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Cut off by other bikes?! wtf...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Silver (i think) Sp2, black & yellow Gixxer and black kwaka 1400... who went from Kush cafe in Chapel st to Lygon st... go fk urselves and learn how to show other riders some respect instead of cutting them off!

    Bunch of us rode past these guys who were parked outside kush tonight. At the next set of lights they caught up to us. Then for no reason they cut off 2 of my mates who were coming off the line at an appropriate speed, almost sending one into a parked car and the other onto the other side of the road (luckily no on-coming).

    Then we saw em parked on Lygon and trying to chat up girls walking past.
    'Can I have a lick of your ice cream' might have worked in the 80s mate when you were the same age as the chicks you were speaking to but really... get a life.

    Finished venting. Thanks...

    ps: if you didnt realise you did it, no worries... but in that case... spend more time on the bike, not next to it.
  2. Ha the lygon st sports bike posers, did you check out their bikes, bet you they all had square tyres, they probably thought cutting off your mates was extreme cornering. Tossbags.
  3. lygon st posers don't frequent this forum.

    i should imagine they'd be posting their exploits on a sportzbike forum.
  4. You get that from time to time. I had some pansy on a CBR600RR on the way to work come past me in my lane after splitting traffic to get there (no, not filtering, we were all moving quickly) and then move across in front of me and slow down. When the lane next to me cleared I pulled along side and expressed my concern for his silly behaviour :jerk: . He must have got the message as he kept his distance after that. Sometimes a friendly reminder to fcuk off is all that is needed to improve biker to biker relations. :grin:
  5. ahh stupidity at its finest... well atleast they couldnt under cut you through a corner! I dont think they have the skill.. :roll:
  6. it was me! mwuahahah i love it. its so fun and i think it is really cool so leave me alone :cry: actually it wasnt... I dont think i could imagine myself being such a knob
  7. I'm Spartacus!

    If I lived in Melbs I would definitely cruise Lygon st chatting up chicks. Sounds heaps cool. :D

    I heard the girls like it when you go broom broom with your motorcycle...
  8. oh my god bro, like wat are youse stupid aussie skippy cricket playin poofs crying about bro. youse wish youse had busa's and zx14's bro.

    mayte my tyres are like fully busted from all da racing at coburgs and prestons factiories bro.

    mayte all da b*tches want me bro, coz im like such a badass

    one word bro
    "nicked plated" bro .... "nickleplated"
  9. I had some dic#####d cut me off one night on military road with a pillion on the back, my mate yelled at him and he spent the whole trip across the bridge trying to kick my mate of his bike.....
  10. god damn posers!
  11. Ya n d Pozzers dow note Raspact da yella CB, 234cc beasty.

    At least My footpegs are square and my tyres are round -

    4 uz pozzers ya can reverse dat and reherse it:p Oh wait it's a saturday they are probally not surfing the net and prunning there nails and hair, for there big night on chapel instead:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  12. Why would you go to Chapel St? :?
  13. 1: good cheap food places there

    2: shopping street capital of melbourne, if not Australia (generally known as)

    3: hot chicks ;)

    4: I live 2 streets away from chapel/church st :p

    5: hot chicks

    6: I live 2 streets away from chapel/church st

    7: It can be a quick way from richmond to elsternwick area as hoddle/punt road can be bumper to bumper SLOW (with no spaces to lane filter through) at times. I used to save 20 minutes riding when I lived in Elsternwick and rode to my old workplace in Richmond going through chapel street in mornings. Hoddle/punt rd SUCKED for riding/driving down.

    8: I live 2 streets away from it :wink:
  14. 9. Revolver.
  15. 10. hot chicks
  16. So there's more to the street than being fully sik and causing traffic jams? :shock: Wonders will never cease. :)