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CX500 Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Cell9765, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. So this is the beginning of the process.. my old man has two CX500's in his garage, only one goes and he's told me if i fix one and register it i can keep it- an easy commuter about sydney.

    A quick search the the other night showed some surprisingly good/interesting results for streetfighter projects of the CX500...so now i'm inspired.

    Thought i would test the water first. Anyone done much work like this to a mouldy old cx500? Am i wasting my time (ie: choose a different bike to work on?) Let me know your 2 cents worth.


  2. I think Honda put a turbo in one during the 80's which is erm, interesting along with other manufacturer's attempts at turboed bikes at the time...

    Heck go for it ! Why use the same bike as many others do? Be different! If there's two bikes, most spares are sorted :cool:
  3. They did indeed produce a turbo version, hogged out to 650cc

    Send a PM or email to Greenguzzi in Ballarat (?). He's a Guzzi nut, but he's also the guy on this forum who knows a heap about CX-500s, and that's going to short-cut the process for you.

    Oh, and I can't leave it without THE CX-500 joke.

    The first batch that went to Britain all had faulty cams, and all either had to be fixed or recalled. So the joke went...

    Q. Knock, Knock
    Q. Who's there
    A. CX-500 ....
  4. Check this site out for some pointers and have a good read of the forum, they most fighter bigger bikes but u should get some good advice.

  5. go for it, im getting sick of looking at gsxr street figters
  6. My dad had an old plastic maggot, his was the sports one. Comfy bike to ride, didnt go too bad either. I reckon go for it, it would be a good base to start on. Are the ones you are working on the CX500 custom?
  7. Had a few cx's good old beasts, if the motor has to come out check the stator is ok, at the very least replace the plug from it as it will be corroded. I have vague memoroes of a cbx 750 or a VF750sport front end being fitted to one to replace spindly front forks and a cx cstom 16" rear wheel to get fatter rubber. The stock seat and rear end are pretty fat and the frame is wide so some work to slim it down with sports bike tail light and cowl would transform looks. I had a 2 into 1 system on mine which gave it a nice howl. instruments and headlight of the custom model would get rid of the shocking stock fairing headlight set up. I just hid mine with a stone fairing. The stock tank is a big lump of a thing once again a custom model tank or some major panel work would be needed to make it look different
    I haunt swap meets with a tape measure and a book of measurments for my customs its amazing what you can make fit.
    Good luck with it all,
  8. If you use the old cx, what ever you do get the tank cleaned out thoroughly. They had a habbit i'm told of having alot of scale in the bottom of the tank.
  9. Ive got an article at home on the CX650T. It was considered the only turbo bike that really worked, by writers of the time. It's interesting that public opinion seems to be the kawasaki was the best of them.

    I'd like to have an XN85 myself.

    I think in typical honda fashion, the similarity between the CX500 and the CX650 would be few.