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Cycle Race - media carrying motorcyclist -squids!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grey Gentry, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Just been watching Ch10 cycle ride in Geelong. I was disappointed to see least one motorcyclist was only wearing a short sleeved shirt with shorts. I know it's their choice, might be time for the MRA to contact the organisers re their "Duty of Care"?

  2. Why?

    What about the TDF? And any other time where a freelance camera operator is carried on the back of a bike.

    Let them be.
  3. Since the cyclists are doing about the same speeds, perhaps they should be in full leathers and real helmets as well. :grin:

    At those speeds the guys carrying the cameramen are in more danger of heat exhaustion.
  4. Get over it.
  5. FFS. :evil:

    Let people wear what they want to wear. By all means educate them to the risks of not wearing protective gear but I'm sick of people whinning about squids.

    Let people make there own mind up about what they wear.

  6. As someone who has performed the role of Motorcycle Marshall at Triathlons, Cycle Races and charity rides I figured that I am qualified to throw some thoughts into this debate (well to a degree). In this role I have carried chief judges, stewards, media, medical staff an d the occasional returning athlete.

    I understand your point about squidding and will say now that at no time have I seen a motorcycle marshall in shorts, but certainly often we do not use our jackets and at times gloves. We have on occasions (hot days) had the police encourage us to ride without the gear (and they have looked afyeter it for us) and on one occasion (stinking hot) the police even advised that they woudl not object to us removing our helmets (no takers on that one and it was safety not suspicion).

    The point that can easily be overlooked to the casual observer is that you will only see footage of moving or mobile athletes yet approximately 50% of the time the marshall is station ary beside the road tending people, observing, clearing spectators, or any other number of numerous activities that must be undertaken. Thus, the rider is often extremely warm to start with as there is no cooling effect of the breeze to cool or chill the riders body.

    Basically it is not always practical to carry a jacket, removee a jacket, put a jacket back on etc during the course of the event. We at times re wired and called into action urgently (generally medical or judges) and therefore by the time one gets their jacket/gloves on etc the actual reason for the call may have passed or become more severe (medical).

    In short, riding a bike in leathers on a warm day is hot enough but if you end up sitting and stopping for 50% of the time (still in full bike gear) it can be very dangerous to your health irrespective of yoru fluid intake (remember that we will be on teh road for the start of the day/race until the last competitor which is up to 8 hours or more).

    I recall a triathlon where some of us were weighed before and after the event (a students study) and they recorded weight losses of between 2 - 4 kilograms for the marshalls across the course of the day.

    So, I would say that whilst your message is valid there is a very practical reason why often you will see motorcycle marshalls 'squidding' as it were.

  7. Amen
  8. Yeah well i'm sick of people complaining about people complaining.
    Like my mother always said (not really) If you have nothing nice to say then bugger off and be a sook somewhere else.
  9. Twice a year I drive the Course Car at Sandown Raceway. I don't wear a helmet or longsleeved non-synthetic clothing. I've also never crashed or even been slightly killed while performing my duties.

    If we're not careful here I might have to call in the WAH-MBULANCE to take the Health and Safety people to hospital after suffering stress related coronaries.

  10. Those crazy French!

    Although i must admit, there is nothing like that easy cruise on a warm summer's evening in just your Helmet. T shirt & jeans.....
  11. Excellent point.............
  12. Hmmm

    I believe that people can choose and wear what they like, my problem is that my taxes are paying for their hospital bills
    Don't really care about marshalling for cyclists on a closed road, pretty safe me thinks
    Other times, well, you take the risk, you wear the consequencys
  13. And my taxes pay for a whole bunch of shit I never get to use either. It's the benefit of living in our society. This has been done to death so many times.
  14. gosh!
    get over it guys!
    to wear or not to wear gear...is done to deaths...and even Ive been told by numerous people to wear full gear on the L platers ride....to set an example.

    Can't some1 decide for themselves whats good for them and what's not.
    Its their body, their life...let them wear what they want to...how does it itch others?

  15. Re: Hmmm

    <sarcasm>I believe that people can choose and do what they like, my problem is that my taxes are paying for their hospital bills
    Don't really care about driving a car, pretty safe me thinks
    Other times, well, you take the risk, you wear the consequences</sarcasm>

    be careful what you wish for, and if you want a "user pays" medical system move to america. you should probably watch Michael Moore's Sicko first.
  16. Re: Hmmm

    Ignorance, im sure a lot of cagers feel exactly the same about people riding motorcycles.
  17. Ahhh, but remember, they are just following the cyclists...

    And all they are wearing is a bit of lycra and a tiny little helmet that sits on top of the head.

    Top cyclists can hit about 60 on the flat (for a brief time) and get over 100 on the downhills. And no one ever calls them squids for wearing just leather.

    So yes while the camera men aren't that well protected, they are no worse off than the cyclists they are covering.
  18. Yeah I think of it as a gesture of solidarity. :D
  19. Re: Hmmm

    Yes, and my taxes pay for smokers, drinkers, and all sorts of shit I don't do. But that's the joy of a socialist society.
  20. So you'll be the first to sign my petition calling for a ban on contact sports then?