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Cutting edge biking...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. ...... I guess :LOL:

    Cutting Edge Biking.
  2. :rofl:.... very good!
  3. Is that a H3 or a Jeep? And what off-road advantage are they hoping to gain from the low profile tyres?
  4. And it would sound about the same as your 250 tweets....
  5. ....sad but true!..:-({|=
  6. its a h3, and they are like fully sik bro!

  7. What a whipper....snipper.
  8. I like his safety boots, just what I wear for a little whipper snippering!
  9. That pic reminded me of the guy that was carrying a bbq on his bike a few Australia days ago.
  10. as much as i appreciate a man on a motorbike with a edger. why are we not laughing at the fool with the h3?
  11. thats what I thought the point of the photo was.
  12. Long reach self defence mechanism?
  13. What's cutting edge biking about a car :?

    James, I like the way you think. Be a beggar when splitting, though.....
  14. It's the H2. Way to big for a H3.
  15. car thread is over there ------------->
  16. Its the cutting edge of stupidity.

    I see what your getting at, some bloke who used his lateral thinking and managed to transport his snipper in ways we could only dream of. In the meantime, some idiot has spent his earned (probably not well earned because he was so blasé about how he spent it) on a renowned off road vehicle, put shiny pieces of plastic on it and attached a 45mm high chunk of rubber to each corner, making it utterly useless for any practical purpose. The amount of suspension work he would now have to do to get his car to handle with any decency at all - ON the road, not off - isn't even worth thinking about. He has effectively ruined something that was, to be honest, pretty pointless in the first place.

    That's much more noteworthy and laughable then a guy who is willing to adapt to the needs of any given situation at hand.


  17. Man, I wish I had a boat!