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Customs Recruitment

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by P J, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Quick question I know that Customs are recruiting for positions in WA. What I am wondering does anybody know when are recruiting for positions in Melbourne. ?

  2. You won't find too many Copper Wannabe types here.
  3. Actually, I investigated that when I was unemployed for a while last year. Got as far as the introductory briefing, but I got a better offer...

    Anyway , the deal is that they advertise once a year and it will probably be coming up soon IIRC. I think it may have been Aug/Sept last year. Go look at their website and it should give details if the intake is happening soon. Keep checking there, and in the papers if nothing at the moment.
    IF there is an intake this year (sometimes there is not), they will go through a long drawn out selection process that is handled by an external recruitment agency. Most years the Victorian office puts on about 50 new staff, scattered throughout the year, but all have to go through the annual induction mentioned above, and all are put through paid training and testing in a group.
    A LOT of people apply, but many are unsuitable. EVERY new position is shift work BTW. The pay is ordinary at best but the public service benefits are quite good.
  4. Other than the airport were can you be put in Victoria if you work for Customs? On the docks?
  5. There are heaps of locations, but more than half of the enrolment goes to the airport. Mail centre and Docks (metro area, westernport and portland) are next biggest, but quite a lot of the staff travel around visiting exporters and importers.
    It's also a rotational system, so every few years each staff member moves to a different kind of position (not necessarily all over the state, though).
  6. This will sound very odd, but if you are not a complete knob then go join. In a previous job I was dealing with ACS officers on a regular basis and came to the conclusion that they need more not-knobs.

    They need knoblessness. They must not be knoblessnessless.

    The saddest part was that all the good staff were rotated away from their roles. There were LOTS of ex army and wannbe cops. Was very funny seeing what happened when my employer started writing letters to various ministers pointing out that the Australian Customs charter stipulates that they are there to AID and ASSIST businesses.
  7. Was just about to start a new thread asking the same thing!

    Does anyone know what is needed as pre-requisits for either customs or flight attendants?