    I wonder though if they're bright enough to realize that the same or similar circumstances, fit easily for bikers and cars.
    Should I be hopeful...Mmm... Nyah... Too much to expect, methinks. (groan)

    They get these pro's to step in to get to the bottom of things when all they had to do was ask one of us!! (clapping sounds)

    Oh well, they WILL, manage to avoid talking to bikers somehow. Just so we can continue to be the blight on society, that we apparently are.
  7. My bad, I thought they said 360 view. Anyway, apart from the A pillars the cages also has pretty much 180 degree view, they can still see around the A pillar, not hard at all. Maybe car drivers should move their head around a bit more like MC riders.

    Well forced or skill, same thing. If you cant do the basic stuff then you most likely would have failed in the MOST and more likely suffered a serious off. Theres no metal bumpers around bikes for that little bumps.

    Beige Camry for the WIN :)
  8. Yes. I've been saying that for years, but not for the reason you state. I think awareness and attitude of drivers in general will improve only when they themselves become riders.

    I think this whole division between riders and drivers is artificial and silly in general - we are all just road users... We should concentrate on what we have in common, rather than the differences between the vehicles we use.
  9. Heather has been driving for 40 years,
    She got her bike learners last year,
    Since then she has been amazed that she now looks over the tops of cars, looks up the road, anticipates what is happening ten cars in front of her, what is happening all round her,

    Before that, she said she just looked at the car and gap in front of her,

    It has changed her perspective towards driving and riding immensely, and she has found it much easier to drive and ride by just being more aware,
  10. Hand in your license.

    Also, get a clue - A pillars on new model cars are causing serious blind spot issue.
  11. I've been caging it, solidly for about 2 weeks now. Here's what I've noticed.
    I can't fekking do anything!!! I can't move, except to follow the sheep in front. Occasionally I get to do a lane change, but can't see much except change position. And since everyone sits on 55 (sh*t frightened of the big "6-0").

    I feel entombed!!! Free to do nothing to escape these dozen or so cars to the empty road beyond. Unable to see anything past the car in front. And none of them want to make a move, so I spend all day in a "pod" with dropkicks, who've been labotomized, so they swallow the stupid 'wipe off 5', 'speed kills', and whatever you do, make sure your speedo-gazing is THE single most important thing you do.

    All so when they run over a ped, they are completely and utterly vindicated, because they had 'wiped off five'!...and how did you know you were doing 55? Well, because I've been staring at my speedo for the last 10k's!!... So "why is that ped, so badly injured...at 55k nothing much is supposed to happen to them! You guys said if I wiped off 5, peds would be ok if I hit them!!"

    Well yes, but you didn't stop - just ran them down!?
    "well of course I did, I told you I was staring at the speedo and only doing 55k. I only stopped when I felt the sudden bump underneath the car!"
    ...and on it fekking goes...
    And THIS is the kind of retarded fekking morons, I've been stuck amongst for two weeks!!!
    Ther'a no way to fight it and resistance is futile...I gotta get my bike back, quick, before I become a zombie!!

    Rant over ####•••
  12. Clasic Raven, Hahahahahahahahahaha
  13. Its not an issue if they actively try to be more aware of their surroundings. If they just sit there without actively trying to look around the A pillar, then it becomes an issue and a menace to other road users.

    I dont know why you want me to hand my license over.

  14. Hahahhahah, you know your a zombie if you have cross eyes from staring at the speedo or the licnse plate infront of you.

  15. =D>
  16. Really? What do you drive?

    It seems you can't read either.

    Classic Raven :LOL:
  17. that's exactly the point! they are not aware and nothing makes them aware until it turns to shit
  18. It doesn't help that most cagers don't give a shit about how they drive and make no effort to seek out extra driver training. It's kind of sad we put such an emphasis on speed but no emphasis on paying attention to the road ahead of you and actually reading the traffic.
  19. Ah geez mate, you come out shooting from the hip there. Not good.

    Not true, simply not true, nothing you've said is.

    The range of view from a motorcycle shits all over what's experienced from a car's perspective. If a motorcyclist looks forward, turns their head or turns their body they have 100% unimpeded view in every direction. And yes, even on a sportbike, I suggest you learn to ride one to find out.

    Comparatively the view from a car is quite the opposite. And don't fall into the trap of thinking about the last car you were in, try to think of ALL of them. The more modern the vehicle the greater the impediment to vision, irrespective of turning or moving one's head.

    Also just on that note, the more modern the car the harder it is to see through them, past them, and around them. The angles, pillars and tinted windows all create a solid non transparent mass, and our road positioning has had to be adapted to allow for it.

    The very valid point that's being made before you threw the curve ball is, the findings of the overly simplistic study can be applied to motorcycling.

    Raven's point is also highly valid and shouldn't be lost in what is quickly becoming a derailed mess. They jump at the chance to do these studies on bicycles, but are reluctant to do them with motorcycles.

    On that note consider this though, if they cammed us up and watched us deal with traffic, they would see some contentious behaviours which we depend on to protect ourselves. If we throw that cat at the pigeons we had better be ready to defend it, and strongly.
  20. Now really! What's with this A pillar rubbish!
    It's up to motorists to make sure it's clear regardless of the design of their cars and as we all know, most use their mirrors and they don't always check that their blind spot is clear....

    That's why us as motorcyclists need to know exactly what happening visually 360 at all times and not place ourselves where motorists can't see us....