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CX 500 / Plastic Maggot Rebuild

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Brucey, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Well here we go after to much discussion on another thread

    The mighty CX500

    Abuse / Brickbats / Free bits / Turbo bits / Advice
    are welcome

    It’s a black shadow E model twin disc I think about 79 model 80 model Comes with the cycle style full fairing motor in a million bits ( Two motors to filter through ) with a big end that let go and just caught in time so no visible damage as yet needs fully strip and measure up the crank etc

    Performance mods known to be able to reach 20,000 rpm.

    Speedo shows 35,000 ks so more likely 735,000 ks

    and the usual assortment of value adding spiders and dust an inch thick to add to the general platina of class surrounding this busa eating weapon.

    The purpose of this post is to get it back on the road for as little cash as possible.

    Dont Know about pics yet need help with photo bucket

  2. Well the strip down has commenced and the problems are already mounting :shock:

    4 Rocker arm shafts worn down 0.50 mm and 8 times rocker arm bushes totally flogged out . :eek:

    So 8 bushes turned up out of bearing bronze, and spent $25 on Silver steel for the rocker arm shafts machining to be done estimate 3 hours total. :roll:

    Pistons and bores all incredibly good all within spec so still need to extract the crank over the weekend and measure up

    Heads to be stripped but need at least 1 inlet valve due to pitting

    Any body got any bits of one left they don’t need ??? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  3. GreenGuzzi? you out there? Hes been busying himself with a CX too, maybe he has some bits n bods around?

    Watch out fellow netriders one Plastic Maggot is back on the road

    Well the story so far in the hunt for parts (con rods) met up with a guy from the VJMC club and he had a Maggot for sale with a Fully rebuilt engine but lets just say cosmetically challenged

    Well into the garage they both went

    tally so far 100 bucks bearings oils and brake fluid

    900 Bucks for maggot number two :grin:

    Full re-spray two pack gloss black Cost a slab of crownies :cool:

    Roady 50 bucks

    Rego stamp duty etc 420 Bucks

    so a nice neat and tidy CX 500 back on the road for under 1500 bucks for the year

    Performance mods Two into one exhaust still to come dump those CV carbs and a set of 35 mm pumpers onto it

    Wooo Hooo does it sound good on the over run

    Motor number two Spare is well advanced in rebuild cost so far is 80 bucks so all together not to bad

    Although i know its still a maggot