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Cycle Computer - Which One?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. I've got a Sigma Sport BC800 cycle computer that appears to have reached the end of its servicable life. (for example, the other day it indicated that I was doing 346 km/h - the speedo's only good for 299 km/h, the bike a tad less than that).

    I've looked at the various Sigma Sport models, but was wondering what you guys have, if any on your bikes. Mitty Cat-Eye models are only good for 100 km/h. Or rather, they were when I last had one on my pushbike.

    For those not familiar with them cycle computers are handy to use as trip computers, or limited lap time computers on ride/track days. They also are very accurate and handy for those who don't have speedos that are accurate.

    If I get another Sigma it's a simple matter of clip off and clip on. But I'd replace the sender unit as well, justin case...
  2. i would just get another sigma and clip it in. its possible that the thing has seen a bit more vibrations and stuff than it normally should and thats why its gone funny. use the old mountings and if it has no problems, you have a spare set if you bust a cable or something.
  3. What's one cost? I've been thinking about it since I downgeared the bike and sent the speedo out by a good 10-20 km/h at highway speeds. Also since my sticky clock fell off...

  4. about $50
  5. $50?

    Hello boys!

    Reckon I might hook me up one of them there pewters.
  6. Hi martin

    I use the Sigma BC 1200 on the GTR , been on for a good 6-7 months no problem
    while the catseye has a larger screen it still has the 100 k problem
  7. Plus you can take advantage of the extra features over a normal speedo like; Clock, Trip distance, Total distance, Trip riding time, Total riding time, Maximum speed.

    Just don't make the same mistake every cyclist does when the first put one on thier bike, spend too much time looking at the computer and run into a park car.
  8. I changed the battery in mine and it came good.

    Although mine stops registering occasionally. I think the magnet has lost its attraction.