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Cut me off once, no huge deal, cut me off the second time...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Word_a_Mowf, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. And live to regret it.

    Sorry to rant, but it was an absolute KENT of a day, at work and on the way home, so here's the beans.

    Riding home on Maribyrnong Rd, at about...6pm tonite.

    Cold, dark, and tired, but I love the ride, regardless of time of day, or if I've had a sh!tty day at work (it only helps the situation :) ).

    So I'm just cruising...not worrying much about the traffic, and not filtering like crazy...taking my time.

    As I merge from the right lane to avoid being stuck behind the tram, this wanker in a Subaru Liberty GT (black, looked fairly new), speeds up and ALMOST clips my tail/rear end.

    I shit bricks, and keep riding, heart sitting inside of my helmet at this point.

    500m down the road, the "wanker" speeds up and comes besides me (on my right hand side), only to proceed to REV the living f@ck out of the Suby, while shouting something to me, through the passanger window.

    I pay him no attention, and just keep riding, so the c0ck speeds up yet again, cuts in front of me, and SLAMS his brakes on.

    I expected this, and just wanted to get out of his way, so I jumped on the brakes, and managed to stop a decent distance before his rear bumper.

    So he sits there, in traffic.
    Not moving.
    With his brake lights on.
    At this point, my blood is starting to boil, and I can't take it any more.

    I go towards his driver side window, but he takes off slowly, and I'm face to face with the rear quarter panel of a Subaru Liberty GT.

    Left foot comes up, and I gave it my best Muay Thai impression, and kick as hard as I humanly could.

    I heard a massive thump, and the c0cksucker slams his brakes on, and gets out of the car.

    Me...sitting there on my bike..had no idea what to do...but this kent just started yelling at me, calling me names, blah blah blah.

    A guy on a white/red R6 pulls up (sorry I didn't get your name, but if you are reading this, I appreciate all the help, and taking your time to look out for a fellow rider!), and asks if everything is OK.

    Subaru kent started yelling shit at both of us, saying he has my number plate and will call the cops, etc...

    He didn't follow me home though. Luckily.

    I, in no way condone, or promote road rage or violence...but if someone is putting my safety and well being in danger, I'll be damned if I don't stand up for myself and fight back.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Needed to vent.

  2. What you did was pretty stupid. But I wasn't there, it wasn't me, so I don't know how I would have reacted. Maybe I would have reacted stupidly too and hit a mirror before taking off.
    Nice to hear about the other rider pulling up though, do you think that made the difference?
  3. If you're going to resort to physical damage, be prepared to back it up and not sit on your bike wondering what to do. You could have got yourself creamed :roll:
  4. Dougz is right. Make a decision on your next action before kicking the car and follow though. You have two real options. You can either
    a) roll on the throttle and get the hell out of there
    or you can
    b)Park the bike somewhere safe, walk back and deck the ****.
    It's up to you but sitting there like a stunned mullet won't help.

    Good work on the ninja kick. :)
  5. Re: Cut me off once, no huge deal, cut me off the second tim

    definitely a good read before bed
  6. Re: Cut me off once, no huge deal, cut me off the second tim

    Count yourself lucky for the following reasons:

    a. He didn't hit you or reverse over you prior to the damage.
    b. He got out of his car to yell and scream rather than trying to run you and/or the bike over.
    c. You have at least some control over your temper.

    Thankfully I've never been in the same situation. With that said however, if the same happened to me I have little doubt my rationality would go out the window the moment lughead got out of his cage and started yelling. I don't know what the aftermath of a Shoei headbutt looks like but I can imagine. That's not the bad part though. The bad part is cops + assault charge to follow.
  7. shoei headbutt = waste of a good helmet
  8. I understand the consequences, and would've dealt with them/him, had he try to do something.

    (other than running me over)

    I'm not worry about him getting out of the car to "fight" me.

    Lucky for him, he didn't.

    I'll leave THAT, at that. Ha!

    And if the situation was to repeat itself again, you're right, I probably wouldn't kick the car again.

    But I'd get him out of the car and brake his jaw.

    No one has the right to put my life in danger, and if they choose to, it gets dealt with.

    But the R6 dude was a champion, so props to him for helping a fellow rider.

    He had a red Dainese jacket on and an all black AGV helmet...if anyone knows him...tell him I said thanks!
  9. I gotta say word a mowf, I've been in a similar situation, and I did the same thing, 4WD's up here think they are a law unto themselves, this c0ck decided to merge into me while I was sitting level with his driver's door, being in heavy traffic I was trapped, no room to go forward or backward. I beeped and beeped again, he was looking right at me! and still he kept coming, So I booted the drivers door for all I was worth, The woman behind braked thankfully and I hit the brakes. cause he swerved to try and stop me.

