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Cutomizing my ZX2R need some help

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hollywoodeddy, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys/Girls nice forum here!\\:D/

    Well i own a 1989 Kawasaki ZX2R Ninja, which I have been customizing for about 4 months now since a previous accident.

    So far I have converted the exhaust can from the side to run under the seat, have added turbo to the motor, new digital speedo, new aftermarket lever sets and bars, custom frame sliders, led brake lights and projector headlights. Much more to come! dont know why i keep spending cash I guess i just love the little thing to death!!!

    Anyhow back to my question.. after the accident there was quite a fair bit fairing damage on it. so it has to be replaced. Now i have been quoted $625 Australian dollars, to get a new fairing delivered to my door. Is there any place a little cheaper? and is there a possibility of getting a aftermarket kit?? anyone know where from as well?

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.


  2. A aftermarket pre-painted chinese/HK full fairing set costs around $580-700. Thats about the cheapest option and probably what you've already been quoted. Another option would be to consider Tyga's kit (which looks absolutely amazing), but its not pre-painted and is probably more expensive.

    What sorta power is your bike putting out with the turbo?
  3. i'd be interested to see some pics of these mods, undertail exhaust sounds interesting, and i've considered the project of turboing mine too, but from what i've found out, to make it work properly isn't an easy task.

    Tyga kit would look the best, although I think the standard body on the zxr250 looks great. Try ebay, fairings pop up there occasionally.
  4. Undetail exhaust wasn't has hard as it seems, really all I did was cut of the connect piece ( bolt on piece for can to exhaust ) got a local muffler shop to weld and bend some mild steel and re weld the connecting piece. I had an aftermarket can which was quite long so we cut it down.. ( no baffle inside) and fitted just fine..

    With the turbo have no idea what its running because the bike is still in pieces.. but got the turbo off a local aswell if your interested

    With fairings i love the way the originals look and the tyga kits look fkn insane its just ive been told the Tiga kits are for the A model and i have the C model so according to sumo motorcycles ( tigas australian distributor of their kits ) its not possible to fit the kit onto mine even with adjustments?
  5. Also with the turbo it was a pain in the fkn ass to work properly with the bike ( mounting wise) but nothing like having a mechanic on hand to fk around with the thing ha.. oh and plenty of beer helps with problems haha. but will take some pics as soon as i get the swing arm back from paint.
  6. Sounds good mate, will be interested to see how it runs with the turbo. Are you sure you have the C model? They started in 91. Obvious difference is C model has twin disks up front where the A has a single.
  7. Yeh man has tiwn discs up front with 2 spilt headlights as the cbr.
    but to my understanding both models are quite similar in appearance? even frame wise..
  8. yeah you're right, my mistake actually, the A has twin disks too. But I did think from 89-91 with the twin headlights was the A, where the C started in 91 and has the single headlight? Doesn't matter anyway, they're all fun little screamers!

    You should get some pics of the mods up, i'm interested!
  9. If it was made in 89 it's an A model.

    A model does have twin disks, and also twin headlights like a CBR. C Model has the single headlight. I don't think there's really that much difference between the two, I have the service manual for the C and it's pretty much spot on for my A model.

    Yeah I'd like to see some pics of the mods as well.

    Tell us how you go, my fairings are stuffed and I wouldn't mind knowing how much it costs you to replace them.

    EDIT: Just had a look at the tyga kits. They are hot, if I wasn't gonna sell my bike when I'm off restrictions I'd totally go for that.
  10. unfortunately my licence expired when i was overseas lol so i gotta stay on L's P's for the next year or 2 so i might as well go for the Tyga kit u know? I also use the same manual on mine... theres a couple of differences but frame wise its the fkn same might be a bit of fiddling around with it to make it work though.... but now that i got the undertail exhaust it be abit fked imo lol
  11. ^ Are you in NSW?

    If you're in VIC it's only one year of restricitons so spending $1000+ on fairings might not be worth it.

    If you're in NSW won't the turbo rule out this bike for use during your restricitons?

    Still, if I had cash to blow I'd be ordering a Tyga kit right now.

    EDIT: No I wouldn't. Apparently the only way to get them now is through Sumoto. Apart from the fact that they'd charge $2000+ for painted fairings, I'd never give my money to that pack of....

  12. You're on your L's and you're turbo charging your bike? You might want to check that out with VicRoads/RTA/whoever because pretty much everywhere now has power-to-weight restrictions in place for LAMS bikes...

    Other than that it sounds like a great little project, would love to see how it all goes together.
  13. Yes in NSW I'm sick to death of these f******* restrictions and crap whats next? all restricted riders to ride postie bikes for 10years then get a 250 for 10 years then ur granted the full lisence fkn !!!

    But I have been speaking with Tyga and I'm only getting the front fairing and sides.. keeping my rear because of the exhaust system there would be to much stuffing around to get it to work.. as for painting it.. I do all my painting inhouse so id be sweet. if you need to get parts painted send me a msg ...
    I just painted my entire frame black, brake calipers red and discs gold... looks nuts imo.

    And you can order through Tyga just say your a business or in the army or some bullshit they cant not sell to you and tell sumoto to shove a pool cue up their asses... they really are idiots down there..
  14. Photo's or the bike doesn't exist........
  15. hey guys getting photos up tomoz arvo