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CV Advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Yes, my AGE

  2. Yes my DOB

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  3. NO

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  1. Hi everyone...

    Do you put your D.O.B on your CV ?
  2. I put both, mainly because it's pretty difficult at my age to disguise my age, if you know what I mean :LOL:.
  3. Depends on the position you're applying for.
  4. DOB - Then you can just continuing to 'embellish' the same resume for years...
  5. I think it depends on the position etc. For example I couldn't decide whether to put my age on my CV or not. I was applying for work as a grad, and had attended uni straight after school, so you wouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out Im early 20's. But applying for Project Management roles I didn't want people to think I was too young so i left my age of my CV.

    I believe you don't have to disclose your age if you don't want to. I believe it is against the law for an employer to ask your age, likewise your gender, and race as it shouldn't matter to them (atleast this is what its like in NZ).

    Good luck with the job hunting!
  6. If age may be a point you are discriminated on, then don't include it.

    Put down information on qualifications and your current driver's license, of course: "Unrestricted license for C class vehicles" or whatever.
    That way, they know you're at least over 19yo, in most states.

    Why include anything that may prevent you getting interviewed? That's where the actual selection happens; so make sure you're a super-duper possible up until that point so you can shine in person.
  7. Looking at when you went to school and your employment record will give the employer a good idea of your age anyway. So put your D.O.B.
  8. It's not the done thing to put your DOB/age on your resume/CV.

    It's been that way for about the last ten years. Just like including a photograph, saying you're latino, whether you're married, have kids, gay or any other thing from the 'thou shalt not discriminate against me just because I am...' list.

    It can look unprofessional when you do include this information (if you are going for a professional role) as some people would expect you to know this.

    They can often infer these things from your quals though.

    +1 to this - the task of the resume is ONLY to get you through to interview. It's the interview where the selection process happens - after they they often don't even look back at the resume again. Show that you have the relevant skills and experience to do the job.

    And as mentioned above it can depend on the job. I would be more inclined to add family info if going for a job in day care for example (saying "I have raised three children")...or if you have been out of paid employment for some time due to house duties (eg house wife/husband/single parent/carer)you can sometimes use those skills to demonstrate you have the ability to do the job advertised.
  9. I put my D.O.B. Anyone who can't work out how old I am from that is clearly too stupid to be worth working for. :)
  10. Most employers will look over your employment history and it usually gives a pretty good estimate of someones age. My aunt's a recruitment consultant and she can figure out ages with a 5 year threshold.

    Just put your age of DOB on unless you really think it'll harm your chances. If it would, you wouldn't make it past the interview anyway.
  11. lol i attach a copy of birth certificate.. NOTING TO HIDE
  12. Although it's technically illegal/discriminatory to refuse employment on the basis of gender, age, sexuality or ethnicity etc - it still happens. Although the reasons given are more along the lines of "not a good fit" etc etc.

    Also, you need to think of your CV as a large business card that will get your foot in the door - so you don't want to put anything on it that may predjudice them. It's often the reason people with "non english" sounding names have "business names".

    Besides, they'll work it out :wink:
  13. I include DOB on mine, and also being on the other end of the stick, I like others to include theirs, not for discriminatory purposes, but to get a mental picture of the person. But also, if I was hiring for a specific role and I didn't want to include wet-eared high-schoolies then I dont want to waste their (and possibly their parents) time to come for an interview when they're not right for the position.

    Sometimes you can work out their age from their education dates too.

    I have also seen an employer knock back CV's based on the fact that they'd only gradutaed from a Uni in the Middle East - Asian region, the year before, ie their english skills weren't comprehensive.