    I went off the side of the road and around him and rode off as quick as my GPX250 could go.

    Never heard anything from it, doubt I ever will.

    I try to avoid those situations for the reason that I don't have a huge cage of metal around me to insulate me from the world outside, But sometimes you are left with little to no choice and you have to put a little dent in there world to make em wake up.
  10. Hang on a tick. I don't get it - why was the driver pissed at you? Was it because you changed lanes?

    If yes, judging from your post you didn't "cut him off" per se - so I don't see why there was the need for aggresion on his part.

    I don't understand cagers.
  11. Unfortunately there are some people in this world that are unable to understand the consequences of their actions when they decide to "give the biker a bit of a scare". I've encountered this attitude both on my push bike and motorcycle. Fortunately it happens very rarely, but once is more than enough.

    These people don't seem to realise that if it all turns bad because of what they have done, they could be up for a murder charge, or manslaughter at the very least. Premeditated action using their vehicle as a weapon. Ignorance of what the outcome might be is not a defence that would stand up in court. It's of little consolation to the dead/permanently crippled party that the offender might go to jail.

    Booting car panels isn't the answer. That just escalates the problem. If the person behind the wheel is enough of a nutter to want to intimidate you with their car, there is no knowing what else they might do if you retaliate. Best option is to try to remove yourself from the situation as quickly and safely as you can. If possible, take down the licence plate and report the incident to the police asap.

    Of course if you happen to have a system rigged up on your bike that sprays some pink paint onto the offender's vehicle as you pass by and they can't see whats happening, they have a nice surprise awaiting them when they get home. Don't get mad, get even. :twisted:
  12. I wasnt there obviously but it sounds like you did cut him off or he was closer than you first thought. How long have you been riding?

    When I worked in Keilor there would have been no way I'd be kicking the sh!t out of a Gino's car then just sit there sh!tting my self.

    Walk the walk, talk the talk mate or get the fcuk out of there in the first place.
  13. My name is Ktulu, and I enjoy stories about knobheads getting their cars kicked.
  14. I love this story... Why - because you had the balls to do something i fantasise about!
    He probably wanted to see if his car would beat your bike... all ego - hopefully you brought it down a peg or two...
    Thanks for the entertainment!
  15. I've left a size 10 concave shape in some malakas door that when level with me tried to push me into on coming traffic. I sure he won't do it again.

    Having said that though, I was much younger and much more of a hot head.

    ok ok, so the hot head thing is still a problem :grin:

    Now days, I slow down, let them in, drop it a few gears, nail it, grab their mirror and push it in. The sound of the mechanism jumping the gears is horrible enough that they get the picture (pardon the pun)

    I have also had a car full of clowns wanting to run me off the road, the footpath is a great option when the traffic is banked up.

    oh and to me, as soon as I read your post, I thought, "he's cut him off". Remember, even if it looks like you have ample room, you probably dont as you dont have a bonnet to look over.

    I bet had you given him a wave (as a cheers malaka for letting me in) things would be a bit different. *shrug*

    Time for bed, that was too deep for this hour ;)
  16. Sounds like you did cut him off, but only because the c0ckhead sped up to try and stop you from changing lanes. In which case he got what he deserved.
  17. If I had even the smallest amount of faith in Vic Police prosecuting someone for such a blatantly dangerous act, I'd suggest just keeping cool and reporting such drivers in the future. The reality is the Police couldn't give a shit unless someone was seriously hurt. Their idea of keeping the roads safe is booking people for 5kph over.

    So with that in mind, good on you. I've done it before myself and I'd do it again. My only advice is, as others suggested, either get the hell out of there afterwards or be prepared to get into a tussle. Even if your name is Chuck Liddell I'd probably still lean towards riding off at great speed. Too many nutters out there that carry weapons in their cars.
  18. Reads to me like you did something to piss him off and didn't realise.
  19. So can i ask - when lane filtering and there is a gap in the lane and I just pop in - does this become 'cutting them off' ?
    if so - i'm guilty - coz i filter at such low speed that i just stay in the lane when there is a bit of a gap... I get close to the cars coz one second ago - i was gonna pass them..

    Remembering that most cars when filtering are stationary or going <20km/hr

    Sorry to ask a question in a post - but there was a gap behind the tram - so he jumped in... in peak traffic isnt it expected?... :?

    (scared to submit this coz i know there is gonna be backlash..)
  20. Mate, that sounds like you cut him off, As you said, you were tired, didn't judge his speed right?

    Sounds like the reving is to get your attention and the yelling is when he got your attention.

    klairi, Thats fine. Cutting off is when someone jumps infront of you causing you to brake or change how you were driving, or something like that. Most drivers will let you know with a horn or them flashing their lights.