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Cuttaway drawings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. wow. fanboyz for cutaway drawings.

    some impressive stuff.
  2. ISTR a few years ago, Haynes releasing a book of the superb cutaway drawings that used to appear on the front of their workshop manuals.
  3. magnificent....
    I'm going to spend hours in there, I can see....
  4. like finding Lassetter's Lost Reef, ibast (y)
  5. I think many of the poster in that thread are actually the original artists.

    I've personally always had an almost autistic fascination with these things. though it is definitely from the engineering perspective rather than the drawing.
  6. I (as an ex draftsman) have always admired drawings such as these.

    I for one will spend hours on that site.

    Thankyou for the link - you made an old man happy.
  7. They're great drawings and done back when people could use Rotring pen
  8. I started drafting when we used velum and divider pens. before Rotring technical pens LOL.

    You gotta admire real skill from these people though. One shitty line, and you start again. 3-6 months work gone.
  9. Divider pen = Ruler pen?

    That's one pen I just refused to use as I could never get it to work with out blotting on me.
  10. for realz! you used that contraption as you would a rotring pen?

    i have one of those but used it for a different application.
  11. It was mainly used for drawing things like borders, straight lines because you could get different line thicknesses out it by adjusting the screw. I could never get it right without it bleeding everywhere so my use if it was short lived.
  12. thankfully I never used divider pens. In fact I only ever picked up a rotring a few times in my drafting career. Once they learned I could drive CAD, that was me. Still it's good to know I can use it.

    Couldn't do what these guys do, however.
  13. Damn... think I might get a few of those printed up and framed!
  14. [​IMG]

    This is some of the stuff I did in the late 90's, kinda miss that job