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Cutting spare key (for Honda Motorbike)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by normace, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Hi folks!

    I recently bought a second hand Honda bike which only came with one key. I've been to 3 key cutters and they can't seem to help.

    They recommend me getting in touch with a Honda dealer and getting an uncut key from them and taking it to a key cutter.

    I'm in the S/E suburbs of Melbourne and just wondering if there is a good key cutter that you know about that has lots of motorbike keys so he can cut a spare key for me.

  2. You will have to be a bit more specific about the model of bike you have. If it has the HISS system then as far as I know you can only get the key from the dealer with a specific code for your bike.
  3. The suggestion from your key cutter about going to a dealer and buying blanks is your best bet.
  4. If its just a 250 with no HISS, i rang around for when i had mine, and a place in Lilydale said it'd be no problem to supply and cut, but i ended up selling it before i got a 2nd key.
  5. Not much help as I am in Sydney but I've had the same experience with my VTR250.

    I was sold the same story by two key cutting places. One even gave me the cock-and-bull story about getting a key from a Honda dealer and he would cut it but would not guarantee it would work and did not offer a refund.

    But I managed to find one in Dee Why that cut two keys for me on the spot for $18. He even told me to test the keys then and there (in case there were any problems).

    Both work PERFECTLY.

    So it does help to look around. Specially look around for a place that actually says they cut keys for motorcycles.
  6. i got a spare cut for my cbr1100xx with HISS, three simple steps, purchase the key from Honda, get the key cut from a reliable locksmith, then return to honda to have the key programmed to the bikes HISS, there is no nubers to buy or codes.... the programming is done via a hand held computer that any honda dealer has... programming takes about 20 min.
  7. Thanks for the info fellow riders...

    I have a VTR250...
  8. does the vtr250 have HISS??
  9. No.

    Got a spare key cut at the (large) locksmiths in North Albury about 6 months ago. No problems for our VTR250 or NSR150.


    Trevor G

    PS It does have SPLUTTER if you run low on fuel, though.
  10. Must be because it doesnt have HISS :LOL:

    id get that checked out :)
  11. Hey Normace
    If you are near Dandenong, try this mob......

    R.A.M. Security Locksmiths
    122 Foster St Dandenong VIC 3175 - map
    ph: (03) 9792 2664

    They cut a couple of keys for my Suzi for $8 each, when no one else would/could.

  12. +1

    ...except I actually bought the blanks from the dealer, after waiting a week for them to come in, both were wrong. It was the random locksmith I found in north sydney who told me that, right before he pulled two blanks out of his stock and cut the keys for $15. Sorted.
  13. Can't remember the name. But the locksmith in Boronia on Dorset rd, just near the police station can cut keys for bikes. I've had keys for a GPX250 and a YZF600r. The guy had plenty of blanks, and also made me go check the key before i took off to make sure it was all good.
  14. Mountain District Locksmiths, on the Station side of dorset road near the comm bank. That's the Boronia mob.
  15. Buy the blank from Honda then go to any Key Cutter and they will cut it for you. Just that most of them don't carry bike key blanks as they don't have a big call for them.
  16. Yup that's the one
  17. When I needed key blanks for my ZZR250, I went to LSC (Locksmith Supply Company) in North Melbourne. They have a fancy machine where they put the existing key in, and it spits out a blank designation.
    I worked for Mitre 10 at the time, so they cost me 60c each - took them back to work and cut them myself. Easy.